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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Venture Kits Treats To-Go

 I love toys that teach my kids. I discovered these cool kits that teach kids how to be an entrepreneur. These fun kits give your children life skills while providing them an activity that allows them to earn some money. When I presented this kit to my younger boys, the younger one got excited about being able to make something and then sell it to earn some money. He could not wait to check out the contents in the kit. We received the Treats To Go kit and it included everything that my boys needed to start a business selling some treats. I liked that the kit had detailed step by step instructions on things like finding customers, taking orders, setting the price, and even recipes. My boys and I chose to make some delicious chocolate covered pretzels. The boys decided that they would sell them to friends at church.

ProductVK Venture kits
Website (URL): http://www.venturekits.com/          

Category:  Educational Toys
Description: Venture Kits turn little ones into real entrepreneurs through experiential learning and hands-on, screens-off play. Our expanding line of entrepreneur-designed, kid-tested business starter kits teach kids valuable business lessons, cleverly masked in fun. From Lemonade Stands and Babysitting to Online Magazines and E­commerce Stores, kids will become real life entrepreneurs and CEOs, creating real products, offering real services, finding real investors, and earning real profits. Venture Kits' unique step by step guide - our Venture Plan - will give them the confidence and know-how to succeed. Venture Kits. Because the next generation of CEOs is sitting right in our living rooms, probably watching 



Buzz4Mommies said...

How cool is this! I taught them about making the treats and selling them. I love stuff like this!

Ellen said...

Very neat. Looks like they had a great time making them!

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