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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Vegan Sausage Links ~ Gluten-Free and Soy-Free

 These delicious vegan sausages have the texture of traditional sausages and are ready to grill. The plant-based sausages are soft and tender with a crispy outside. The meatless sausages are also made without wheat, soy, and mushrooms. So they are perfect for those with food allergies.

 It can be frustrating to follow a plant-based diet when you have food allergies. You find the perfect vegan protein item like sausages, only to discover that the product contains wheat or soy protein. Reading food labels can be frustrating when you have multiple food allergies.

 Following a meatless diet with food allergies requires plenty of planning and learning how to make delicious allergy-friendly recipes. It also means following plant-based recipe blogs on Instagram. 

 I recently watched a video on Instagram that included a recipe for vegan sausage links. By the time the video was over, I was searching for a vegan sausage recipe. After viewing many recipes for vegan sausages, I quickly learned that most of the vegan sausage recipes use wheat gluten. Since I am allergic to wheat, I decided to swap out the wheat gluten in the recipe and instead use oatmeal and chia eggs. The result was a delicious gluten-free plant-based sausage link that tasted like a bratwurst.

Vegan Sausage Links Are

+ Gluten-Free

+ Plant-Based

+ Soy-Free

+  Easy To Make

+ Meatless

+ Firm

+ Ready-To-Grill

+ Dairy-Free

+ Loaded with Protein

+ Loaded with Fiber

+ Perfect for Sandwiches

+ Has the Best Texture

 When you think of sausages and bratwurst, what is the best part of the sausage? For me, it is the texture and the crispy outside. The flavor is also important. I want a plant-based sausage that does not fall apart and it has to be firm enough, so I can enjoy it in a gluten-free bun or gluten-free tortilla.

 These meatless sausages taste just like the vegan sausages that you can buy at the grocery store! I am not going to compare them to the disgusting animal-based sausages as I never like the taste of those. Ironically, I hated bratwurst as a kid but once I had a taste of a vegan bratwurst that all changed. Vegan bratwurst just tastes so much better.

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Ingredients Needed For Vegan Sausage

~ White Beans

~ Oatmeal

~ Walnuts

~ Onion

~ Chia Eggs

~ Tomato Paste

~ Coco Aminos

~ Spices

How To Make Vegan Sausage

These meatless sausages are so simple to make. The step-by-step recipe may not be quick and easy but it is a simple recipe.

 Just follow these four simple steps

1. Combine the ingredients

2. Form the sausages

3. Steam the sausages

4. Grill the sausages

Ways to Enjoy the Vegan Sausages

My favorite way to enjoy these delicious plant-based sausages is served in a sandwich or hot dog bun with plenty of ketchup. Other delicious toppings to add to the bratwurst-style sandwich are grilled onions, mustard, or barbeque sauce.

+ Breakfast: These veggie sausages can be served with vegan scrambled eggs or wrapped up in a tortilla. You can even chop up the grilled sausage to make the best breakfast burrito with vegan scrambled eggs. 

+ Barbeques: The vegetarian brats are perfect for summer barbeques with your favorite sides like potato salad, coleslaw, or sauerkraut.

+ Casseroles and Pasta: Slice up the sausages and add them to your favorite casseroles, pasta, or rice dishes.

+ Pizza: The sliceable sausages are perfect for vegan pizza.

How to Store the Sausages

The leftover vegan sausages can be stored in the refrigerator for a week in an air-tight container. To enjoy the leftover sausages, I recommend heating them up in a skillet. 

 For longer storage, freeze the sausage links after they are steamed and before you grill them. I recommend wrapping them in parchment paper and placing the sausages in a freezer bag. 

To reheat the sausages, grill them while they are frozen for the best texture. 

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Joline said...

We don't follow a plant-based diet but definitely want to try these! Very curious about chia eggs too.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I would certainly give these a try. We love meat in this house, but we're always willing to branch out and taste other things.

Lavanda Michelle said...

Finding plant-based recipes that are both delicious and allergen-friendly can be challenging. I appreciate your creativity in making these sausages gluten-free and soy-free while still maintaining that perfect texture and flavor. Can't wait to try making them for my family's next cookout!

Beautiful Touches said...

I am really intrigued and excited to try out this vegan sausage link recipe! The idea of creating a plant-based version of this classic dish piques my interest, and I can't wait to experiment in the kitchen and taste the delicious results.

Marysa said...

What an interesting recipe for vegan sausages. We are a vegetarian family and I've never tried making my own plant based meat before.

Christy G said...

I’ve never been a huge fan of sausage. It’s just so greasy and never really cared for it. But my aunt is vegan, so I’ll send this to her.

Ramil Hinolan said...

I appreciate you taking the time to adapt a traditional wheat-based vegan sausage recipe by swapping out the wheat for oatmeal and chia eggs. What a smart substitution!

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