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Monday, April 8, 2024

Benefits Of Muscle MX CBD Balm For Running

 Can CBD balms be beneficial for pain and inflammation? As a runner, I have discovered the benefits of CBD for pain relief and recovery.

 Many years ago, I injured the back of my ankle. While my ankle tendon has healed, I still occasionally suffer from pain and inflammation. This pain in the back of my ankle mostly happens after I run, especially if I have not run for a while. The pain, which is caused by inflammation, makes training for a race quite difficult.

 The pain is not intense but rather a dull ache, that I only feel after I run. My ankle is also stiff when I walk. I have met with a physical therapist, who confirmed that this pain and stiffness could be a result of my previous ankle injury. The physical therapist prescribed stretching exercises for my ankle therapy. While the stretching exercises have made a difference in my recovery after I ran, I was still experiencing tightness in my ankle.  

Stretching and CBD Balm have made a huge difference

 If you are a runner, you may be able to relate to aches and pains in your legs, feet, and ankles. You also know about muscle pain. As a runner, you may also feel the need to push through the pain as you don't want to stop running. You may also be able to relate to the need to figure out how to self-treat an injury so you can get back to running. 

The above is what I am dealing with right now. I have pain and tightness in on ankle and that is interfering with my running. The pain only happens after I run but do I stop running? No, as I have a 5k race next month and I am not going to let a bit of pain get in my way of training for this race. I have been trying everything to get my ankle to heal and it is frustrating!

Since I knew that nothing was broken and the pain and tightness were from my old injury, I knew that I needed to figure out how best to treat the inflammation. I learned about some deep stretching ankle exercises and started those daily. I also discovered that a CBD balm could help with the inflammation and the pain. Applying an Active CBD Balm before I run has helped with the tightness in my ankle. So I don't feel any pain while I am running.

After I run, I make sure to do deep ankle stretching and apply a Recovery CBD Balm. This CBD Balm therapy has helped me be able to run without pain. 

The Benefits of a CBD Muscle Balm

Whether you are an athlete or you work out a few times a year, you’ve likely experienced pain or soreness. Even simple actions like sitting in the office for too long or lifting kids can lead to stiff or sore muscles. Luckily, hemp products — like cannabidiol (CBD) muscle balms — are well-suited to soothe and alleviate such pain.

What Is Muscle MX CBD Balm?

 Muscle MX CBD Balms are the perfect solution for those aches and pains that one might experience from running or other forms of exercise. These balms are made with broad-spectrum CBD and are specifically designed to alleviate discomforts where they hurt. These balms work quickly to relieve the pain and inflammation. Each balm has unique ingredients to help with the pain and discomfort before and after your workout.

Muscle MX Activate CBD Balm is formulated with a rich combination of CBD, arnica, camphor oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, menthol, beeswax, and vitamin E to help kickstart your exercise routine.  This balm offers heat that helps get your muscles loose to alleviate the stiff feeling so you can run without discomfort.

Muscle MX Recovery CBD Balm boasts a harmonious blend of CBD, menthol, tea tree, and eucalyptus. This combination offers a soothing, cooling sensation while partnering with your body's endocannabinoid system to swiftly ease discomforts. This balm soothes your body’s aches and pains in minutes.

Muscle MX CBD Balm Formula Details

+ Deep Penetrating Instant Relief

+ Easy, No Mess Application

+ All Natural Ingredients

+ Professionally Recommended

+ Broad Spectrum CBD (0.00% THC)

Why Use CBD Balm For Muscles, Joints & Tendons?

After an intense workout session, you may experience muscle aches and soreness. Exercise can cause microscopic tears in muscle fibers, which can cause inflammation and the feeling of soreness or pain. Applying a CBD balm on sore areas can soothe inflammation which can reduce the pain. 

 When applied to sore muscles, stiff joints, or any affected area, a CBD balm delivers benefits within minutes since it does not need to pass through your bloodstream like typical pil form pain relief. The Activate and Recovery CBD Balms are designed to work perfectly together. Activate heating CBD Balm revs up your muscles & joints before your workout and Recovery Cooling CBD Balm cools them down. This combo is great for injury prevention and pain management for aching muscles, tendons & joints. Muscle MX CBD Balm has helped me be able to run without pain.

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How To Use A CBD Balm

+ Before your workout use Activate CBD Balm to your muscles & joints to warm them up. 

+ After your workout apply Recovery CBD Balm to aching areas to soothe them.

+ Can be used every 4-6 hours as needed

+ Discover more at Muscle MX

CBD balm is ideal for anyone dealing with chronic pain and inflammation since it allows them to rub the balm on the affected area for quick relief. Muscle MX CBD Balm has helped me be able to run without pain.


AiringMyLaundry said...

I might have to try this. I try to jog daily, so I'm curious to see if this will help my muscles.

Kathy said...

This sounds like a good product. I don't do a lot of running, but I love to jog and walk. I'll have to try this out.

Beautiful Touches said...

The review's positive remarks about Muscle MX CBD Balm have piqued my interest in trying out this product myself. The detailed feedback on its effectiveness and application process makes me eager to experience its benefits firsthand.

LoriBosworth said...

I didn't know that CBD Balm was good for applying after a run. I'm going to try it!

Lavanda said...

Your review on this is amazing! I'll definitely have try this out after a jog!!

Lady In Read said...

i need to see if this might help my husband who does have pain in his feet (he does alot of walking each day)

Unknown said...

I walk the treadmill daily and always have muscle pains. I'm interested to give that a try. -LYNNDEE

Alexa (lovinglylex.com) said...

I have been wanting to try CBD balms and this convinced me a I need to. I have horrible back pain and always stick to IcyHot.

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