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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Best Birthday Gifts For Preschool Children

 Looking for a birthday gift for a preschool child? Check out my favorite birthday gifts for my soon-to-be three-year-old granddaughter.

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  It is hard to believe that my first grandchild is going to be celebrating her third birthday in a couple of weeks. It seems like yesterday that my first grandbaby was born and I wrote about becoming a grandma for the first time. My granddaughter is growing up too quickly. I wish that I could stop time and keep her little but that is not going to happen. So I will enjoy her and look forward to more grandbabies. I will also remember the day she was born, every time I snuggle with my soft sherpa photo blanket. Maybe that is why I have five kids, so I will be able to enjoy lots of grandchildren.

Last year my daughter had another baby, who just celebrated her first birthday. So now I have 2 beautiful granddaughters. If you would like to see some gift suggestions for a baby's first birthday, head over to this article about best presents for one-year-old babies. So now that my granddaughter will be having a birthday party, this grandma selected some awesome gifts for preschoolers. These are birthday gifts that I knew would be perfect for a child who is three.

My favorite birthday gifts for preschoolers

 I write about toys on my website. So I always have brands who want me to review their toys. I also recently attended an online toy fair, so I have lots of opportunities to check out toys. When I attend the toy fair, I always get a huge box of toys. This year I had my grandbabies help me do an unboxing video of the box of toys. You can see the video of my grandbabies opening the toy box HERE.

 So being that I have a lot of toys to select from, I carefully choose the toys that would be best for my grandbabies. Sometimes, I simply select the toys based on ones that I want to check out. My grandbabies have plenty of toys so I chose toys that I think they would enjoy. So here is my list of toys that my preschooler granddaughter will be receiving for her birthday.

Make-A-Fort Kits

 Raise your hand if you’ve ever positioned the couch pillows on the floor to become walls topped by a roof of blankets. Suddenly there’s a secret entrance to crawl through. There’s something magical about an indoor fort that brings joy to every child. 

I remember the fun that my boys had making forts. My boys would use plastic storage containers, pillows, and every blanket and sheet in the closet. The fort would take up their entire bedroom. Then my boys would sleep in their fort. The fort would stay up for days.

Make-A-Fort Kits makes it so easy for kids to build a play fort. Parents will never hear “I’m bored” while the kids are home for the summer once you show them the Make-A-Fort Build Kit. Open up and unpack 18 sturdy cardboard panels, 10 braces, 80 connectors, and a handy carrying case. What happens next is totally up to the imagination of each child. A maze? A mansion? An igloo? Whatever they design, feel good about them playing inside for hours of their just-built creation. Kids of all ages will quickly forget about any amusements needing a gadget, cord, or Wi-Fi!

 Make-A-Fort building kits allow solo or sibling play to create incredible structures with or without a parent’s help. Each adventure with Make-A-Fort raises the critical thinking, social, and leadership skills of a child. Suddenly everyone is free to daydream and just, be a kid! How durable are these forts? Each panel is over six times stronger than typical shipping box cardboard. There’s nothing flimsy here.

 I love how sturdy the Make-A-Fort kit is. Kids don't have to worry about this fort falling down. The best part about the fort kit is kids can design the fort into many different styles. When the play is done, the fort pieces store away for the next fort adventure. All Make-A-Fort kits boast heavy-duty corrugated cardboard that is strong, durable, and eco-friendly. 

Purchase the Make-A-Fort Kits HERE and on Amazon 

BubbleLick Bubbles

 Little kids love bubbles. Little kids love blowing bubbles, catching bubbles, and eating bubbles. You know the scene, you hand your preschooler a container of bubbles and a bubble wand. Then the child sticks the bubble wand in their mouth, only to discover that the bubble solution tastes nasty.

BubbleLick™ Bubbles has solved the age-old problem of kids eating bubbles. This bubble company just launched their newest bubble creation, BubbleLick, the world's first lickable, flavored bubbles! Each BubbleLick party pack comes with four tasty flavors Carnival Cotton Candy, Watermelon Splash, Glazed Cinnamon Roll, and Milk Chocolate Chip. Finally, a bubble solution that kids can safely eat.

So now kids of all ages can catch bubbles in their mouths and enjoy the taste. These flavored bubbles are safe for kids, lickable, and sensory-driven. The bubble containers are so colorful and the bubble solution is made from ingredients that are safe for kids to ingest. So no more having to tell your child to stop eating the bubbles. Give kids or your friends the ultimate safe, sensory experience with loads of fun with a BubbleLick™ Party Pack! 

Purchase BubbleLick Bubbles HERE 

Nuk Tableware

Your preschooler child is learning how to feed themselves by using a fork and spoon. So keep encouraging your child to eat their meals without your assistance with some new plates, cups, and utensils. Give them a gift of tableware that is made for preschoolers and comes in cute colors. Little kids will love having new dishes that are just for them.

 NUK sent me this cute picnic basket filled with dishes for little kids. The tableware set includes plates, bowls, cups, and utensils in bright colors. The dishes are made for little kids and I love that the plates have sections on them to keep them in place. So the plates won't move when kids are trying to get the food out of them. The cups have leak-proof lids as preschoolers still make messes. The bowls and plates have lids so you can take the food on the go or store leftovers for later.

Purchase Nuk Tableware on Amazon

Jelly Belly Gum

 It is not a birthday unless there is candy. Jelly Belly Gum is perfect for a present or in birthday party gift bags. Jelly Belly is known for its delicious jelly beans. So who better to have chewing gum that kids will love. The best part of this gum after its awesome flavor is the gum is sugar-free. So it is a perfect gum for kids. The gum features four different Jelly Belly iconic flavors – Very Cherry, Watermelon, Berry Blue, and Island Punch!

My teen boys, of course, had to sample some of the Jelly Belly gum and they said it was delicious. The pieces of gum taste like Jelly Belly jelly beans and I just love the speckled colors. The Jelly Belly gum can be found at Dollar General, Party City, and Speedway stores.

Magformers Cube House Frog Set

This 20-piece set includes new character pieces – a child in a frog onesie, with a hat that can be swapped for a seal one. The set makes a variety of different mini houses using the magnetic window square, four standard squares, two triangles, a sector, and two arches, while extra accessories include three floor inserts, two windows, a chair, picture and a slide. This amazing roleplay set features Magformers’ Rotating Magnets System, where small magnets safely sealed in every edge of the magnetic pieces actually spin, so they always connect. 

My granddaughter has played with Magformers at my house and has enjoyed snapping the magnet pieces together. Now that she will be three, she can safely have her own set at her house. I love that the Magformer sets can be used together. So kids can build bigger sets and use their imagination to be creative beyond the picture on the box.

Purchase Magformers on Amazon

Magformers Cube House Penguin Set

 This 20-piece set includes a brand new character – a cute kid in a penguin onesie, with a hat that can be swapped for a bear one. The set makes a variety of different mini houses using the magnetic window square, five standard squares, floor and wall pieces, a tricycle, and a table. This amazing roleplay set features Magformers’ Rotating Magnets System, where small magnets safely sealed in every edge of the magnetic pieces actually spin, so they always connect. 

Purchase Magformers on Amazon

 So those are the gifts that I selected for presents for my granddaughter. These birthday gifts are perfect for preschoolers and older kids. I am excited about my granddaughter's birthday party. It will be a happy birthday for her.



AiringMyLaundry said...

These do look like some awesome gift ideas for small kids! I am intrigued by the jelly belly gum.

Tasheena said...

These are all really great gift ideas, thanks for sharing this list.

Edohpa said...

I have a couple nieces and nephews who would have a blast with any of these gifts. That fort making kit looks awesome!

MamaLad said...

We have the Make-A-Fort kit and it's awesome! It would make such a great gift.

Vanessa said...

These are so great! I would do a combo with some of them. I'm thinking forts with jelly belly gum!

Richelle Escat Milar said...

Everything in here is so cute and perfect to give as a gift for preschoolers. I'm amazed at Make-a-Fort Kit, it so great!

Rose Ann Sales said...

Great ideas, I think my niece will love the jelly belly gum.

Scarlett Brooklyn said...

Any kid would love the " Make a fort" box. It's so fun for them to make a house inside a house hahaah

Lyanna Soria said...

Those are all wonderful selection of items to choose from as birthday gift ideas. I would love to check out that Make-A-Fort Kits, I'm sure my kids would enjoy this.

Ivan Jose | Dad On The Move said...

Those are perfect gift ideas this back to the school season. In fact, I have some items that I like for myself.

Sol said...

These are great gift ideas for preschoolers, they will love this for sure!

Louisa said...

These are really good gift ideas for kids. Especially for preschoolers. Nice one!

Lynndee said...

The tableware is so adorable. I remember having something similar when I was little. -LYNNDEE

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