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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

8 Gift Items Your Husband Actually Wants

  You know your husband better than anyone and you love him more than you ever thought was possible. Then, why is it so darn hard to find a gift he’d actually love and use? Yes, we know he could use a couple new pairs of socks and maybe a new tie to add to his collection. Picking up those things are part of a chores list, not part of your potential gifts list for the love of your life!

  Don’t worry, I’ve got your shopping list taken care of this holiday season. Here’s a list of 12 gifts your husband actually wants:

For the Active Husband

Workout Shirts
 Make sure your hubby knows you support him through all his fitness goals with these awesome pattern-revealing shirts. When your husband sweats after a long workout or a run through the neighborhood, he’ll look down and see an encouraging message on his shirt that only comes through when he breaks a sweat. He’ll know you’re always thinking about him and he’ll be motivated to go the extra mile for his personal health.

Running Shoes
 No active lifestyle is complete without a pair of amazing running shoes. Make sure you know your husband's needs and preferences when it comes to working out - whether he is a casual jogger or an organized athlete. With this information in mind, look around at sites such as Fast Sole, which offer good quality sizes and styles of sneakers. Consider any customization options too if you want to personalize the gift further, such as adding his name or initials on it. Get your husband the best running shoes for men that the market has to offer. Make sure they’re stylish and match his personality. He deserves to look as good as he feels! Also, be sure to look for a pair that supports his feet as much as you support his goals so he can hit the ground running into the new year.

Climate-Appropriate Inserts
 If your husband loves the outdoors, make sure he’s protected from the sun and heat. These cool sweat wicking inserts fit right into your hubby’s favorite hat so that he can focus on that big hike he’s been dreaming about instead sitting on the sidelines to deal with his stinging eyes. From fishing to riding his bike, to enjoying a walk through the forest, these inserts make sure your husband can tackle it all and protect his eyes at the same time.

For the Jet-Setting Husband

Handheld Luggage Scale
 Your husband loves to travel and hates hidden fees—who doesn’t? Make sure he never has to pay extra for oversized luggage with this handheld luggage scale. He can bring it with him on business trips or even use it to take you on the second honeymoon you deserve. Now, he has everything under control and can use the money he saves on a little something special (for himself or for you!).

Noise-Canceling Headphones
 It’s hard enough not having him at home, but what about when you want to give him a call and he can’t hear you on the other end? Give him a pair of Bose QuietControl30 earbuds, the top noise-canceling headphones of the year, so you can talk no matter how noisy the world around him gets. He’ll also appreciate being able to listen to music or a podcast while he travels without being bothered by a noisy neighbor.

For the Foodie Husband

Beer Caddy
 Your husband is a total beer guy. Get him an upscale beer caddy so he can take his favorite brew anywhere, from the lake to the golf course. This insulated caddy will keep his beer cold for hours. Is your hubby a little forgetful, too? Don’t worry, it comes with a built-in bottle opener. As I’m sure your husband has wondered to himself, what good is a closed beer?

French Press
 There’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Buy your husband a beautiful new French Press that he’s sure to obsess over. To give him the complete coffee lover’s package, including a package of gourmet coffee grounds, too. Who knows, maybe you can convince him to bring you coffee in bed to test out his favorite new gift.

New Year, New Grill
 Grilling is your husband’s true passion. Stoke his nostalgia with a classic charcoal Weber grill. Get him one for Christmas so he has enough time to practice before summer. With this gift, you’ll fill the air with that yummy charcoal smell and throw the best BBQs in the neighborhood.

He'll Love It

 Finding the perfect gift for your husband isn’t always easy but hopefully these tips I put together will help the process. Regardless, whatever you’re gifting him is coming from you—from love—and he’s going to adore it. 


geometry dash said...

Now, he has everything under control and can use the money he saves on a little something special (for himself or for you!)...

Simeon said...

I am kind of active man and like kayaking, fishing and outdoors. I really like your list of gifts and I think every active man will like them. Of course, the most suitable gift depends on the hobbies :) I will always warmly welcome a new fishing rod or new kayak :)

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