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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Check Out Country Rescue On Great American Pure Flix + Giveaway

The life of a first responder can be challenging. First responders, including EMTs face intense situations that require them to act fast, and even if they know the power of prayer, many first responders don't have time to think about praying for the people they serve.  Country Rescue is a new Great American Original series that shows what can happen when one person is bold enough to pray.

Many thanks to Great American Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

 Are you looking for a family night of entertainment? If you want at-home entertainment with a show that the whole family can enjoy, you need to check out The new Great American Original series “County Rescue” which is premiering on February 23rd.

 Country Rescue is a family-friendly show that is about the lives of first responders EMTs. these everyday heroes, following a group of paramedics who serve the community and support one another through the highs and lows of life.

Check out this new family-friendly series on Great American Pure Flix starting 2/23!

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About Country Rescue

 EMTs are courageous, everyday heroes, but it’s challenging to qualify for this critical job. This is the story of an EMT unit who save lives while navigating their own life, love, and faith.

 In “County Rescue,” Dani (Reilly) and the other EMTs in training are courageous, everyday heroes. But with only one opening for three trainees, Dani’s faith in herself is tested each and every call. Dani believes her calling is to save lives. Now, she has to prove it.

STARRING: Brett Varvel, Andy; Julia Reilly, Dani; Keller Fornes, Griffin; Riley Hough, Tim; Percy Bell, Duke; Tanya Christiansen, Lisa Miller; Kristin Wollett, Ashley; Stacey Patino, Liz; Tim Perez-Ross, Scotty; Angel Luis, Marcos

~ With Guest Star Colton Dixon!

I really enjoyed watching the first episode of Country Rescue

 I love being on the Great American Pure Flix VIP Ambassador team. I get many opportunities to watch movies and shows before they are ready to be streamed. Then I get to tell my friends and readers about the movies that they need to watch. 

 Episode 1 of Country Rescue will be ready to Stream on Great American Pure Flix starting February 23rd or you can catch it February 26th on the Great American Family channel on February 26th at 8/7c

Watch the official trailer of Country Rescue Here

 Trust me when I say that this is a series that you will want to binge-watch. Each episode of Country Rescue will leave you wanting to know more. In the first episode Dani, a new EMT in training has to prove herself to qualify for a position at the EMT unit.

 Dani faces plenty of challenges from grabbing the wrong supplies to wondering if she did the right thing by praying over a patient. She begins to question if God is really calling her to be where she is. 

Check out this new family-friendly series on Great American Pure Flix starting 2/23!

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Jamie said...

This was a great show! I love having a first responder show that I don't have to worry about the content being too adult! Loved it!

AiringMyLaundry said...

This sounds like a wonderful show. I will have to let my family know about it. I know I have family members who prefer to watch "clean" programs.

ken ohl said...

Country Rescue I would love to check out

Christy G said...

This sounds like a great movie to watch. EMTs are super hero’s in my opinion. They are selfless and don’t care about the gore in order to help others.

Jennifer said...

I love that this is a family-friendly show that features first responders in a positive light!

Lady In Read said...

this sounds like such a heartwarming and wholesome show.. will definitely check it out

Lavanda Michelle said...

It sounds like a show that not only provides entertainment but also offers valuable insights into the lives of first responders. I'm excited to check it out with my family when it premieres on February 23rd.

Dana Vitolo said...

I have never heard of the series Country Rescue! It's really important to learn about what a day is like for EMTs; these heroes are so important!

Melanie Edjourian said...

This isn't a show I've seen before. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

Beautiful Touches said...

Country Rescue looks like it would be an interesting watch, and I should enter that PureFlix giveaway!

Gust si Aroma said...

As someone who has immense respect for first responders and the sacrifices they make daily, I'm thrilled to see a show that not only highlights their bravery but also integrates the power of faith in their lives.

Marysa said...

This looks like a very wholesome show. It is nice to see something that is uplifting and highlights the good in humanity.

cookiecrisp991@gmail.com said...

id love to see county rescue. it looks very interesting

Marie Gizelle said...

This looks like a great show! Surely full of stories from real-life ones? Such shows restore our faith in humanity...

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