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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Wildgrain Is The Best Subscription For Simple Homemade Italian Meals

Do you love homemade Italian meals but lack the time and energy to cook? Skip the Italian restaurant and discover an amazing subscription box that helps you make a delicious home Italian meal in under 30 minutes.

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 Sunday is family meal day at my house. It is the day that everyone is able to come together for a meal. Sunday is also a day for relaxing and spending time with my family. My family used to head to a restaurant after church on Sunday but with rising costs of gas and other items, we are now eating meals at home. The last time we went out to eat at a quick-serve restaurant, it cost us $80! Getting take-out pizza was not any better as the prices there have gone up as well. Eating out is now a luxury item for my family.

 Sunday is my day off from the kitchen and the last thing that I want to do is cook a complete from scratch meal. While my husband is willing to help cook Sunday lunch, he can be quite messy in the kitchen and his meals tend to take too long to cook. When we get home from church we are hungry and don't want to wait more than 30 minutes to eat. So I have learned to be creative in the kitchen with quick and easy meals. I have been using the slow cooker to make homemade tamales that are ready to eat when we get home from church. That way all I have to do is heat up a can of refried beans and warm up the rice that I made the night before in the pressure cooker.  I have also discovered a way to make a homemade Italian meal, that includes fresh-baked sourdough bread, fresh pasta, and homemade chocolate pastries, in less than 30 minutes.

Wildgrain: Best Subscription For Simple Homemade Italian Meals

 I have discovered a way to have a homemade pasta meal, that tastes better than the Italian restaurant, that also does not make a mess in the kitchen. I am talking about fresh noodles, not the hard pasta in a box. I am talking about fresh from the oven sourdough bread, none of that stale grocery store bread. I am also talking about chocolate pastries with gooey chocolate that are baked in the oven. I also do not spend any time in the kitchen the day before baking to make this simple, yet delicious meal for my Sunday dinner.

 I discovered the best-kept secret to real homemade sourdough bread and fresh pasta. It starts with a Wildgrain Sourdough Bread box subscription. When you subscribe to the best homemade sourdough bread subscription, you get a delivery of a huge bread box that contains several loaves of ready-to-bake sourdough bread and so much more. This box of homemade food contains almost everything that you need to make an Italian dinner in under 30 minutes!

~ coupon expires 8/31/2022

Wildgrain is homemade bread, pasta, & pastries without the work

 I discovered Wildgrain earlier this year and my family has agreed that this sourdough bread is the best homemade bread. Head here to see my earlier review of Wildgrain Sourdough Bread subscription. What I really love about Wildgrain, after the delicious taste, is being able to stock my freezer with homemade loaves of sourdough bread and fresh pasta that is ready to cook.  Every month, I get a huge box delivered to my home from Wildgrain. The bread box from Wildgrain usually contains 4 loaves of par-baked sourdough bread, 2 containers of fresh pasta, and a ready-to-bake pastry item.

 Then when I want to make a quick and easy pasta meal, all I have to do is grab the Wildgrain subscription items from my freezer along with food items that I always have on hand. I turn on the oven and boil a pot of water. Just look at the easy steps for a quick delicious meal.

+ 1. Turn on the oven and place the Wildgrain sourdough bread on a cooking sheet. Bake bread for 25 minutes.

+ 2. Place Wildgrain pastry on a baking sheet and place in the oven. Cook according to directions on the package.

+ 3. Boil water in a large pot and add Wildgrain fresh pasta. Cook pasta in less than 20 minutes.

+ 4. Grab a jar of pasta sauce from the pantry and pour it into a glass dish. Heat in microwave for several minutes. Or grab sun-dried oven-roasted tomatoes from the freezer.

+ 5. Have kids set the table with the best tableware and grab items like butter and parmesan cheese.

+ 6. Dinner is ready in less than 30 minutes

 That is how simple it is to make a delicious homemade pasta dinner. While my family does not eat meat with our dinner, you could add some to your meal. Just keep ready to heat chicken in your freezer or frozen fish. Then all you have to do is grill the fish or chicken on an indoor grill while the sourdough bread is baking. You can also add some frozen vegetables to the pasta dinner or canned green beans. When I have fresh tomatoes from my garden, I like to add roasted tomatoes in the air fryer to my pasta instead of pasta sauce.

~ coupon expires 8/31/2022

A Wildgrain Subscription Sourdough Bread Box Is Affordable

 If you have not checked out the website for Wildgrain Homemade Bread Subscription, then you need to do so right now! You will discover how you can get free rolls for life, with your monthly Wildgrain bread subscription. You will also see how the Wildgrain subscription for sourdough bread works. 

The price may seem like a lot but when you consider what is included in the subscription plan and how this bread box will save you money, you will quickly sign up. Having these homemade bread and pasta items in your freezer will keep you from ordering expensive takeout or visiting an expensive Italian restaurant.

 The cost of the sourdough bread is very comparable to a loaf of sourdough bread that you can buy from a local bakery. I just checked my local bakery and a small loaf of sourdough bread is $7.50. Add the cost of gas to get to the bakery and the other items that you will splurge on. Then consider the fact that you have to get to the bakery early in the morning before they run out of bread. The cost at the local bakery will cost more as you know that you can't resist those fresh pastries. Right now, with my special coupon MOMKNOWSBEST30,  you can take $30 off your first box of bread/pasta/pastries. That makes each loaf of sourdough bread less than $7.50!

Wildgrain bread box means having fresh healthy bread any time of day

 If you have a craving for fresh-baked bread at midnight, having Wildgrain sourdough bread in your freezer means you can satisfy your carb craving in less than 30 minutes. The carbs from Wildgrain sourdough bread are healthy carbs. The sourdough bread is made from clean high-quality ingredients that have benefits like less gluten in the bread. 

Wildgrain uses a fermented sourdough starter when they bake their bread. This fermented starter contains yeast and good bacteria. These good bacteria then will digest the majority of the gluten in the bread which means less gluten in the bread. The starter also has prebiotics which helps keep your gut biome healthy. 

So treat your family to the best fresh-baked sourdough bread and healthy home-cooked meals. Order your Wildgrain Sourdough Bread subscription now! 
 coupon expires 8/31/2022


Beth said...

This food looks amazing! I definitely have to give Wildgrain a try. It's exactly the kind of thing I love.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Oh yum, you had me at bread. I will have to try this out for sure. Everything looks incredible.

Forever My Little Moon said...

I love italian food! I will have to try out this subscription box!

Edohpa said...

This subscription service sounds delicious. I would love to receive italian food directly to my home!

Tami Creates said...

Oh wow, I've never heard of this but it looks amazing!

Lavanda Michelle said...

Oh my, Wildgrain is defenitly worth the try!

Gust si Aroma said...

My whole family goes crazy over Italian food so Wildgrain is perfect for us!

SimplyTasheena said...

This looks like a pretty amazing subscription service, I would love to give them a try.

Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers said...

I've never heard of Wild Grain until today. The food looks delicious. My son loves italian food especially spaghetti and chicken scampi.

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