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Friday, February 2, 2024

How To Rock Your Hair at a Balloon Fiesta

 During a balloon fiesta, a small number of like-minded balloonists come together to celebrate at a popular ballooning location. The International Balloon Fiesta was founded in 1972 in Albuquerque.

The Balloon Fiesta not only draws attention from the locals but from many visitors from all over the world as well. During this biggest aviation event, pilots navigate balloons filled with Hydrogen gas high in the air and the one who flies farthest is declared the winner.

As you interact with thousands of people it gives women a big chance to flaunt some serious style and make an impression with a hairstyle that can be worn all day.

Take a close look at some of these Balloon Fiesta hairstyles and the best stylers to achieve them.

Space Buns 

 There is no festival if you don't see Space Buns. This style is best for curly hair and keeps the locks secured and allows one to enjoy the music and the crowd without letting the heat of the day affect the curly mane.

 To begin with, section your hair in two equal parts and create a bun on each side of the head, and secure it with an elastic band. Apply A good amount of hairspray to keep them in place. Use a volumizing shampoo for curly hair as this look needs a bit of practice to get it right.

Double braided bun

 The double-braided bun is an iconic hairstyle that will work regardless of whether you are in a sweltering desert or a humid location.

This ideal combination of buns and braids keeps the hair firmly tucked in place to let you dance all night long without having to worry about your mane going haywire.

Jewelled Headband

 If you want to rock a unique festival hairstyle give your tresses some beach waves and top everything up with a jewelled headband.

 You need not be a masterful braider to do this as this hairstyle will remind you more of the hippie era look, but with a modern twist.

Tousled waves

 Break the mold and let effortless styling be your staple this coming balloon festival season. Loose tousled waves will give you a relaxed look that will epitomize the perfect carefree atmosphere hairstyle.

 It all depends on how much you can shake up and muss your hair,in order to achieve the desired look. You can add a bit of glam to your festival style by weaving bright flowers or a touch of greenery into the wavy hair.

Volume pony

 The classic ponytail has always remained a popular style for the balloon festival,so long you have some volume of hair on the head. You can amp it up a notch by adding deep waves and volume into the mix.

The thumb rule for this kind of hairstyle is the bigger the better, whether you opt for polished curls or messy look. In the end, you will soon be the envy of the festival site.

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