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Friday, July 12, 2024

6 Steps To Smoother Softer Feet For Summer

 Are you embarrassed by your feet? Do your feet have dried and cracked skin? Keep reading to discover a 6-step plan for softer smoother feet. Follow these 6 steps for summer feet that will look great in sandals.

 I have always had troublesome foot problems. I have dry cracked feet with heels that have huge cracks. In the summer my feet are so dry that they hurt and at times even bleed. My feet are so tough that lotion does not even absorb into my skin. My feet are just plain ugly.

 I finally got so fed up with my foot problems, that I had to do something. I needed my feet to not only look nicer but I wanted them to feel better. I wanted soft feet that did not feel like sandpaper. So I did plenty of research and tried my foot treatments for softer feet. I have finally discovered a foot treatment that works and after many years, my feet are soft.

Does this sound like your feet? Are you ready to say goodbye to tough dry cracked feet? You need to try this 6-step foot treatment

Step One ~ Foot Peel Mask

The first step to achieving soft feet is a Foot Peel Mask. You may have seen videos of foot-peeling mask treatments, the ones with skin peeling off the feet. I know that sounds gross but these foot masks really work. The mask is designed to peel the dead skin off your feet, so your feet can have softer new skin. 

The foot peel treatment can take 2 weeks and you might have some ugly-looking feet during the treatment but the end result is so worth it. If you have extremely dry skin or chronic dry feet, you may have to repeat the foot peel mask 1 to 2 more times to get all the dead skin off. So buy the 4 pack of foot peel masks. I had to do 3 separate foot mask treatments to get all the dry skin off my feet.

Foot peel mask tips

+ Leave the foot peel mask on for 2 hours: The instructions say to leave the foot peel on for 1 hour but I have had better results with leaving it on for 2 hours. I did not experience any bad side effects.

+ Soak your feet every day: After you do the foot peel, make sure to soak your feet in warm water for 30 minutes a day for 1-2 weeks. This will help the skin peel better. I love using a massaging foot bath.

+ Do not use lotion on your feet: While you are going through the foot peel treatment process, do not use lotion on your feet. This will slow down the process. Your feet may feel tight and dry but that is part of the foot peeling process. Soaking your feet in water will help with that.

+ Wear socks and shoes when outside the home: Your feet are going to look ugly as the dry skin starts peeling off. So wear socks and shoes to avoid having to explain your feet to people. 

Step 2 Onyx Exfoliating Foot File

The next step for smooth soft feet is using an Exfoliating Foot File. This foot file is your go-to for banishing cracked heels and rough soles, equipped with a 360-degree grit that efficiently sloughs away calluses and dry skin, leaving your feet velvety soft. The unique arched design ensures a perfect fit for your heels, offering targeted exfoliation.

The foot file can be used during your foot peel treatment to help remove the peeling skin. You can also use the foot file after the foot peel is done, to maintain your soft skin. 

Exfoliating Foot File Tips

+ Use the Exfoliating Foot File in the shower: The foot file works better on moist skin.

+ Don't press into feet: Use this tool with a gentle motion and don't press it into the feet. Pressing hard may take off too much skin and make you bleed.

+ Soak your feet before using: This will soften the dead skin and help with exfoliation.

Step 3 Onyx Debris Catching Foot Rasp

This step is for the extra rough dry skin on your heels. The ONYX Professional® Debris Catching Foot Rasp may look like a cheese grater but is made for your feet. This file can be on any rough skin patches or stubborn calluses. It looks like it would hurt to use but it is safe to use on your feet.

The convenient debris catcher catches all the dead skin so you won't have a mess to clean up. Give your feet the smooth, soft finish they deserve

Onyx Debris Catching Foot Rasp Tips

+ Soak your feet: The Onyx Debris Catching Foot Rasp works better on moist feet. So soak and clean the feet with soapy water.

+ Dispose of the skin shavings after use: The back comes off for easy cleaning.

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Step 4 Onyx Cracked Heel Stick

Once you have finished your foot peel treatment phase ( 7-14 days), use the Onyx Cracked Heel Stick. I like to use the moisturizing stick at nighttime while I am in bed. This portable balm is crafted for use on dry, cracked heels and it gives them intense moisture. 

Onyx Cracked Heel Stick Tips

+ Use at bedtime: That way you don't get any balm on your floors.

+ For extra moisture: Put on socks after you apply the balm to lock in the moisture.

+ Rub the heel cream on your feet in the morning: Then put on your socks and shoes. This will give your feet extra treatment for softness.

Step 5 Onyx Foot Rescue Mask

If your feet are sore and swollen, this Epsom Salt treatment will help them feel better. Whether you stand on your feet all day at a job or are traveling, the Onyx Foot Rescue Mask is like a foot bath but better. The foot treatment is in easy-to-use booties that make no mess. The foot Rescue treatment relaxes tired feet while leaving them softer and smoother.

Onyx Foot Rescue Mask Tips

+ Great for pregnant ladies: This mask is perfect for pregnant ladies who have swollen feet.

+ Use before bed: Epsom salt contains magnesium and this supplement helps with relaxation. 

Step 6 Onyx Callus Hero
If after your foot peel treatment, you develop calluses, use the Onyx Callus Hero. This spray is designed to target troublesome rough skin. It contains a Salicylic Acid formula and is easy to use. Like a foot peel, it helps to exfoliate and peel away the dry skin layers.

Onyx Callus Hero Tips

+ Use once a week: This spray is designed to be used once a week to keep your feet soft and smooth.

+ Use a pumice stone: After spraying the Onyx Callus Hero, use a pumice stone on your feet to help exfoliate the dry skin.

6 Steps To Smoother Softer Feet For Summer

It may take a couple of weeks to achieve soft feet but the end result is so worth it. The foot peel mask is the step that takes the longest and the rest of the steps are maintenance steps. After you get the end result of sandal-ready feet, make sure to keep following steps 2-6 as these will help keep your feet looking nice. 

 At the minimum, use the Onyx Exfoliating Foot File once a week on your feet. Also, slather on the cracked heel foot balm several times a week. I like to use the balm on my feet at nighttime. 

If the skin on your feet starts to get dry and cracked again, then use another foot peel. Since I have chronic dry skin on my feet and I like to walk barefoot around the house, I do the foot peel treatment several times a year. 


Laura JL Books said...

It sounds like a great product that I need. It has been along time since I had my toes down.

Lori B said...

I use a foot file for my heels and they work great. It's the same instrument they use when you get a pedicure!

Jess Benoit said...

Your helpful guide is a lifesaver that's easy to follow, ensuring your feet not only look better but feel better too. Perfect for summer foot care!

Jej Miyagishima said...

I'll take one of everything, maybe double on the Foot Peel Mask! My feet get so dry and I need to soften up the heel or exfoliate the stuff off.

Nikki Wayne said...

This is an amazing product for the skin on the feet. This is what many women out there wants to have in their free time to try this one of these. Thanks for sharing this!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

I was just talking to my mum about having beautiful feet all summer long. I am sending her your link now it's perfect.

mail4rosey said...

My daughter had high hopes for a product she spent a fortune on but it didn't really work the way she wanted. I'll put her on to these products and see how they work out for her tootsies. :)

Lavanda Michelle said...

I'm excited to try the foot peel mask and the other steps to get my feet sandal-ready. Appreciate you sharing your research and personal experience!

Melanie Edjourian said...

These are all great tips to get feet summer ready. I exfoliate rarely and it helps.

Marysa said...

I could use this for making my feet look a little better this summer. Thanks for the suggestions as gardening has done a number on my hands and feet.

LisaLisa said...

These are some great tips and I do a lot of them already. I even soak my feet and then Vaseline them sometimes during the day and wear socks to help them stay moisturized.

Lady In Read said...

we love soaking our feet in epsom salt.. it totally helps us

Anamika A Chattopadhyaya said...

Great tips for achieving soft feet! Loved the step-by-step guide and the product recommendations. Perfect timing for summer!

Everything Enchanting ❤️

Unknown said...

My feet need that big time. That would be relaxing, for sure. Going to check those products. -Lynndee

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