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Monday, September 11, 2023

Does The NIRA Pro Laser Eliminate Wrinkles?

Will an at-home facial skincare laser work to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines? That is the question that I have after receiving the NIRA PRO Laser. Keep reading to discover what the NIRA Pro skincare device is and how it works.

 As we age, we start to notice fine lines and wrinkles on our skin, especially on the face. While some people say it is just a part of getting older, most people don't like looking in the mirror and seeing the effects of aging. So we start buying expensive facial creams and look into facial treatments in a desperate attempt to look younger. 

That was me three years ago. I did not like seeing fine lines starting to appear on my skin. I remember writing this in an article from 2019.  "As I get older, I am starting to notice the wrinkles forming on my face. Those fine lines around my eyes seem to be getting deeper and I am not liking that one bit. So I am doing everything that I can to keep those wrinkles away. I am doing things like exercising and eating healthy food as well as using anti-aging products as I want my skin to look young and beautiful. Admit it, we ladies do not like wrinkles and getting older."

 I wrote the above after a company called NIRASkin sent me their facial laser device to review. I was 55 years old. I had never heard of laser facial devices for wrinkles and I knew that I had to try their product. After using the original NIRA Precision Laser for three months, I was amazed at the results. See my before and after face photos on my NIRA Precision Laser review.

Checking out the New NIRA Pro Laser 

 The original NIRA at-home laser treatment was FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes but many of their customers used this amazing laser facial device on other areas of their face with good results. That may have been the reason NIRA developed the New NIRA Pro Laser skincare device. I am glad they did and I am super excited to try it out. 

NIRA sent me a NIRA Pro Laser to review as part of being part of their affiliate program

 After I reviewed the original NIRA skin care laser device and loved the results, I enrolled in the NIRA affiliate program as I wanted to let others know about this at-home facial laser treatment that can eliminate fine lines and reduce wrinkles. I get many offers from companies to promote their products with affiliate links but I will not promote something on Mom Knows Best unless I can try it and it would be something that I would buy.

Where to buy the NIRA Laser 

Shop NIRA Website  – Use Code MOMKNOWSBEST10 for a 10% discount

What is the NIRA Pro Laser?

NIRA Pro Laser is the first and only painless at-home laser with a large enough treatment tip to target the full face, neck, chest, and back of hands. (The NIRA Precision Laser has a smaller tip and is made for the area around the eyes.)

+ FDA-Cleared, clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines

+ Stimulates natural collagen production for younger-looking skin in 90 days

+ 5 comfort levels for no pain, redness, or downtime

+ Easy-to-use, portable skincare device for use at home or on-the-go

Product details

 The NIRA Pro is a painless at-home laser treatment that is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In just minutes a day, you can treat your full face, neck, chest, and back of hands and see wrinkles reduced in the comfort of your own home.

How does the NIRA Pro Laser work?

 The NIRA Pro Laser uses laser technology to gently heat the skin dermis to stimulate natural collagen production.  As we age, our bodies naturally stop producing collagen – causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. It is the production of collagen that helps our skin become firmer and the collagen then starts to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles to make them less noticeable. 

~ Most NIRA users start to see some results in 30 days but it takes 90 days for the device to reveal firmer, youthful-looking skin.

~ 3-5 minutes a day to see visible results

~  Over time, NIRA Pro provides more power than most professional treatments offer in a single visit - resulting in clinical-grade wrinkle reduction at home in just 90 days.

This process stimulates natural collagen production, plumping and smoothing skin

My Before Photos

While I loved the results that I received from using the first NIRA Laser device, life happens and I have not been using it for the past couple of months. So naturally the fine lines are starting to creep back around my eyes and my skin is starting to sag. So the arrival of the New NIRA Pro Laser gave me an opportunity to do something about those fine lines. I am now 58 years old and I am trying to keep the wrinkles away as long as possible.

Where to buy the NIRA Laser 

Shop NIRA Website  – Use Code MOMKNOWSBEST10 for a 25% discount

25% code expires on 11/27/2023 and then the savings is 10% off

What I like about the New NIRA PRO Laser

Bigger tip and treats more skin surfaces

 I like that the new NIRA Pro facial laser product comes with a bigger tip and is easier to use when compared to the NIRA Precision laser device. Since this device is made to treat the full face, neck, chest, and back of hands, the bigger tip will help me target a bigger surface area in less time.

 The NIRA Precision laser has 2 buttons while the NIRA Pro only has one button. So that means that I don't have to press a button to activate the laser. I just press the device on my skin and listen for 2 beeps. Then I move the device to another part of my face and repeat the 2-beep process. It is that simple. 

Simple to use ~ even while traveling

 The NIRA Pro is so simple to use and the beep noise is not loud. So I can use this wrinkle treatment while watching TV. The NIRA device is also very portable, so I can't make any excuses to not do my wrinkle treatment while traveling. I have a couple of trips planned for the next two months so I will pack the NIRA Pro in my carry-on bag. That way I can do my fine-line reduction treatment while I am at the airport and before I go to bed.

Check out this How to Use Video

Takes 90 days to see results

The NIRA Laser works similarly to exercise and building muscle, it takes time for the collagen to rebuild, and the best results are seen with continued routine use. I am committed to using my NIRA Laser once a day for 90 days. I can even use the NIRA Laser twice a day without any pain or redness. At the end of 90 days, I will share my after photo. I am hoping to see those fine lines around my eyes disappear. 

Wash your face before using the NIRA Pro

The first step before you use the NIRA Facial Laser device is to wash your face. I am loving the newAVYA  Honey + Amber Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub. This facial cleansing product has a honey-vanilla scent and smells so good! 

 It is made for daily use it combines the anti-bacterial and moisturizing antioxidants of Honey with the gentle exfoliation properties of Amber. 

Product benefits:

+ Gently exfoliates and removes dead skin

+ Helps to improve the appearance of uneven texture and tone

+ Brightens dull, dehydrated skin

+ Nourishes and moisturizes the skin

+ Features a comforting honey-vanilla scent

+ Good for blemish-prone skin 

Is The NIRA Laser safe to use?

 Yes, the NIRA Precision Laser is safe to use and suitable for all skin types and tones. In order to achieve FDA clearance, the laser was clinically tested on 76 subjects (both women and men) for efficacy and safety. The laser was also tested and certified for electrical and laser safety as well.

Where to buy the NIRA Facial Laser?

You can purchase the NIRA Precision Laser OR the NIRA PRO Laser by visiting the NIRA website here. If you don’t have the money at the moment, they do offer 4 interest-free installments with Klarna.

Also, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you see no results after using it for the full 90 days! If a business can back its product up with a full money-back guarantee, you KNOW it believes in its product!

UPDATE Photo ~ After Using NIRA for 30 days!

~ Check out some supplements that are great for your skin and body

Shop NIRA Website  – Use Code MOMKNOWSBEST10 for a 10% discount


AiringMyLaundry said...

I will have to try this out and see how it works for me. It sounds fabulous!

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I have always wondered if these at-home laser products worked. Now I'm curious to try it myself. Thx!

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Your detailed explanation of how it works and your honest review have been incredibly helpful. Thanks to your insights, I now have a much better understanding of this technology and its potential benefits.

Melanie Edjourian said...

Oh wow, this laser sounds great!! I love that it works and you could see the results.

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Your skin is looking so healthy and radiant. This may be something I need to invest in- step it up from the face masks!

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This sounds like a really great and amazing product that I need to try! I’m surely going to check this out

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I think this product has got to be one of the best I have ever used! Thank you so much for sharing

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Thanks for sharing your personal experience with the NIRA Pro Laser. Your detailed explanation of its features, ease of use, and commitment to a 90-day routine is informative and encouraging. The inclusion of before and after photos will certainly help others considering this skincare device. !

Marysa said...

I have never heard of this before. It is nice to know you can find a tool like this to use at home. Great results!

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This product sounds so interesting. I have to look for one, and see how it works on me. And how it will reduce some of my wrinkles. Thanks for sharing.

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What an interesting product. I'm new to this brand, but everything written her has colored me interested.

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I can't wait for the 90 days after results! Sounds like an awesome tool that every woman should have!

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i have not tried any of these products but this sounds like something i should check out

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What a neat product. I want to give it a try because I must admit, I'm not getting any younger. -LYNNDEE

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