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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do Those Travel Sites Like Priceline Save You Money?

I have been busy the last few days planning a trip to Great Lakes, Illinois for my sons Navy boot camp graduation. I love to save money so I checked out all the travel websites to buy my airline,hotel, and car rental. While those sites are great for one stop shopping,they really don't save you money. In fact some of them add on their fee and it costs more. The prices for air fare on sites like Price line,Expedia,and Hotwire to name a few are the same as buying on the airlines website. I found the best deal for hotels on the hotel's website,if I prepaid.The hotel site are great for finding your hotel,but once you do go to the hotel's website to see which site has a better deal. If I added my hotel and airfare together on the travel websites it actually cost me more. The only advantage I found was pairing up airfare and car rental on the travel sites. My car rental was cheaper for me that way. I was renting a mini van and car rental places never have any coupons for those. So it might be a better deal on the rental site,with a coupon,for a economy car. So how did I end up making all my reservations? I found the best deal on Hotwire pairing up my airfare and car rental together. I save about 50.00 that way. I reserved my hotel directly at the hotels website for the best deal. You may love hunting for the best deal so try my way or you may want the easy way so use the travel websites.

Updated 9-25-2012
I am back from my trip and have more advice on those travel sites. I feel it was not worth the 50.00 savings to use Hotwire for travel. Since we booked our plane tickets with them we were not able to choose our seats,we got stuck on the back of the plane both ways. Returing from our trip they were not able to sit all 6 of us together. We did have the little ones next to us but the older kids had to sit away from us and not even together. Next trip I make I will buy my plane tickets directly from the airlines so I can choose my seats. If we need to rent a car I will search for a coupon and book with the car rental place. Also I will look and see what the type of plane we will be flying on,as we were on a smaller one. We did not have any in flight movie or snacks. I feel safer and more comfortable on bigger planes.


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