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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER Is About The Power Of Prayer + Giveaway

 Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. My opinions are 100% my own.

MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER is a powerful film based on the true story of a high schooler & the power of prayer!

 Life is not always easy. MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER is a powerful film that shows how life can go from good to bad in an instant. This film on Netflix shows how prayer and the support of a community can help people get through tough times in life.

We all need hope in times of distress. Watch this film & be reminded of God’s strength & sovereignty! Watch Miracle at Manchester on Pure Flix starting March 31st!

Movie Synopsis: God is still in the business of miracles. Based on the true story, a high schooler’s bright future changes in an instant when he’s diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. But the power of prayer and support from his community renews a father’s faith and brings healing to a family.

The kingdom of God was never meant to be a spectator sport

 I always find awesome faith-based films to watch on Pure Flix and I recently watched Miracle at Manchester. This was a movie that I enjoyed watching. While I enjoyed watching Miracle at Manchester, it was also a movie that at the same time was hard to watch. The movie reminded me of the health issues that I have been dealing with for the past couple of years. Prayer and my church community have helped me through some scary breathing issues.

Watching this movie has also helped me with my prayers for the many people that I know who have cancer. 

This was a movie about a high school kid ~ Brycen Newman, who was enjoying life playing sports and looking forward to the big game. Then in an instant, his life changes and so does his future. Brycen starts experiencing unexplained headaches which leads the doctors to discover an aggressive brain cancer.

 This film is based on a true story and is more than just about miracles but about seeing people show their love and support to someone struggling with life. This movie will inspire you and give you hope. This movie reminded me that prayer is powerful and that God does not want us to do life alone.

Watch the Miracle at Manchester movie trailer here ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1n_xTLnww0

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Watch Miracle at Manchester on Pure Flix starting March 31st!

You’ll get access to the largest variety of high-quality wholesome movies, series, and kids' content at one low price. Experience the difference that positive, encouraging entertainment can have in your home.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  - Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

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LoriBosworth said...

I believe in the healing power of prayer! I would definitely enjoy watching this movie!

Christy G said...

I believe in the power of prayer. But for me, I have health issues and maybe I don’t need prayer for healing but rather prayers for focus, purpose, and life adjustments. I’ll have to watch this movie.

Marysa said...

I have never heard of this before. Pure Flix sounds interesting, and it is nice to know that there is a resource for family-friendly movies.

Beautiful Touches said...

This looks like it could be a very inspirational film, pureflix looks like the way to go!

Ryan Escat said...

Wow! This looks like a really great and very inspirational film to watch. Can’t wait to check this out

Zab Zaria said...

This looks like a great movie to watch this upcoming holy week! Thanks for recommending it

Gust si Aroma said...

This movie reminds us how lucky we are every day and how many things we already have!

TDK said...

The Stray looks really good!!

Anonymous said...

I would watch heaven sent

Niurka Garcia said...

Heaven sent

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