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Monday, November 11, 2019

13 Super Fun Holiday Gift Ideas For Tweens & Teens

The best gift ideas for tween boys and girls

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  Do you have a tween boy or girl on your holiday gift shopping list? Christmas gifts can be hard to buy for tweens as they are at that age where they still love toys but also are starting to think that they are too old for toys. Let me tell you it is perfectly fine for tweens to still play with toys. Tweens are also loving electronic items more. So whether you are shopping for a girl or boy, Mom Knows Best has selected some unique awesome gifts that tween kids are going to love. These holiday gift ideas were tested by my two boys who are 11 and 12 years old and they gave them all 2 thumbs up. These are toys and products that my boys would love to receive under the Christmas tree or from Santa. My boys both agreed that these would make the best presents for kids who are in elementary school and middle school. So check out my holiday gift list for tween boys and girls. Happy shopping!

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1. Gumball Machine Maker

 Tweens can build their own gumball machines and learn physics lessons in the process. A turn of a handle dispenses one gumball at a time out of the clear storage globe and down the track. As the gumballs roll down the track, they perform cool stunts and tricks. Stunts include a pulley lift, pendulum, funnel, trampoline, variable-slope ramp, pinball launcher, and domino slide. Each segment of the track teaches a different lesson in mechanical physics, allowing users to explore topics including simple machines, force, motion, momentum, gravity, Newton’s laws, energy transfer, and more. Trial-and-error experiments teach in a fun, hands-on way.

 My boys were excited about this toy. My younger son could not wait to build this Gumball Machine and of course chew some bubble gum. This Gumball Machine Maker resembles an exhibit that the boys love to interact with at the children's museum. I loved that they could customize this gumball machine in many different ways.
Gumball Machine Maker AGES 6+ MSRP: $39.95 Click here to purchase  

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2. Keike Ukuleles

 The word “KeiKi” is Hawaiian for “little one” and KeiKi Ukuleles are designed for kids of all ages to learn to pluck, strum, and play along to their favorite songs! Most tweens are into music and love playing musical instruments. This tiny stringed instrument may just lead to a career in music or just some great fun.

 Musicians and music teachers have noted that the learning curve for the ukulele is much easier than that of the guitar. Within a few days of practice, kids can start making music and playing songs. The tension of the strings is lower on the ukulele, and there are fewer strings to manage, making it easier for beginners to play! Whether a beginner or a master musician, this small instrument is sure to rev up free time in a delightful way! It comes with a digital tuner, carry case, strap, guidebook, and even some fun retro stickers! Choose from four colors: Sandalwood, Sunset Red, Seafoam Green, and Pacific Blue.

 My boys had so much fun making some music on this little instrument. I loved the way this ukulele looks so tropical and how it reminds me of Hawaii. The color even matches my new renovated rooms so I let the boys store it in the family room.
KeiKi Ukuleles • Ages 5+ • MSRP: $29.95 Click here to purchase

3. Moosh-Moosh Plushy

 Who can resist hugging a soft Moosh-Moosh plushy pillow? These adorable soft cuddle buddies arrived under the Christmas tree last year and were a favorite for both my tween boys and my grandbaby. This year Moosh-Moosh has added some new unique fun items to their product line of soft pillow creatures. My favorite is the Moosh-Moosh Flashlights as these are a soft way for kids to have a flashlight at night so they can easily find their way to the bathroom or use when they get scared in the middle of the night. A press of a button on the Moosh-Moosh's ear activates the flashlight.

 My boys loved the new Moosh-Moosh Banks as it makes a fun sound when they dropped their coins into it. The Moosh-Moosh Plushy Skwishys are so soft and squishy. These small ball-shaped toys are super slow rise squishy plush that you won’t be able to put down! They even have a nice scent of chocolate!

Of course, Moosh Moosh plushies still come in the original designs available in 3 different sizes and the new items also come in the original designs so kids can mix or match the plushies. Look for these new Moosh-Moosh at Staples, Walgreens and CVS stores, to name-drop a few outlets for these irresistibly soft accessories.
 Moosh-Moosh • Ages 3+ • MSRP: $5.99 and up  Check them out Here

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4. Razor Phase Two Pro Scooter Radtke

 Scooters are always so much fun to ride and they provide some great exercise for kids. The Razor Phase Two Pro Scooter Radtke scooter designed for off-road fun and would make an awesome gift for both boys and girls. My boys love Razor scooters and own several of them. The best about scooters after the crazy fun is not having to worry about flat tires like you do with a bicycle. This durable scooter is built to handle a variety of riding styles and is design and tested by John Radtke. My boys think the scooter is cool and has a killer look.

 The Phase Two Pro Scooter Radtke has some awesome features like a Die-cast aluminum spring brake cartridge that has a push-down feature. The scooter deck also has an awesome looking cool-kid design that my tween loved. This is a dual-purpose scooter that can be also used on the sidewalk making it the best transportation for tweens. My boys enjoy using this awesome scooter at the skateboard park near our home and they also use their scooters when they go to places like the store or a friend's house.
  Razor Phase Two Pro Scooter Radtke • Ages 12+ • MSRP: $299.99  Click Here to purchase

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5. Spirograph

 Many of us probably remember making cool designs with the Spirograph® and have fond memories of drawing circles. This commemorative edition Spirograph® set is a reproduction of the original—just like you remember—featuring throwback packaging and retro graphics! With all the iconic wheels and rings of the original, the precision-engineered Spirograph® gears work with the 3 design pens included, as well as with most standard pens, markers, and pencils. My boys were excited to grab their color pencils and start making cool designs. I was in awe that my boys were having fun without having to be on an electronic device. This art set would be great for those long car rides and more!
Spirograph Age range: 8+ MSRP: $19.99 Where to Buy: Amazon.com

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 Who doesn’t remember making shadow puppets as a kid? CINEMOOD is the portable projector that turns any surface into a magical cinema or puppet theatre! So you can create your own movie theater anywhere. This smart mini projector creates a screen up to 12-feet and the best part no wall outlet is needed. The CINEMOOD has up to 5 hours on its rechargeable battery. That makes it perfect for car rides, airplane trips summer movie nights, and even camping trips.

 This cool movie theater device even includes a digital library of 40 Disney e-books and 25 short safety videos and cartoons (does NOT include full-length Disney movies). To enjoy more movies you can stream from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, AmebaTV, YouTube, and YouTube Kid. You can even download from Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos directly on CINEMOOD to enjoy anywhere, without WiFi.

 However, you can try other projectors, as well as there, are various projectors available in the market but which one to choose, this is a real tricky question. To get the best experience, try buying a projector that offers quality with unlimited features. Just like Prima Projector. Prima is equipped with the latest technology that casts a cinema-quality video with a 200-inch projection from a gadget the size of an iPhone. Thin, light, and versatile, Prima is your ultimate multimedia companion in a form of the best smart wifi projector.

 My boys had fun watching their favorite Youtube videos on their dark bedroom wall with the CINEMOOD. My husband already has plans to bring the CINEMOOD on their next camping trip. How cool would it be to watch a movie on a tent while sitting around a campfire in the woods?
CINEMOOD Age Range: All Ages MSRP: $399.99(device) Click Here to purchase on Amazon

7. Loog Mini Guitar

 The Loog Mini Guitar is an ideal first guitar for little ones. Small, fun and cute, but it's not a toy: it's a real instrument, made out of real wood, that projects a sweet, beautiful sound that's just unbelievable for a guitar of this size and price. When you get a Loog, you get more than just a guitar; you get an instrument bundled with an app that has everything you need to start playing songs: video lessons, a tuner and even a digital songbook so you can learn guitar by playing songs (Beatles, Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more).

 This 3-string Loog Mini guitar comes in many colors like Red, Green, Black, Pink, White, and Yellow. This was my boy's first time playing the guitar and I enjoyed listening to them learning how to play it. The digital songbook made it easy for the boys to start playing music. Who knows maybe they might just be able to play some of dad's favorite songs that he loves to listen to on the radio.
Loog Mini Guitar • Ages 3+ • MSRP: $79, Buy on Amazon

8. Loog Pro Electric Guitar

 The Loog Pro Electric guitar is the perfect size for kids ages 8+ and has a solid wood body, maple neck, perfect intonation and low string action for enhanced playability. This guitar is fully assembled and ready to play. It is designed for kids but good enough for pros to play music on. The Loog guitar even comes with a mini amp and cable!

 The accompanying app on the Loog Pro Electric guitar will get have kids playing songs -not just scales or exercises- right from day one. With Loog, kids and beginners are playing, learning and having fun from the very beginning, acquiring skills that stay with them forever.
Loog Pro Electric Guitar • Ages 8+ • MSRP: $198.99, Buy on Amazon 

9. Buttheads Fart Launcher

 Get ready to make a BIG stink with the Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000. This bad boy launcher is silent but stinky, and lets you blast “real” fart smells up to 10 feet away! This launcher is best used in well-ventilated areas, or outdoors, but will not leave a lasting stank in more enclosed areas. The scent canister includes 100+ rounds of farty blasts and is made with 100% plant-based material that dissipates in minutes! It’s time to REEK havoc and let 'er rip!

 My boys are still into thinking farting is funny and had a blast making real fart smells. I was glad that the fart scent was 100% plant-based and the smell only lasted a few minutes as the boys had way too much fun sneaking up on me and launching the farty blasts into the family room.
Buttheads Fart Launcher • Ages 5+ • MSRP: $19.99  Click Here to purchase

10. Drinkmate Countertop Drink Maker

The Drinkmate Countertop Drink Maker is the first and only carbonation system that can carbonate any beverage. This fun machine creates fun drinks and is perfect for holiday get-togethers. You can add sparkling bubbles to any liquid of your choice. Liquids like water, juices, iced tea or coffee, wine, cocktails, mocktails, and even flat soda or beer. This drink maker needs no batteries or electricity and does not take up much space. This drink maker is a gift that is eco-friendly as it includes a reusable bottle and it will also save money as you can stop buying all those bottled drinks at the store.

 My boys had fun adding bubbles to juice and water. They made deliciously flavored sparkling water with the Drinkmate. The machine was super easy to assemble and it has been helping my boys drink more water as they love the bubbles in their drinks. This item would also make a great gift in a stocking or under the tree! Available in three modern colors: Royal red, Matte black and Ivory white.
Available: Amazon 

11. Emoji-Notes Color & Shine 

The Emoji-Notes Color & Shine kits allow you to color your nightlight and write your own messages. When you’re ready for a change, wipe it clean and color it again.  This is a light-up message board, night light, and craft kit all in one. Thes fun to draw on light-up message board is available in fun designs like ice cream cones, cupcakes, donuts, and more.

 I had fun coloring this night-light in and then seeing my creation light up. It was super easy to wipe clean so my boys could have fun coloring the ice cream cone. I love that this light runs on a battery or by USB cord. It comes with several markers.
Available: Continuum Games  

12. Made By Me Window Art 

 Unleash your creativity and transform your windows into works of art with Made By Me Window Art! With 12 suncatcher shapes, 8 vibrant window paints and an acetate sheet to create personalized window clings, this kit makes for the perfect rainy-day craft or group activity. When you're finished painting sun catchers, trace the illustrations from the included design booklet onto the acetate sheet, or create your own unique designs. Display your colorful suncatcher creations using the included cording and mini suction cups which attach to windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.
Available: Amazon 

13. KidiGo™ Walkie Talkies

 Add excitement to any adventure with the KidiGo™ Walkie Talkies. Keep in touch anywhere with these kid-safe, two-way radios featuring a digital connection that's clear and keeps kids’ conversations secure, preventing other walkie-talkie users from listening in or chatting with them. Children can also send messages back and forth by choosing from preset animated messages using the large, backlit LCD screen. The walkie talkies also include four two-player games for real-time gaming between devices.

 My boys had fun with these walkie talkies. They loved communicating with each other and sending messages. These will be great for outdoor and indoor adventures.
Available: Amazon 

Which holiday gift is your favorite Christmas gift?


Marie at Complete Literature said...

I have kids ranging in age from 8-28 and grandkids that range in age from 11 months to 6. Every single stage of life! I can use these suggestions for all age ranges. Thank you for putting this together!

Liz Mays said...

The Cinemood sounds awesome for traveling and I definitely like that you can project it wherever you want. Definitely a great gift idea!

Stacie said...

I have a lot of kids to buy for, and you just helped me knock out so many gifts. That is a big gift for ME!

AiringMyLaundry said...

What fun ideas. I think my kids would crack up over the fart launcher. They'd also like the scooter!

christinea said...

Definetly going to get the Cinemood for my nephew. Great post.

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My kids would love the gumball machine maker so much! I could see them wanting to keep it filled all the time.

Marcie W. said...

These are all awesome gift ideas! My son would go crazy over the fart launcher for sure.

Wren LaPorte said...

These are great gifts for the tweens I know! Unique stuff for them that I think they all would love!

Kathy said...

These all look like some amazing gifts. I see so many that my kids would really love. We have a lot of the Moosh-Moosh plushies and my kids really love them.

Gust si Aroma said...

I am so curious to find out more about CINEMOOD! Sounds cool and perfect for a teenager!

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I remember wanting something like the spirograph when I was younger. It would be so fun to play with it!

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Am I a child? Because they make me crazy too! I want!

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These ideas are so great. I can find something in here for myself too :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh these are all so fun! I love the ukulele! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Joanna said...

I think the projector is a fantastic idea as a gift. It is small enough to be carried and it can provide so many moments of entertainment for teens and their friends.

Nyxie said...

Love these ideas and I'm seeing plenty that would suit my neices! The guitar being one!

Sudipta said...

These are such amazing gifting ideas. Thank you so very much. My shopping for upcoming festivities has become easier.

Philomath said...

The pillows are so cute and I think it would be really cool Christmas gifts for even teens.

Kita Bryant said...

These are all super fun ideas! Loving the guitar and scooter! I sure wish my kids were young enough to want this stuff!

F-P said...

I like that ukelele.
Its great for kids to start getting musical at a young age.
I do miss the skateboard in thw list

Candace Hampton said...

These are wonderful tips! I remember having several of these when I was a kid. I remember getting a guitar. I loved it but I never learn how to play it. Lol

Unknown said...

OMG. I teach a bunch of tweens and they LOVE those plushys. I have to admit they do feel and smell really nice! Haha!

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