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Friday, April 5, 2024

Colorfil Air Filter Is Made For Those With Allergies

 When you have air allergies, you need an air filter that has the best technology to clean the air that you breathe. Check out a unique color-changing air filter that works hard to keep the air you breathe clean.

When you have airborne allergies, you need to make sure that you are using an air filter that absorbs the allergens and substances that are in the air. So selecting an air filter that is made for allergies is important. Using an allergy-friendly air filter is one of the best ways to improve your home air quality. 

The next question that may be on your mind, about air filters, is How do I know when to change my furnace air filter? While most air filters come with recommendations on when to switch out your air filter, is there an air filter schedule the best way to keep the air clean. 

Meet an air filter that changes colors to indicate when it needs to be replaced

If you are looking for clean safe air to reduce your allergy symptoms, you need to discover a home air filter that changes colors. This allergy-friendly air filter absorbs the unwanted substances that are in the air and changes colors as it fills up.

Colorfil© is the only air filter that indicates when it needs to be replaced. Our patented color-shift ™ technology is highly reactive to gas phase chemicals and odors in the air—and actually changes from pink to yellow as it absorbs these unwanted substances from your air. With Colorfil, you can see your air quality improving right before your eyes.

Designed for pet lovers

The Colorfil color-changing air filter was designed for those who have pets in their homes. We love our pets, like cats and dogs, but they can leave substances like odors, hair, and pet dander in the air. For those with pet allergies, that can make things difficult in the air that we breathe. 

 People love their pets and are willing to put up with allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, and even asthma. Giving a pet away is never an option so Colorfil designed an air filter with advance technology to help those with allergies breathe better.

Colorfil is great for those with seasonal allergies

Having fresh air is a good thing for those who are allergic to pollen and dust. Fresh air equals happy lungs. When the air is clean, taking deep breaths is a beautiful thing. The Colorfil air filter is also perfect for those who have allergies or asthma. 

This air filter absorbs the unwanted substances from your air and with the color-changing technology, you sleep better knowing that your air quality is improving. The Colorfil filter for your furnace will change from pink to yellow as it absorbs things like odor, dust, pollen, and more. When the filter changes to yellow it is time to replace your air filter.

What does Colorfil remove?

Colorfil is an air filter technology developed initially for NASA to remove odors in spacecraft and space suits. Over the years, it has evolved into air filtration that reduces many home chemicals and odors. 

Colorfil specifically targets ammonia and amine compounds responsible for many pet, bathroom, and kitchen odors and fumes from household cleaners. It also removes particles in our air, including pet dander and hair, pollen, dust, and other small particulates.

Clean Air is a beautiful thing

Colorfil is committed to creating clean, safe, and welcoming spaces for pets and their humans. However, they don't stop there! When you purchase an air filter they donate 3% of every Colorfil purchase to a local Humane Society to help save lives. The donation helps provide food, shelter, and medical attention to animals in need.

Want clean air?

Head over to Colorfil and select your air filter from its many available sizes. Ordering your air filter is super simple. Select your size and then decide how often you want them delivered to your home. If you don't see your air filter size, you can ask Colorfil to make a customized air filter. 


LoriBosworth said...

What a great feature that this air filter changes colours when you need to change it! I don't have allergies, but I do enjoy breathing clean air!

Kathy said...

This is really nice to know. I love that these are different colors. That is so neat.

Christy G said...

I saw these but didn’t know if they were worth the hype or not. I’ll have to try them. It’s time for me to replace my air filter. Plus, allergy season is horrible right now.

Lavanda said...

Super grateful to have found this post! My allergies get so bad with allergy season, I'll have to try it out!

melissa cushing said...

If we had a unit that needed air filters I would for sure check these out as they seem incredible. Perfect for everyone and esepcially those that have allergies. I will share this brand with my mom and sister in SC. They will love the features of these filkters.

Unknown said...

It's spring and my allergies are definitely bothering me. I need to check those filters.

Lady In Read said...

that is certainly a helpful filter - letting us know when to replace it

Marie Gizelle said...

This is great, a feature indicating when a unit part needs to be replaced. We have cats and have a small air filter, will look into this!

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