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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Invisalign vs. Braces: Which Is Right For Your Smile?

 Teens and adults aren’t always in love with their smiles. While whitening treatments can brighten your smile, it doesn't help if your teeth are crooked and misaligned. When you’re ready to straighten your teeth, it means a trip to the dentist. 

 After examining your teeth, you’ll probably have a couple of treatment options. You can go with braces or see an Invisalign specialist. However, what’s the difference between the two options, and which is right for your smile?

Comparing Invisalign vs. Braces

 Braces have been around for decades; you may even be familiar with some not-so-pleasant nicknames for people wearing braces—you know, names like metal mouth and railroad track teeth. Frankly, neither are very pleasant, and wearing braces can dent your self-esteem. With that being said, braces are also extremely effective at giving you a straight smile.

 Invisalign is a relatively new treatment and performs the same function as braces; the primary difference is how Invisalign looks on your teeth. As the name implies, Invisalign isn’t as obvious as wearing metal braces.

 The fact that it’s not always easy to tell if someone is using Invisalign to straighten their teeth is often enough of an advantage. However, before making an appointment with an Invisalign specialist, it’s a good idea to look at all of the differences:

 + Convenience: Metal braces are semi-permanent; braces are affixed to your teeth for a specific period. Some people only need to wear braces for several months, while others have them on for a couple of years. Regardless of the timeframe, you’re stuck wearing braces until your dentist decides it’s time to take them off. The difference is you can remove the trays as necessary. Before you start taking off your Invisalign trays throughout the day or at night, you should plan on wearing them between 20-22 hours a day.

+ Timeframe: Everyone’s smile is unique and this means timelines for straighter teeth are rarely the same. However, if you’re in a rush to get a straighter smile, Invisalign may be the way to go. Braces typically take longer to straighten crooked teeth. On average, you should expect to wear braces for about two years. Invisalign trays work a little faster. Most patients can stop wearing their trays after about six to eighteen months.

+ Overall cost: Metal braces are the most affordable option compared to Invisalign trays. However, ceramic braces are the most expensive teeth straightening option. Your dental insurance may help cover some of the cost, but every policy is different. Some only cover traditional braces, while others also help pay for Invisalign trays.

 Even though Invisalign trays typically come out ahead compared to metal braces, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for everyone.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign

 Since Invisalign uses removable trays to straighten crooked teeth, it’s hard to believe anyone isn’t a good candidate for the non-invasive procedure. The trays are ideal for both teens and adults.

 Since the trays are almost invisible, issues with self-confidence are rarely a problem. Teens can avoid annoying and embarrassing nicknames like metal mouth, and they can also smile with confidence for school pictures. Adults rarely want to show off a mouthful of metal, once you’re past a certain age people rarely want to be seen wearing braces.

 Something else to consider is your overall oral health. Brushing over braces is a pain, and flossing is usually a no-go. After all, you can’t run floss between the metal wires holding the braces in place. 

 Whether you’re an adult or a teen, braces can cause your oral health to take a hit. Invisalign trays are removable. You can take them out every time you brush and floss your teeth. This can mean fewer dental issues when you’re done using the teeth straightening trays.

The Invisalign Process

 If you’re leaning more towards Invisalign trays, the process is pretty simple. You go through a dental exam, and it includes taking measurements of your mouth. This typically means your dental hygienist will be taking X-rays and a lot of pictures.

 After the trays are completed, it’s time for a fitting. Chances are, the first fitting is going to highlight a few issues with the trays. This is normal but don’t worry. After a few adjustments, your Invisalign trays should be ready to go.

 You’ll need to have the trays changed out, sometimes every few weeks. As your teeth begin to straighten, the trays need to reflect the changes, and even cleaning Invisalign trays is a breeze. Simply rinse them off a few times a day and soak them in a dental cleaner.

 For most patients, the choice is easy. When it’s time to straighten their teeth, Invisalign trays are often the right option for them.

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