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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Buy a Belt, Feed A Family

"Product was provided for this post as part of an opportunity with The Brand Connection."

      I love companies that give back and I will support their missions by buying their products.Mission Belt has a mission to help those in need and when you purchase a cool belt from them, you are helping to feed a family. One dollar from every Mission belt sold goes to fight global hunger poverty through micro lending. How cool is that! The box that the belt comes in is pretty cool too. It looks like a mini pizza box and I love the inside saying.

     Mission belts are pretty awesome looking too. They are the revolutionary belts with no holes. They come with cool adjustable buckles that are easy to operate. They are made from genuine leather with synthetic coating and come in many different colors and sizes. The belt buckles are metallic and also come in my different styles and colors. Mission Belts sell much more than belts. They sell hats,tees, gift sets, and even belts for kids.

I just love the way the belt buckle works. As you can see from the above picture, it has notches for the buckle to clip into and it stays secure until you press the button to release it. How cool is that!

  I had originally chose this belt for my husband but when I saw the belt I had second thoughts. When I ordered the belt I thought they were just for guys but once the belt arrived I realized these belts are great for girls too. They even sell belts in pink and purple. I need to order the purple one as it is so cool looking. I will order a purple one and give the belt pictured to my husband. I am just going to borrow his belt for the night and then give it back.

  Tonight is my 14 year old sons birthday, he is now 15, and we are going out to eat at a BBQ restaurant for dinner. The black Mission belt with the Iron buckle just looks great with the outfit I chose for the night. This cool looking belt fits the belt loops of my jeans and compliments my leopard jacket. Don't my leopard boots look awesome with my outfit too?

INFO About

  Mission Belt Co--the unique and revolutionary no-holes leather belt  
company that gives back.

   A little more about the company: We wear belts everyday and yet they  
still remain an afterthought lost in the world of accessories. Mission  
Belt Co is concerned solely about belts. Not only do the belts look  
great, fit perfect, but on top of everything, when you buy a Mission  
Belt you are also becoming a part of a great philanthropic effort or  
as we like to call it, “The Mission.” Here at Mission Belt Co, we  
don’t just want our customers to look good - we want them to feel good  
too. That’s why a dollar from every belt sold goes to fight global  
hunger and poverty. To date, over 8,500 Kiva (peer-to-peer micro lending) micro loans have been funded from the sales of Mission Belts.






Kori at Home said...

That is a great cause to give back to! First I've heard of it.

Jamie said...

You go belt model!! ha/ha My husband loved the one I got him - my review is at http://tigerstrypes.com/mission-belt/ Really loved working with this company!

Melissa said...

I never wear belts anymore, but the buckle looks just like the kind my hubs loves. Even better that families are benefiting from these belts!

Olivia Douglass said...

Wow- this is awesome! What an easy way to give back by getting something you can use!

Grace Hodgin said...

I really think that having a feature with no holes and an adjustable buckle is great. My husband fluctuates in his weight from time to time so this would be an ideal feature.

Yona Williams said...

The belt does look very cool. I like the notches...and that they are for a good cause!

KouponGirl said...

I have never heard of Mission Belts b4! I really enjoyed reading your post today! It's really nice the company "Gives Back" (Feeding A Family). Awesome!

Uplifting Families said...

This looks like a great belt. I also love that they give back to help others.

ReviewsSheRote said...

Finding a great belt is a task in itself...and one that supports a great cause is BEYOND GREAT!!!

Linda A Kinsman said...

I just learned of the Mission Belt company myself, so I appreciate your review of the belt and the company.

Femme Fitale Fit Club said...

Those look pretty awesome. Sort of remind me of Navy belts from back in the day.

rachel ferrucci said...

Tara love that pic of you! You look like a model

Evie Anderson said...
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