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Thursday, July 28, 2022

2 Benefits And 2 Risks Of Prenatal Massage

 You may have been used to having a massage done professionally before your pregnancy. If this is something you’ve grown accustomed to, you’re surely familiar with the relaxing feeling that comes after. Once you get pregnant, perhaps one of the notions you’ll now have in mind is how you’ll miss having those regular massages.

 Before you let that sadness consume you, you may want to rejoice because you can now avail yourself of prenatal massages. As its name implies, it’s a massage done by specialists solely for pregnant women to provide relief from some of the most common discomforts that pregnancy brings. Many pregnant women who have tried it swear by its calming effects, while some may still be on the fence about whether or not the benefits do outdo the risks.

 With something as significant as one that may affect your pregnancy, you must get acquainted with its benefits and risks. Any information you’ll have will be valuable in deciding whether or not you should push through with getting one done by the best physiotherapist in Brampton, among others.

The Benefits

1. It May Reduce Stress Hormones

 A pregnant woman will go through a range of hormonal changes, putting them in a position where their moods and emotions are all over the place. Hence, it’s normal to see pregnant women complain of so much stress, perhaps even more than what they’ve experienced before they got pregnant.

 This is where the first advantage of prenatal massage comes in. Like any other massage, it may reduce the stress hormones in the body so they can loosen and relax their muscles. After a long hard day at work or going through life’s daily activities, that pregnancy massage may be what they need to have a better and more positive mood.

2. It May Help Relieve Symptoms Of Insomnia

 Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that can affect anyone. This refers to one’s difficulty in falling asleep at night. For pregnant women, this can be very unfortunate as it’s supposed to be the period when you need to get some sleep for your health and to build stamina for childbirth. 

 If your insomnia while pregnant leaves you feeling fatigued, tired, moody, and stressed out, you’ll surely need to call in some help. Among other forms of relief, your OB-GYN may encourage a prenatal massage. It can help you relax better and clear yourself of the deep emotions that affect your ability to sleep.

The Risks

1. It May Cause A Miscarriage 

 One of the biggest factors stopping pregnant women from getting a prenatal massage is the fear of miscarriage risk. This can be both true and false.

 The risk of a miscarriage due to improper massage only happens during the first trimester. It’s in those first three months when the life developing inside your body is still delicate and may not be in a safe position yet. There is no more risk if the massage is performed by qualified professionals during the second and third semesters.

 Yet because of this risk, reputable therapists often turn down pregnant women if they’re still in their first trimester. Thus, have to be wary about those who still perform them on pregnant women in their first trimester, claiming with a hundred percent certainty that it’s safe.

2. It May Induce Early Labor

 Like the first risk, this second one all comes down to choosing the right massage therapist. A good one would know how to avoid the pressure points that may induce pregnancy before the pregnant woman is at her 38-week mark.

 When they’ve reached that point of their pregnancy, it also makes sense to try and induce labor through massage, but only with permission and advice from your OB-GYN. With the appropriate massage at the right time, a pregnant woman’s labor duration may be shorter, thus potentially making their birth experience lighter and more positive.


One prenatal massage session will last for around an hour, on average. The massage therapist aims to address pain and problem areas in pregnant women to give them the much-needed relief they deserve. Going through pregnancy is no easy feat as it puts a heavy toll on a woman’s physical and emotional health. To ensure that you stay safe, however, have the prenatal massage done only by an expert and qualified therapist. Moreover, talk about it with your OB-GYN to ensure you’ll have the safest prenatal massage experience you’ve been meaning to have. This will be a welcome pre-birth gift you can give yourself before welcoming your bundle of joy.

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