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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

JJ Novelty Goods 100-Piece Kids Party Favors

Planning a party or an event? Check out these amazing fun toys.

    Look what I bought for my husband for the Cub Scout's open house event. I am amazed at the great selection of toys that are in this package. My boys had a blast playing with everything and trying them out. My husband will be using these cool fun toys at the boy's back to school night. They will have a booth at the school where the parents and boys can learn more about Cub Scouts. These toys will be the attention grabber to lure the families over to the table. While the kids are selecting what awesome toy the want, my husband can then talk to mom and dad about Cub Scouts. I just love that there is an assortment of 100 toys.

Check out what is included in the bag of 100 toys:
(8) Flying Saucer Dishes
(10) Hand Clapping Toys
(8) Dragon Noise Makers
(8) Pull Back Race Cars
(8) Fun Stamps
(10) Spinning Tops
(8) Leap Frogs
(8) Colorful Sunglasses
(8) Mouth Whistles
(8) Rotating Newton's Cradle Balls
(8) Colorful Bracelets
(8) Rubber Bouncing Balls 

These toys are also wonderful for:
Carnival Prizes
Pinata Fillers
Stocking Stuffers
Doctor/Dentist/Barber/Hair Stylist Give-A-Ways
Classroom Rewards
Vending Machine Toys 
Classroom Treasure Boxes 

Watch a video of the boys playing with the toys.


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