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Monday, January 1, 2024

I Tried The ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan

 Looking for quality cookware that performs well? Check out my review of a pan with superior non-stick technology.  Food did not stick to this frying pan. From cooking eggs to pancakes, this pan did an awesome job.

 Cooking eggs in a frying pan can be a challenge, even in a non-stick pan. The challenge to making eggs in a skillet is how to make the eggs not stick to the pan. Cooking the best-scrambled eggs requires way too much learning. Everyone that you talk to about frying eggs in a pan has a different technique about the best way to cook eggs. 

 Some people say to make the eggs not stick to the pan, you need to first warm up the pan and then add the oil. While others say to add the oil to a cold pan. Then there is the question of when do you add the eggs to the pan? Do you add the eggs once the pan heats up or do you wait a couple of minutes? 

Cooking eggs for breakfast can be quite frustrating! One should not need a lesson in cooking eggs!

Do your eggs stick to the pan?

 I stopped making any type of eggs in a frying pan as I got tired of the eggs sticking to the cookware. Cleaning the pan afterward was even more frustrating. The only way I was able to cook eggs like fried and omelets was cooking with the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef. Food does not stick in the 5-Minuted Chef cooker.

 The only downside to using this red cooker was the amount of food that you can cook at one time. The Red Copper 5-Minute Chef is made for meals for one person. So I could not use this single-person cookware for making family meals. 

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How to make the best-scrambled eggs

 I was offered an opportunity to check out the ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan and the first meal that I made with this non-stick pan was scrambled eggs. I had to see if this cookware was truly non-stick and if any type of food was going to stick to a pan, it would be eggs.

 On Christmas morning, I decided to make a huge batch of scrambled eggs for breakfast. I grabbed 12 eggs and cracked them into a bowl. Then I blended the eggs together with a whisk. I then placed the ALTENBACH Frying Pan on my stove and turned the flame to medium heat. 

 I decided to really test this pan's performance and added the oil to a cold pan. I then let the pan heat up for a minute and added the eggs. The eggs started to cook. I was surprised at how quickly the pan heated up. 

 I stored the eggs around in the ALTENBACH Pan and they did not stick! I am talking about no eggs stuck to the pan. The scrambled eggs just glided around in the hot fry pan. I was even more surprised at how the eggs slid out of the pan and onto my serving plate with no mess left behind. The ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan was truly a non-stick pan.

Meet the ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan

The ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan is a 5-Ply Technology pan that is durable. This pan has an ergonomic design and is a non-stick pan. This stainless steel pan can be used on gas or induction or in the oven. This is a pan that you need in your kitchen.

ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan Details

+ All 5-Ply Technology - Stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel 5-layer structure with functional metal cladding technology and excellent thermal conductivity.

+ Can be used on gas, induction, or in the oven. 

+ Top Grade Octopus Coating - Eco-friendly coating agent that does not contain harmful substances. Octopus coating is highly praised by professional chefs because it is more than 10 times superior to general coatings and can be used for a long time.

+ Oil Rod Formation with Honeycomb Embossing - Through the three-dimensional functional embossing of the hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the surface, the thermal conductivity and heat retention rate are maximized, and the oil rod is formed, enabling easy and healthy cooking with a small amount of oil.

+ Use of Hygienic Stainless Steel - Even if the coating peels off, you do not have to worry about heavy metals. Made of the highest quality premium stainless steel material, it is hygienic, safe from environmental toxic substances, and has good durability, so it can be used for a long time.

+ Luxurious and practical stainless steel - The high-quality stainless steel that does not deteriorate, luster, or rust even after long use with a no-frills floor design maintains a constant temperature during cooking due to its high thermal conductivity and warmth.

+ Comes in 3 sizes - 8 inch, 11 inch and 12 inch

My teen son made pancakes in the ALTENBACH Pan

 My son loves cooking and his favorite food to cook is pancakes. When my son saw this pan, he wanted to know if the Honeycomb Embossing would make a cool design on his pancakes. So he had to try this unique pan out.

 Before my son was allowed to use my new cookware, I explained to him the ALTENBACH Pan Usage Tips. I loved this new pan and I did not want my son to ruin the pan.


+ Do not heat the pan empty for a long time.

+ After cooking, even after the heat is turned off, the high heat retention rate keeps the residual heat very hot.

+ To prolong the life of the product, avoid using sharp metal cookware and iron scrubbers as much as possible.

+ It is recommended to use under medium heat.

My son understood the rules of using my new pan. He decided to make chocolate chip pancakes. He was ready to put this skillet to the test. In the past, my son's chocolate chip pancakes have stuck to the pan. Chocolate has a tendency to stick to the pan.

The chocolate did not stick to the pan

 My son was amazed at the non-stick pan features. His pancakes did not stick to the pan and he loved he was able to quickly flip the pancakes over. While I was watching my son make the pancakes, I noticed that a chocolate chip fell out of a pancake and onto the pan. The chocolate chip started to burn but it still did not stick.

 My son loved having a honeycomb pattern on his pancakes. He also loved that he did not have to soak the pan afterward. Cleaning the pan was as easy as rinsing it with soapy water.

The ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan is a pan that you need if you want the best non-stick cookware.

Buy the ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan Here


tweenselmom said...

I've never seen a honeycomb frying pan. This looks so nice and I'd love to try cooking using one.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

the ALTENBACH Ultracomb Frying Pan sounds like it's a great pan. I want to own one.

Anonymous said...

I usually first warm up the pan and then add the oil and then eggs. I need to check out this Altenbach non-stick frying pan, it looks great!

Everything Enchanting ❤️

Lady In Read said...

this looks good.. i am looking for a new frying pan and this one fits many of my requirements..

Tami Creates said...

I feel like it's SO hard to find a good frying pan, haha. This one looks awesome though! :)

Gust si Aroma said...

I've always struggled with eggs sticking to the pan, and it's so reassuring to hear that this pan performs exceptionally well. The details about cooking everything from eggs to pancakes without any sticking issues are incredibly helpful!

Lavanda Michelle said...

I recently tried making scrambled eggs, and can I just say, it was a game-changer! No sticking, easy flipping – it's like magic in the kitchen!

Unknown said...

I cook a lot so I love a good frying pan. That looks like a good one. -LYNNDEE

Nikki Wayne said...

Non-stick pans are my choices and I always look for the better options! I'll look into this! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love to cook pancakes and my favorite one is blueberry pancake. A non-stick pan surface ensures easy flipping and removal of pancakes, preventing them from sticking and tearing. This promotes a visually appealing presentation and preserves the pancake's integrity. Requires less oil or butter, creating a healthier option. The even heat distribution on the non-stick surface enhances consistent browning and cooking, resulting in perfectly cooked pancakes. A non-stick pan enhances the cooking experience, delivering delicious, well-formed blueberry pancakes.

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