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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Central Perk Coffee Company New Coffee Blends

 There is something magical about drinking a cup of coffee with friends. Coffee just tastes better when enjoyed with friends. Now you can drink the coffee that was inspired by the TV show FRIENDS with this unique coffee delivered straight to your door.

 If you are a fan of FRIENDS and a coffee lover, then you need to check out three new coffee products that fans of Friends are raving about. Central Perk Coffee Company introduces an artisanal line of quality coffees made with the highest quality premium Arabica beans that can be delivered straight to your door. 

 Central Perk has long been seen as the gathering place for locals to get a great cup of coffee and share moments with friends. With the help of famed chef Tom Colicchio, Central Perk has now come to life with a new collection of artisanal coffees roasted to order. Lovingly crafted from premium arabica beans, Central Perk coffee delivers a rich, full taste with every cup. Could it BE any more flavorful? We don’t think so.

So, give yourself a coffee break and grab a spot on the couch. You’re among friends.

 I am excited to announce that the following three new product offerings are now available to order at  www.centralperk.com. I am here to tell you that these coffee blends from Central Perk are amazing and you need to try them. 

 I had an opportunity to sample the new coffee blends and I do say they are delicious. I just love the look of the coffee bags. These coffee roasts have made my morning cup of coffee special. 

Check out Central Perk Coffee Company New Coffee Blends

"Oh.My.GAWD!" (Cold Brew Blend)

~ A ground medium body brew. This delicious coffee will be hard to break up with and is developed to be brewed cold, with notes of chocolate, butterscotch, citrus, and molasses. Perfect for a day of fun!

" Gunther!” (Espresso)

A whole bean full body espresso, named in honor of our favorite barista with an unrequited love for Rachel. It features a bold acidity with a smoky, caramel taste.

"Moo Point” (Our First-Ever Decaf Blend...I KNOW!!!)

~ A ground medium body decaf brew. Some say that caffeine is like a cow’s opinion. It just doesn’t matter. It’s moo. And at 99.7% caffeine free, our Moo Point decaf can be enjoyed any time of day.

Live healthier without preservatives & additives

The coffee notes got my taste buds excited!

 When these packages of coffee arrived at my door, I could not wait to make a cup of coffee. The packages of coffee just had a coffee shop vibe and I loved that they boldly informed me of the coffee notes. The Oh.My.GAWD! notes of chocolate, butterscotch, citrus, and molasses sounded so amazing and I loved that this was a cold brew blend. I knew that it would be perfect for my homemade cold brew coffee recipe.

The coffee aroma was coffee aromatherapy

 I just love the smell of whole-bean coffee and the " Gunther!” (Espresso) did not disappoint my coffee aromatherapy. I could smell this dark roast coffee through the coffee bag and once I opened up the package, I paused to inhale the sweet aroma of coffee. I simply could not wait to brew a cup with the pour-over coffee method. These coffee beans deserved the best coffee brewing method.

If you desire a decaf blend

 I am not one who drinks decaf coffee as I like my caffeine. I know that decaf coffee is good for drinking coffee at night with friends but even decaf coffee keeps me awake. So I will enjoy the "Moo Point” decaf blend in the afternoon, so the .3% of the 99.7% caffeine-free coffee won't mess with my sleep.

These 3 new blends join Central Perk Coffee Company’s current offerings:

~ “How You Doin’?” (medium roast)

~ “Pivot Blend” (medium/dark roast)

~ “We Were on a Coffee Break” (dark roast)

Existing and new customers alike, now have more options – all enjoyed best with FRIENDS.

 About Central Perk Coffee Company:

 Sustainably sourced, produced, and packaged using responsible environmental practices, Central Perk Coffee products are roasted and shipped direct to consumers through a customizable coffee subscription service or a curated multi-blend variety pack, as well as single-serve pods. For updates on the upcoming Central Perk Coffeehouse or to place your orders for Central Perk Coffee, please visit www.centralperk.com and follow @centralperk.


Renee Franklin said...

I haven't watched that show in ages! I love a good cup of coffee in the morning so I may have to try a couple of these.

Megan said...

Wait. What? This is AMAZING!! There are SO many people in my life that would appreciate this coffee on several levels. Unless I keep it all for myself .... 😉

AiringMyLaundry said...

These sound like some tasty blends! Perfect for Friends fans!

Kathy said...

I love this coffee! I've got these ones as well. I love all their blends. I was so excited when they came out with a coffee company.

Lisa said...

Oh my daughter loves coffee, and trying new brands! I'll have to share this with her soon.

Lavanda Michelle said...

I'm a coffee lover, and this new coffee from Central Perk Coffee Company sounds absolutely amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on a bag.

Richelle Milar said...

I would really love to try this delicious looking coffee! I’m gonna share this with my dad

Rose Ann Sales said...

My husband would love this for sure, he really loves coffee! This look really tasty!

Gust si Aroma said...

I love coffee so much so I am so curious to try these new coffee blends!

Monica said...

I really love how I'm reading this post while watching Friends! I need to try this coffee!

Melanie Edjourian said...

I love the idea of Friends inspired coffee. I would like to try the Oh.My.GAWD that sounds great.

Beautiful Touches said...

I love that there's something that feels so nostalgic as this, I remember the girls watching seasons and seasons of Friends and Central Perk coffee takes me right back to it.

Marysa said...

What a fun idea for coffee! I had no idea this was a coffee line - I'll have to try it!

Christy G said...

I love a good cup of coffee. I’ll have to try some of these flavors.

Ivan Jose | Dad On The Move said...

I'm a coffee lover! I'm definitely trying some of the blends you recommended here. I can't let my day pass without having a cup or two of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I had no idea this was a thing and I so would love to try their coffee! I am a huge Starbucks fan as their coffee has kick...I am drinking decaf now most days (although I do enjoy a string cup loaded with caffeine here and there) but Starbucks decaf is delicious as compered to others I have tried, Will have to give this a try! Thank you for the fabulous review!

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