Mom Knows Best : Tingley Beach Requires COOLA Sport Sunscreen Spray

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tingley Beach Requires COOLA Sport Sunscreen Spray

Tingley Beach is a fun place to experience nature!

 My boys and I had a blast at a fun spot in Albuquerque called Tingley Beach. This place is not a beach anymore as it was a favorite swimming many many years ago. It is now a place where you can fish, feed some ducks, take a boat ride, and even ride a train. My boys wanted to visit Tingley Beach to ride the boats. Tingley has a small lake and you can rent these fun peddle boats for an hour. The lake may be small but it has plenty to see. In the middle of the lake, there is an island that is filled with plenty of ducks.

 Our fun day started out in the morning as the sun was beginning to come out. I made sure to put the sunscreen on the boys. My boys hate sitting still for long so they were happy that I brought along a spray sunscreen. This mom loves that COOLA Sport Sunscreen is made with 70%+ certified organic ingredients like Cucumber, Algae, and Strawberry Extracts. My boys were surprised at how great this sunscreen smelled. It had an awesome guava mango scent. It also did not feel heavy on my skin so I quickly forgot that I had sunscreen on. Which is good as I hate the feel of sunscreen. Since we were going to be near the water, it was good that COOLA was water resistant and SPF 50!

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  I loved how easy it was to spray on our sunscreen! COOLA also makes other sunscreen products that I got to try. I really love the Sport Stick as it has a tint and SPF 50 in it so it doubles as my foundation too.

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With our skin protected from the sun, we were ready for our boat ride. The boat only moved if we peddled the peddles on it so this mom got some great exercise too. My boys did the steering of the boat while I peddled away. We did stop to take some pictures of the ducks and a selfie.

After our boat ride, we walked around the lake and explored nature. My son found a caterpillar and one making a cacoon.

We also feed the ducks some corn tortillas. This duck was so pretty and so different from all the rest of the ducks.

                       The boys also found a waterful and just had to get their feet wet.

  By the end of the day, we were tired and hungry. It was time to go home and have a breakfast burrito. There is something about this New Mexico fresh air that just makes me crave a breakfast burrito with green chile, it must be that it is green chile season. I was happy that no one got sunburned as COOLA Sunscreen kept us protected.

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Click HERE to see more pictures of our fun day at Tingley Beach.

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