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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Does My Young Child Need Kobi Sport Deodorant?

 Have you been noticing that your pre-teen is starting to stink? While it is not uncommon for kids to start experiencing body odor at a much younger age, you may be wondering do they need to start wearing deodorant?

 Some kids tend to start having body odor at a young age and as a parent, you want to help them not stink. So you make sure to give them a bath every day and make sure that they are wearing clean underwear. You even have them wash their feet but this child still has body odor. So what is a parent to do?

 The first step in helping your young child with B.O. is to figure out the cause of why they smell bad. There are many reasons why a young child may smell bad, so figure out the cause as you don't want your smelly child to be made fun of or embarrassed when someone mentions their odor. 

At What Age Should Kids Start Wearing Deodorant?

Common causes of child body odor 

 1. Bathing habits ~ Sure your child takes a bath every night but are they washing their body with soap in the right places? Your child may be taking a shower every night but they may not be cleaning their armpits or private places with soap. So show them how to clean their body.

2. Heavy activity ~ Active kids are going to sweat and bacteria + sweat equals smelly bodies. 

3. Heat ~ Hot weather can make a person sweat. Then there is the child who sweats in his sleep. So dress your child in lighter fabrics and keep their bedroom at a cooler temperature.

4. Diet ~ Certain foods can worsen body odor. Foods like garlic, cabbage, and even dairy, when consumed in large amounts, can lead to a higher concentration of sulfur in our sweat.

5. Genetic makeup or medical condition ~ If the above causes are not the reason for why your child stinks. Talk to their doctor as they may have a condition called hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating) or it may be the family genetics. 

How can I help my child not experience body odor?

 After exploring all the common causes for why children may sweat or stink, it may be time to have your child wear deodorant. Before you run out to the store and buy a harsh deodorant or antiperspirant, learn about a line of child-focused body care that is made for younger kids.

Younger kids may sweat and have body odor but their skin can not handle body care products that are made for adult skin. Some adult deodorants and antiperspirants have toxic ingredients like aluminum that are not safe to use on younger children. 

Kobi is a line of child-focused body care 

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 When it comes to personal care products, kids and teens are a largely neglected demographic. There’s tons of stuff out there for grown-ups and tons for babies, but very little in between. Kobi is changing that! 

 Kobi is a line of child-focused body care created because children need gentler products that use alternatives to some common ingredients that tougher adult skin is better equipped to handle. Kobi is made with high-quality, naturally derived ingredients that are 100% kid-safe. 

 Kobi has a line of body care products that are made for younger kids. From deodorants to body powders to foot sprays, Kobi is a new brand of natural body care products for kids and teens. These personal care products are gentle enough for younger kids but powerful enough for teens.

Facts about Kobi body care products

+ Designed for Kids: Gentle enough for kids aged 5 and up, powerful enough for teens.

+ Super Safe: Non-toxic with no aluminum, no parabens, no GMOs, no fake stuff.

+ Allergy Friendly: No baking soda, no nut oils, no dyes – no irritation!

+ No Mess: Rolls on smoothly with no drips, stickiness, or staining.

+ Goes On Clear: No white marks or clumpy stuff, just perfect-looking pits from the get-go!

+ Fresh, Amazing Scents: Fresh Lime, Mountain Mint, Sunset Bloom, Vanilla Dream, and even unscented.

Tackle the stinky feet and smelly shoes

 If your child has stinky feet, it may be a shoe problem. Wearing shoes all day can lead to sweating feet. All that sweat then gets trapped in your child's socks and shoes. While you can wash their feet and socks on a daily basis, it can be hard to wash their shoes. So the Kobi Fresh Foot Spray is perfect for tackling the stink foot problem in kids.

Highlights Of Kobi Fresh Foot Spray

+ Treats Stinky Feet: Cleans, soothes, and deodorizes feet after activity.

+ Prevents Athlete’s Foot: Neutralizes the sweat-loving microbes that cause athlete’s foot.

+ Super Safe: Natural, non-toxic formula with no harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrance, no fake stuff.

+ Fresh, Amazing Scents: Mountain Mint, Sunset Bloom, and unscented.

A Powder Designed For Sports

 Kobi's 4-in-1 Body Powder is your young athlete’s new best friend. This is a talc-free, multi-use body, and foot powder for sporty kids of all ages.

Highlights of Kobi's 4-in-1 Body Powder 

+ 4 Big Benefits: Stops chafing, controls odor, absorbs moisture, and soothes skin.

+ Use on Body & Feet: Keeps young athletes dry and chafe-free, and stops feet from getting stinky!

+ Super Safe: All-natural, non-toxic formula with no talc, no artificial fragrance, no fake stuff.

+ Fresh, Amazing Scents: Mountain Mint, Sunset Bloom, and unscented.

The benefits of using natural deodorant with young children

 For many people, the first time that they use a natural deodorant is not a good experience. They will complain that they are sweating and still stink. The truth is that the toxic ingredient aluminum works by plugging up your sweat glands. So when you take the leap from antiperspirant to deodorant, your sweat glands will overcompensate from being plugged up for so long and start over-producing sweat and you will smell. Did you know that the aluminum in antiperspirant is also the reason why your shirts have yellow stains on them?

When an adult makes the switch to natural deodorant, their body needs to adjust and do a deodorant detox. So starting young children with deodorant means that their sweat glands will not become plugged up. These kids can continue to use deodorants with safe ingredients as an adult and won't have to suffer through a detox phase. 

When my boys were preteens, I bought them natural deodorant when they started to play sports. I did not want them to use body care products with aluminum in them. My boys are now active teens and they are still using aluminum-free deodorant for their armpits. The cool part they are using safe ingredients on their body and they do not have smelly armpits. 

Discover the full line of Kobi body care products 

You can purchase Kobi body care products on Amazon or https://wearekobi.com. These kid-friendly body care products come in many wonderful scents that both boys and girls will love. My favorite scent is Fresh Lime which is a perfect scent for both genders. Fresh lime smells like limes. My boys like the Mountain Mint scent that smells like peppermint.


Karen said...

Child-focused body care is such a good idea. I myself try to use all natural deodorant as I don't want any harmful chemicals leaching through my skin.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I might have to pick this up for my daughter. I bet she'd love that Fresh Lime scent as well.

LisaLisa said...

Oh, I'm going to share this with my son he has two young boys 5 years of age, and this sounds like a good natural deodorant for them.

Janeane Davis said...

One of the things that amazed me about children was how fast they went from sweet smelling babie to sticking young people!

Marysa said...

It is nice to know that there is a deodorant out there that is designed to be more natural, for anyone. I always struggled trying to find something for my kids.

Zab zaria said...

Anyone can benefit from having a deodorant that is made of natural ingredients. I will definitely check this out

Sophie said...

Sounds like a great range of deodorants that isn't full of horrible chemicals!

Christy G said...

I need to have this talk with my son. He is 12 and could start wearing deodorant daily.

Beautiful Touches said...

My family's full of sweaty boys, not that I don't have girls too just that my boys are particularly sweaty and I wish I had a product like this to have given them to help make things easier for them growing up!

Richelle Milar said...

Wow! This sounds absolutely amazing! I’m surely going to check this out

Anonymous said...

I remember when my son first started using deodorant and I have never heard of this brand before but will have to check it out.

Gust si Aroma said...

My child needs a deodorant for sure! We will try the Kobi one next time!

Lavanda Michelle said...

. I've been contemplating whether to enroll my child in such activities, and your post provided some valuable perspectives and information. It's great to have access to such helpful content.

Zena's Suitcase said...

I've been looking for something exactly like this for my daughters. It sounds like a great product line for kids

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