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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

7 Signs of Pregnancy

  Having been pregnant seven times myself, I know what the signs of pregnancy can be. Of the below 7 signs of pregnancy, I have experienced 6 of them with almost every pregnancy. Each woman is different so you may only have some of the symptoms. These symptoms may lead you to take a pregnancy test.

 This article Any woman who is hoping to become pregnant or suspects that she may already be pregnant can look for signs. Every woman is different, but many women display at least some of the below symptoms at some point during pregnancy.

1. Missed Period
 One of the earliest signs of conception for most women is a missed period. A good indicator of pregnancy is if it has been more than a week past the usual time of menstruation. However, any woman who has an irregular cycle may not be able to use that as a guide. Go for pregnancy testing in Santa Rosa to verify.

2. Frequent Urination
 Urinating more frequently than normal may be due to the presence of a developing baby. During pregnancy, the amount of blood increases. The extra fluid is processed by the kidneys and ends up in the bladder, resulting in extra trips to the bathroom.

3. Nausea
 Although it is commonly referred to as morning sickness, nausea can occur at any time of the day or night. Some women do not experience it at all, while others may have to deal with it the entire time. The reason why is not fully known, but hormones are suspected to be the culprit. Vomiting may or may not accompany nausea, and there are medications that can be prescribed by a doctor to ease the symptoms.

4. Fatigue
 Early in pregnancy, the hormone progesterone increases significantly and may cause drowsiness and fatigue. Fluctuating blood sugar amounts can also have an effect on energy levels. During the second trimester, many women report increased energy and less tiredness. This tends to change in the third trimester, as feelings of exhaustion may come on due to trouble sleeping and carrying extra weight.

5. Moodiness
 A glut of hormones in the body early in pregnancy can cause mood swings. Other symptoms, like nausea, fatigue, and low blood sugar levels can also contribute to changes in mood and increased anxiety and irritability.

6. Food Preferences
 Many women become more responsive to certain odors when they become pregnant. Smell and taste are linked together, so foods that were once enjoyed may become loathed due to their pungent aroma, while others may become new favorites. The increased odor sensitivity can also tie into nausea, as certain smells may trigger the urge to vomit. A woman’s diet may also change due to things like heartburn. A bland diet may be the only thing that is acceptable for a woman who is suffering from heartburn, so they have to sacrifice spice until after the baby is born.

7. Breast Tenderness
 Breasts may become tender or swollen during the first few weeks as the body adjusts. This is likely caused by hormonal shifts and does not usually last the entire time. The breasts may also feel heavier and be sensitive when touched.

Signs of pregnancy differ depending on the woman. While being on the lookout for the signs and symptoms can be useful in making a determination, a pregnancy test should still be taken as a confirmation.

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