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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

6 Essential Items For Outdoor Fitness

 Do you love exercising outside? Whether you ride a bike, walk, or run, you need to check out these products that are perfect for outdoor fitness.

When the weather warms, I ditch the gym workout and head outside to exercise. My preferred outdoor exercise is running but I also like to walk and ride my bicycle. Some days I lace up my running shoes and run in the morning while other days I explore the neighborhood with my bicycle. On days that I just don't feel like exercising, I will go for a walk. Exercise is important for your health and I exercise 5 days a week.

 I also like to ride my bike to the store to combine exercise with errands. Exercising outside has plenty of benefits. Your body gets a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. The fresh air is also good for your body. Getting your workout outside also helps with boredom as you have plenty to look at.

Check out some essential items for outdoor fitness

 Most people think that all you need for outdoor exercise is a good pair of shoes. Having the proper shoes for the sport that you are participating in is important as the wrong shoes can cause foot problems and so much more. I suffered a couple of running injuries from wearing trail shoes on the road. A spike on the shoes got caught in a crack in the road and I tore my hamstring. 

While shoes are important for exercising outside so is clothing and many other items. Below are some fitness products that you may want to include in your outdoor fitness routine.

1. Garage Inflation Station

 If you ride a bike then you are going to want to check out the Garage Inflation Station from Slime. This is a very handy tool for those who ride a bike as it will inflate the bicycle tires quickly. The inflation station will also inflate car tires, basketballs, blow-up swimming pools, and more.

The tire inflator is small, lightweight, and a breeze to set up. You will love that it mounts on the wall and is ready to use. No more having to search for the bike pump. The best part is skipping the arm workout from pumping up your bike tires.

Garage Inflation Station

   + Airs up everything! 

   + Easy read dial gauge (0-60 psi) 

  + Mounts on your garage wall and powered by your 120-volt home outlet 

  + Extra-long extended 20-foot hose 

  + Compact size -7 inches x 4 inches

  + Inflates a standard car tire from flat to full in 6 minutes 

  + Includes multi-purpose air adapters for rafts, balls, and other inflatables 

2. Oceanfoam Foam Roller

If you have sore muscles, you need to try a foam roller. The Oceanfoam Foam Roller is perfect for muscle recovery and sore muscles. This foam roller is made with algae & recycled materials.  Available in 28 colors and two sizes, these unique wave-textured foam rollers help to stimulate muscles, release tightness, and improve mobility at home, or on the go!

 My boys love using the foam roller before and after a track meet. This roller can also be utilized for stretching exercises, balance training, and enhancing overall flexibility and mobility. This roller is lightweight and fits perfectly inside a gym bag for on-the-go muscle massage. 

3. Advanced Pain Relief Roll-On

An active lifestyle sometimes comes with pain. Whether that pain is from overused muscles or an injury, you need to have this Advanced Pain Relief Roll-On in your fitness supply kit. This doctor-designed roll-on delivers 1000mg of the highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD for instant relief. 

 AmourCBD™ advanced pain relief roll-on is an effective organic approach to pain. It is a safe treatment for joint and muscle pain. The pain-relieving ointment contains zero THC and is made with all-natural ingredients. You will like that it is not greasy. The CBD is sourced from USA-grown hemp and produced FDA Registered Facility. The best part is that it doubles as both a massage tool and a numbing agent.

4. Evo Hemp Protein and Hemp Hearts

Outdoor fitness requires fuel for energy. Hemp seeds are a superfood that offers plenty of nutritional benefits beyond protein. These delicious seeds contain complete protein and healthy fats from omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp seeds are also rich in vitamins & minerals like vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

 Evo Hemp Hearts have a rich nutty taste and taste so delicious. The Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of protein per serving and can be enjoyed in smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, and more. I like to fuel up my fitness with these No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Hemp Seed Protein Bars.

When I get home from my fitness session, I always drink a protein shake. My favorite protein shake contains Hemp protein powder and maca root. On the weekends, I like to add Evo Hemp Protein to my oatmeal. The hemp protein contains 27 grams of protein per serving.

5. Verb Energy Bars

When I exercise first thing in the morning, I need energy. My favorite way to get energy for my workouts is with Verb Caffeinate Energy Bars. These delicious energy bars are a healthier alternative to that expensive morning caffeine fix. The Verb Bars come in many delicious flavors like birthday cake, lemon, smores, and vanilla latte. 

These tasty bars are small so they don't give you digestive problems but they pack plenty of nutrition like carbs for energy. The caffeinated bars are vegan and gluten-free. Each Verb bar contains 80 mg of caffeine, the same amount as an espresso so you will have plenty of energy for your morning workout.

Buy Verb Caffeinated Snack Bars Now Save 40% with code TARA77427

6. Nugo Nutrition Bars

When I go on long bike rides, I like to bring healthy snacks that contain wholesome ingredients like protein. Nugo Bars protein bars taste like candy bars but are loaded with plenty of nutrition like protein and fiber. The gluten-free and vegan bars come in so many delicious flavors like chocolate pretzel and peanut butter. You will have a hard time choosing which bar to enjoy after the gym or as a meal replacement.

Another thing that I love about Nugo Bars is the price. These delicious protein bars are way cheaper than most protein bars. If you place an order through my link, you can try a variety box of 12 Nugo Bars for only $15 and you also get free shipping! 

Fitness is Life

I hope that my favorite products inspire your fitness needs. Check out the product links for more information about each product. From a tire inflation device to delicious energy bars, these are fitness products that you need to try on your next outdoor adventure.


Jess Benoit said...

This list of essential items for enhancing your outdoor fitness routine is great. From hydration packs to sun protection, it covers everything you need to stay safe and comfortable while exercising outdoors. Thanks for sharing!

Christy G said...

I need to try the advanced pain relief roll on. I have chronic pain and think it could be helpful. I need to exercise more but my time is so limited these days.

Catherine, Think or Blue said...

I like getting outside to move, too. Especially walks this time of year. Have been considering getting a bike, but it's been so long!

melissa cushing said...

I am loving all of these awesome products and we love riding our bikes too but it is too far to ride to the store. That is a great idea for staying active! I do love those Verb bars also...and tried them after seeing one of your posts ;) Thank you for the great product tips and will be chekcing them out!

Lavanda said...

Outdoor exercise is a great way to stay active and enjoy the weather! Running, biking, and walking all offer fantastic benefits.

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

These all look really good. The nutrition bars look amazing and the roll mat is a nice colour

Laura JL Books said...

These products sounds so awesome, and they are the best part of your outside fitness journey. either bike ride takeing a long walk with a friend. so much more.

The Motivated Mom said...

These all sound amazing! I am going to try the bars, they sounds tasty!

Lady In Read said...

i am going to add these to my buy list for our next outdoor trip which is coming up pretty soon

Marysa said...

It is great to have things ready to go to enjoy the outdoors. I'll have to think about getting some of these to make the most of summer.

Beth E said...

Aww, this inspires me so much to be fit! I love Hemp seeds super food beyond protein source!

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