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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Up Your Summer Snacking With These Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy does not mean you can't enjoy snacks. Snacking is perfectly fine when you snack on healthy snacks. Take a look at some healthy snack options for summer.

 Summertime is my favorite time of the year. From working in my garden to relaxing by the pool, I love summer. While most people do not like the heat of the summer, I love the hot days. Warm weather allows me to wear shorts and summer dresses.

The warm weather of summer forces me to relax more and my new summer gazebo is my favorite place to hang out. I bring my laptop outside and do my work with the sound of my waterfall fountain. I also grab my favorite healthy snacks.  Keep reading to discover some of my favorite snacks that I am enjoying this summer.

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is the perfect healthy snack for summer. It is loaded with plenty of fiber and nutrition. Fruit also has plenty of water in it, so it refreshes you as you eat it. Some of my favorite fruits that I am snacking on right now are apricots, cherries, and honeydew melon.

 My favorite way to enjoy fresh fruit, especially melon is with a spicy mango-flavored rimming salt from Twang-a Rita. This rim salt may be designed for drinks but I love it on fruit. The rim salt gives my fruit a sweet and salty taste that is so good! I also use this rim salt on my glass when I am drinking a glass of iced tea. 

Delicious Iced Tea with Health Benefits

 My favorite iced tea that I am enjoying this summer is a Wellness Iced Tea from Herbaly. This iced tea is made with 7 simple ingredients and is loaded with healthy benefits. The tea has a wonderful scent and an incredible taste. I like to brew a big pitcher of this tea and keep it cold in my fridge. That way I can drink it all day.

The tea is certified organic and even the tea bags are made from plant-based ingredients. After you brew the tea, you can throw the tea bags in the compost pile.

Take a look at the Active Herbs, Roots, and Superfoods in the Wellness Tea
 ~ Organic Sencha Leaf
 ~ Organic Ginger Root
 ~ Organic Fennel Seed
 ~ Organic Dandelion Root
 ~ Organic Holy Basil Leaf
 ~ Organic Turmeric Root
 ~ Organic Lavender Petals

Healthy Chips with Protein

 I discovered some healthy tortilla chips from SimplyProtein®. These delicious tortilla chips have 7 grams of protein per serving. The chips are also vegan and gluten-free. The crispy protein chips come in three delicious flavors and are perfect for dipping in salsa. 

My favorite flavor of SimplyProtein Chips is the Sea Salt but I also love the zesty flavor of the Hint of Habanero Chips. The Hint of Lime Protein chips are also so delicious when dipped into homemade guacamole.


Salsa is also a healthy snack option and I discovered a new flavor of salsa at Walmart. The Bettergoods Mango Chile salsa is so delicious. I love that it has a hint of spice that is not overpowerful. This salsa is perfect with the SimplyProtein chips. 


Nuts like cashews and almonds are also great choices for healthy snacks. They are loaded with protein and healthy fats. So grab a handful of your favorite nuts. My favorite nuts to munch on are cashews, walnuts, pecans, and almonds.


 Raw and cooked vegetables are excellent healthy snacks to enjoy in the summer. You can eat your veggies by themselves or enjoy them with salsa or guacamole. Raw celery tastes great with peanut butter. I like to sprinkle some of the Twang-a Rita seasoning or everything bagel spice on my cooked veggies. My favorite summer veggies that I am enjoying this summer are fresh beet greens and yellow grape tomatoes that are growing in my tower garden.

Snacking is healthy

Some people avoid snacks as they think it is not good for their body but snacking is actually good for your body. Snacking helps you not overeat at meal times and it gives your body a steady supply of energy. So enjoy these healthy summer snack options.


Kathy said...

All of these sound great. Fresh fruit is always a favorite of mine. Something about it is so good.

Jess Benoit said...

These healthy summer snack ideas are perfect for keeping cool and nourished! I love how fresh fruits like apricots and cherries are both hydrating and delicious, especially with a twist like the mango-flavored rim salt. The Wellness Iced Tea sounds refreshing and packed with goodness—perfect for lazy afternoons. And those SimplyProtein Chips with salsa? Count me in for a guilt-free snack break! Thanks for these great suggestions to enjoy summer snacking the healthy way!

Anita Fonte said...

I love fresh fruits, and this is the time for watermelons, my favorite. I also enjoy nuts and veggies.

Nikki Wayne said...

These are all nice snack recommendation. It is very healthy and Im sure kids will like it and also the adult one.

Lavanda said...

Wow, your idea of using a spicy mango-flavored rimming salt on fresh fruit sounds amazing! I never thought about using drink rim salt for anything other than cocktails, but your suggestion has me intrigued.

LisaLisa said...

All of these snack's sound great and look healthy. My favorite is nuts; I love having a few bags of nuts on hand it keeps me from eating junk.

Melanie Edjourian said...

That mango and chilli salsa sounds amazing. It really would be perfect to snack on with chips.

Lor said...

Those Wellness Iced Teas are right up my alley. I would love the ginger one! I also like fresh fruit for a healthy snack.

Clarice said...

I would love to try their wellness tea. I am not really familiar how dandelion root taste but I heard it's an excellent source of potassium.

melissa cushing said...

I have to check out those good for you tortilla chips and the salsa too! That is one of my favorite snacks and also fruit... you are so spot on! Thanks for these tips and appreciate you sharing ;)

Laura JL Books said...

These are wonderful healthy snack options for a cool summer day. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Lady In Read said...

those chips sure look good and i know my family will enjoy them

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