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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

My Favorite Fitness Products For Energy

 If you only exercise when you have energy, you may never exercise. Keep reading to discover my favorite fitness products for amazing energy.

 Any type of exercise requires energy and some forms of exercise require intense energy. If a lack of energy is keeping you from working out, then taking some form of an energy supplement may help with your exercise routine. There is nothing wrong with giving your body additional energy. 

 If energy drinks help you to exercise or get your body to the gym, then drink that energy drink. Don't try to exercise on empty, as it will affect your performance, or worse yet, you may cut your workout session short. A pre-workout drink will help you exercise longer and stronger.

My motivation behind energy products for fitness

Three years ago, I switched my exercise routine from afternoon to morning. I wanted to see the benefits of morning exercise. Since I decided to exercise first thing in the morning, I needed some form of energy to get my body going. So I decided to try energy drinks. 

 Energy drinks sometimes get a bad rep as people have heard about someone dying from drinking an energy drink. That can make someone scared to try any type of energy drink. There may be bad energy drinks on the market but most energy drinks are safe to consume if you use them in the right way. Energy drinks can be bad if you drink too many of them or drink ones with a high caffeine count.

When I decided to drink an energy drink before my workout, I wanted an energy drink that was made with natural ingredients. I also wanted an energy drink that had about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee - 80 -100 mgs. Too much caffeine at one time can be bad for your heart. Since my body was used to drinking coffee, I knew that 100 milligrams of caffeine would be safe for my body.

NOW Sports Nutrition, Effervescent Effer-Energy

 I tried many different energy drinks from ready-to-drink energy drinks to powder energy drinks that you add water to. Then I discovered an energy drink tablet from Now Foods and that is now my favorite energy drink for fitness. 

NOW Sports Nutrition, Effervescent Effer-Energy

~ Contains 100 mg of caffeine

~ Provides energy and recovery support as it also has electrolytes

~ Tropical Fruit Punch Flavor

~ Does not contain wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nut or sesame ingredients

~ Is easy to take on the go as you add a tablet to water when you are ready to drink it

~ Is very well priced at less than .50 a serving

~ Contains no artificial colors or flavors

~ Easy to store 

Verb Caffeinated Bar

 I discovered Verb Caffeinated Energy Bars last March at Expo West but I did not try them until several months ago. I was "a drink an energy drink before the gym person" and "enjoy my cup of coffee after the gym person." So I really did not require more caffeine. The Verb Bars just stayed in my pantry in my snack box. 

 Then a fitness influencer told me the facts about exercising without eating breakfast and how it could be hurting my fitness goals. So I ditched the energy drinks and decided to try the Verb Caffeinated Bars for three weeks to see if it made a difference in my gym routine. I was amazed at my increase in energy from the Verb Bars and that helped me to lose 2 pounds! I was hooked on the delicious bars for my before-the-gym caffeine boost.

 The Verb Bars have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee and it comes from green tea. I had only tried the smores flavor of the Verb Caffeinate bars so I was glad that the Verb booth had different flavors of their energy bars. The delicious bars are available in 13 flavors. These bars are the delicious solution to the 2 p.m. slump. Say goodbye to overpriced lattes, sugar cravings & post-coffee jitters.

Verb Caffeinated Snack Bars

~ Caffeinated with Organic Green Tea (1 bar = 1 espresso) for jitter-free energy that lasts all-day

~ Way less expensive than energy drinks - just over $1 per bar

~ Convenient pocket-sized, so you can stash them

~ Under 110 calories

~ Plant-based, gluten-free & made with all-natural ingredients

~ Get 16 free bars and save 40% with code TARA77427

How I use my two favorite energy products

 These above energy products are what I am using for my workouts. Since they have big differences, I use the different products in different ways.

Most days I will start my mornings, before I head to the gym, with a Verb Bar. I am hooked on Verb Bars for the caffeine and it provides me some calories in the form of carbs and protein. Since I usually work out for an hour, my body needs caffeinated energy plus healthy calories.

Get 16 free bars and save 40% with code TARA77427

I will use the NOW Sports Nutrition, Effervescent Effer-Energy on days that I am doing shorter workouts in the morning or when I am exercising in the afternoon. These tablets are also good for my shorter, less intense strength workouts. I also like using the Now Energy tablets for when I travel.


Monidipa said...

I really enjoyed reading about your favorite fitness products for energy! Your post was informative and well-written, making it easy for me to understand the benefits of each product. It's clear that you've put thought into your choices, and your positive tone throughout the post made it a pleasure to read. I appreciate the friendly and approachable style, which adds a personal touch to your recommendations. Keep sharing your insights, and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

Gust si Aroma said...

. The shift to morning exercise and your exploration of energy drinks as a solution is inspiring. I appreciate your emphasis on choosing products with natural ingredients and moderate caffeine levels, addressing concerns that some may have about the safety of energy drinks!

Beautiful Touches said...

I'll have to check out some of these low-caffeine energy boosters, caffeine always makes me so jittery but I'd love to have more pep in my step.

Lavanda Michelle said...

Excited to try the NOW Sports Nutrition, Effervescent Effer-Energy tablet – sounds like the perfect pick-me-up with natural ingredients

Anonymous said...

I need to grab me some of those energy bars. Never tried them before. They sound good. -LYNNDEE

Christy G said...

I personally don’t care for energy drinks. I never have really. I typically drink diet Dr Pepper or ice coffee in the mornings. But really I should be drinking water.

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