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Monday, July 11, 2022

Must-Haves for Rainy Summer Days

The sunny summer days are meant for spending time outdoors having fun at parks, pools, beaches, and more. Then a summer rain shower dampens your plans. Check out some must-haves for summer rainy days.

 We spend all year dreaming of the fun we can have on the summer sun-shiny days. Then summer showers and storms force us to spend time indoors. That is when we have to improvise and make different plans. We can be upset about the rain spoiling our summer fun or we can use the rain as the perfect excuse for a lazy day inside.

 Make the most of those summer showers. Grab a book or spend the day catching up on your favorite shows. Sure you could use the time spent indoors as the perfect reason to clean or declutter but I think choosing to slow down and relax is a better choice. Time spent listening to the sound of the rain and enjoying your favorite drink is how I enjoy summer showers.

Rain rarely happens in the Southwest desert

 When you live in the desert, summer showers are a good thing. When it rains here, people always say we needed the rain. We could have a swap in the backyard from monsoon storms but folks still say "we needed the rain. It seldom rains in the desert and when it does, it is a quick pour down of water that lasts less than an hour. So when we experience a day of rain in the summer, it is a day to be enjoyed.

 I rejoice in the summer rain and take the day off from watering my garden. I chose to not go anywhere for the day and spend the time indoors. While I know that the summer showers bring summer weeds, I realize that I can't stop the rain and instead grab these must-haves for rainy summer days.

Stay dry, entertained, comfortable and well-fed – with these new additions to your rainy-day must-have collection.

Magic Weighted Blanket

 Whether you want a nap aided by rain sounds, or just to cuddle on the couch, this comforting Magic Weighted Blanket has been fondly referred to as “the blanket that hugs you back” and is the original “OG” of weighted blankets. Made with the softest material (chenille or cotton) and coupled with glass beads, this will make a great addition to anyone’s bedroom or sofa.

 Several years ago, I bought a weighted blanket for my younger son, to help him sleep better. The weight of the blanket helped my restless son settle down quicker at bedtime and he stopped waking up with the sun. While I loved the weighted blanket, I did not like that it was not machine washable. The Magic Weighted Blanket can be safely washed in the home washing machine. I also love that the Magic Weighted Blanket comes in many different sizes, weights, and fabrics. You need to check out their cool cotton weighted blankets.

Find it: https://magicweightedblanket.com/

African Coffee Club

  On a rainy summer day, sit back and enjoy home delivery of Africa's finest coffees (the birthplace of coffee!) with African Coffee Club. This online Black-owned coffee company provides high-end African coffee varieties in single bags and subscriptions, using only the finest coffee beans grown and harvested from 9 regions and six countries--it's like a  tour of Africa with each sip! Each coffee has a unique note profile specific to each region's coffee farm--providing a variety of aromatic blends for coffee aficionados to experience. Dedicated to living wages for African coffee farmers,  African Coffee Club's premium whole coffee beans are sourced from farms across Africa that pay well above market value, helping to ensure ethically sustainable farming practices. Its flavorful single-origin whole bean African coffee is perfect for drip coffee makers, French press, and pour-over enthusiasts. Coffee beans are freshly roasted each week in California to ensure freshness with each order. 

 Coffee is always a great drink but tastes even better when you are relaxing on the sofa listening to the sounds of the rain. On a summer day, I like my coffee over ice and this Dairy-Free Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Coffee Latte is the perfect summer coffee recipe. The African Coffee Club's premium coffee beans were the perfect blend for my coffee recipe. I could taste the fresh coffee beans with every sip.

Find It: https://www.africancoffeeclub.com/

The perfect cup of tea with VarieTEA

The VarieTEA advanced kettle features preset temperature controls on the handle for super easy thumb access. Users can set the temperature to one of five options, 150F, 165F, 180F, 195F, or 212F. This allows for the ideal brewing conditions for any variety of tea. The outside of the tea kettle is enclosed in a sleek cool-touch PBA-free plastic, while the inside remains entirely stainless steel, ensuring the water never touches the plastic. Fast and quiet, this kettle is large with a 1.7-liter volume, and a softer "ready" beep so tea operations don't wake the neighbors.

 No more having to watch the tea kettle and wondering if it is the right temperature for brewing tea. The VarieTEA heats up to the perfect temperature for your cup of tea. I love that this electric tea kettle has 5 different temperature options to brew the perfect cup of tea. It is perfect for making hot or iced tea and is even great for pour-over coffee. I love that once the kettle reaches the set temperature, I can then keep the water warm at that temperature with a press of the button. That prevents over-boiling and broken teapots. Such a great safety feature to have as I have so many times forgotten that I had water boiling on the stove.

Find It: https://www.adagio.com/teaware/varieTEA_kettle.html

Mark T. Wendell Tea 

 If you can’t travel, let Mark T. Wendell Tea Co. take you on a travel journey! Since 1904, Mark T. Wendell has been synonymous with superior taste and coveted luxury tea blends. That promise started with the original owner, Mark Wendell, and it hasn’t changed in the past 50 years, with new generations carrying on the legacy. 

 A cup of tea is always perfect for those rainy relax on the couch day. Mark T. Wendell has a huge variety of tea and tea accessories for your rainy summer day. From herbal tea to black, white, or green, I am sure that you will find some tea favorites to keep on hand for summer storms and more. I like that I can purchase paper tea bag filters for my loose leaf teas and even a Tea Click Paper Tea Filter Holder to keep my tea bag from falling into my tea cup.

Find It: https://marktwendell.com/

Upright Instant Oat Milk

 Who knew you could bring your own milk wherever you go? Upright offers this with their instant oat milk alternative. Just as nutritious as cow’s milk and more convenient than your average oat milk product, this brand is perfect for anyone looking for a better drink option without sacrificing nutrition and taste. With 8 grams of oat protein in every serving and added vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamins A, B12, D, and plant-based pre-biotic oat fiber, Upright is the expert-approved oat milk choice. 

 Your cup of coffee or tea needs some plant-based milk and keeping Upright Instant Oat Milk in your pantry is a good thing. That way you don't have to drive to the store in the rain when you discover that you are out of almond milk. I always pack the Upright packages in my suitcase when traveling. That way I have plant-based milk for my daily coffee as most hotels do not have oat milk on their coffee bar. Each Upright Instant Oat Milk package makes 8 ounces of plant-based milk, so it is the perfect amount for several cups of coffee. I mix it up in a travel shaker bottle and store it in my hotel room fridge.  

Find It: https://www.uprightoats.com/

Salivation Brownies 

 These rich and indulgent brownies just might be the answer to sweet-tooth prayers everywhere! They were created in collaboration with one of the country’s top pastry chefs and multiple keto experts. The results are big, decadent taste with low net carbs.  Instead of sugar, Salivation combines a unique blend of non-artificial sweeteners: allulose, erythritol, and monk fruit. These low glycemic sweeteners make Salivation Brownies perfect for keto lifestyles.  All brownies are free of artificial preservatives and are made with real ingredients like cocoa powder, almond flour, avocado oil, and flax seed which make them delectable without added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

 It is not the perfect day of relaxing without something sweet. One needs a brownie to go with the cup of coffee or tea. The Salvation Brownies have a sweet decadent taste with low net carbs. These brownies are perfect for those on the keto diet and they are even dairy-free! I love that they are individually wrapped, so I can grab just one. 

Find It: https://salivationsnackfoods.com/

B&P  Nut Crate

 Savory the rainy day with a high-protein study snack like the B&P Nut Crate. This reusable crate has a dazzling assortment of favorites like Brazil nuts and cashews plus nutty sweet-and-savory flavors like tamari roasted almonds and chili-lemon pistachios. When the nuts are all gone, the beautiful wooden box can be used to hold tea, chocolates, collectibles, or other snacks.

When the weather outside is dreary, I tend to reach for comfort food. My favorite healthy comfort snack that I love snacking on is always a handful of nuts. I just love the assortment of nuts that are included in this nut crate. The best part is the sustainable box that the nuts are packaged in. This wooded crate will be the perfect box to use for all my essential oils.

Find It: https://www.bonnieandpop.com/collections/healthy/products/6-section-nut-sampler-in-reusable-wooden-crate

Enjoy the rain on a summer day

All these must-have items will help you enjoy a day inside. These items will keep your mind off the summer plans that you had to cancel. Once the rain is over you may not want to go outside. If you are like me, you might even want to enjoy the rain by splashing in some puddles.


AiringMyLaundry said...

Ooo I'd love so many of these. I love being cozy in a blanket with tea. I wish it would rain more in Texas!

Simply Tasheena said...

Thanks for sharing all of your essentials, I have a weighted blanket, and love it.

Beth said...

I love rainy days, which is lucky because we get a lot of rain here. Those brownies looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is Terri! I am intrigued by the instant oat milk. I think that is a fantastic idea. May have to try that one.

Melanie Edjourian said...

I think a weighted blanket is a great idea. I've been wanting one for a while now.

Beautiful Touches said...

This looks like an easy ticket into a cozy, rainy day in!

Richelle Milar said...

Drinking tea with a blanket on a rainy day, sound so wonderful! The brownies looks really delicious!

Marysa said...

Summer days are tough when it is raining. These all sound like lovely ideas!

Gust si Aroma said...

During rainy summer days I love to listen to music, a huge cup of tea and to bake a dessert.

mail4rosey said...

Yes a cup of tea on the couch on a rainy day. Add a good book and I'm in bliss.

Anonymous said...

I don't like monsoon season even though I was born in July (today)! That Magic Weighted Blanket sounds great, I'll have to check it out for my hubby.

Everything Enchanting ❤️.

Anonymous said...

These are all great items for anytime and especially for rainy days. I love this and I am loving that nuy=t sampler.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these great products. They will make any rainy day special!

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