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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle Can Save You Money

Being a minimalist has some amazing benefits

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 When you think of a minimalist way of life what comes to mind? Do you think of someone who has very little material items and lives in a house that seems empty? Maybe you think of less clutter when you think of a minimalist lifestyle. Maybe you think of someone who denies themself things and is a cheapskate. Does saving money come to mind when you think of the term minimalist?

  Many people decide to live a minimalist life and the reasons may surprise you. Many people check into creating a minimalist life to decrease stress and gain control of their finances. This article about how to be more minimalist on a budget shows you how simple and enjoyable practicing minimalists ways can be. The best part is going minimalist doesn’t mean owning 2 shirts and an empty living room. It does not mean that you can't enjoy remodeling your master bathroom.

How to be more minimalist

 After reading the article (see the above paragraph for the link), about what it is like to live a minimalist life, which I enjoyed reading, I discovered in some ways I would enjoy the benefits of decluttering my life. I would enjoy the extra money that I could have if I did less impulse shopping. I am not one to impulse shop but I do tend to overbuy things like food and toilet paper. I think the past 5 months of this virus pandemic may have something to do with my stockpiling of food as I am worried about not being able to get things if we have another lockdown. So at times, I wonder if I should practice minimalist in my house. Maybe then I would have money to replace the carpet in my house. I got some useful information from the article.

 The benefits of living a minimalist life

~ Relieve stress
~ Save money
~ Curb bad spending habits

 I like the idea of saving money as then I could put the extra money towards a bigger purchase like a new car or a vacation. I am not sure if I have stress around having too many items in my house but I guess at times I do, especially when I see my kids messy rooms. I like to think that my spending habits are good but I know that there is always room for improvement.

How to start living the minimalist way

~ The elimination process
~ Everyone is different
~ Rethink your needs
~ Setting new ground rules
~ Long term
~ Be responsible with savings

 The part that I think most people do not like about this minimalist thing is the elimination process. I like my stuff and I think that I need it all. The thought of having to go through all my clutter is overwhelming to me but the minimalist lifestyle article had some helpful tips that will make decluttering easier. I really liked the packing party idea. The article also showed me that everyone is different and there is no one way to live minimalistic so I could change certain areas in my life to save money. I could still of luxury items like my bidet. I can be a minimalist and still have 6 cookie sheets so I can make my Dairy-Free Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

 Once I started rethinking my needs and set new rules to live by, I realized that I could work towards this way of living with less. The long term benefits of living with less sounded good to me and I liked that it would help me grow my savings. The article even gave ideas on what to do with the extra money so I could be smart with my savings. So if you want to know more about how to live a minimalist life so you can save money, then read this article. I know that you will find some good information.


Celebrate Woman said...

Minimalist life is a very generous way to thyself and surrounding world. It can be an amazing way to beautify a home which may sound contrary to the idea of minimalism, but it's true.

Marie Shendrik said...

It is true that minimalism is not only about white walls and minimum of furniture. It is very unique to everyone, yet it is true that it is a set of rules you set for yourself.

Heather said...

I wish I could live a minimalistic life. I think my desire to shop always gets in the way.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I would do this, but I like my stuff too much. If things look too neat, I start to get nervous for some reason.

Chin chin said...

How I wish. I'm still thinking when would this ever be possible for me. I want to get rid of a lot of things but something tells me to do otherwise. I'm doing it slowly.

Gust si Aroma said...

I would like to live with less, but it's not so easy. We have and need a lot of things around us!

Toni said...

This is really helpful! I love minimalist living!

Gervin Khan said...

I am always trying to live in a minimalist living as much a possible because I want to have a big space in our house when moving.

Rick Rodriguez said...

I agree with you that this has its advantages. Rethinking my needs is something I do all the time, and it gave me the opportunity to accumulate an impressive amount!

Sudipta said...

I so loved your post. I am a minimalist person and in many ways this has made me feel wonderful, as I consciously try to remove clutter from my life.

Julia Hess said...

I have often thought about downsizing our items. And honestly we do a really good job of just buying things we need and nothing more. This is a great post of helping someone downsize or change their views on minimalist.

melissa cushing said...

I love this post and it is so true! I love minimalism and my husband and I are looking to buy a home and will be minimizing when we do. Thank you for sharing :)

Rachel said...

I've been doing so many of these things to try and be more minimalist.

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