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Friday, August 18, 2017

Big Kids Like Babytime Too


 I am always on the hunt for body care products that my 9-year-old sensitive skin son can use and enjoy. I have found that even though the label says sensitive skin, it does not always past the Jesse test. There have been many products that I have tried on my son’s skin and he either breaks out in a rash or he complains it stings. It amazes me that this child can play in the dirt and his skin is fine but I can apply a lotion to his skin and he complains that it hurts.

Sponsored: I received bath products from Babytime to facilitate this post

  I was so happy when I discovered Babytime skin care products. I love that the colorful labels appeal to my big kid and are not babyish to him. My son loves that the labels have colorful fruit guys on them. The best part is how they smell. These awesome skin care products get their wonderful scents from natural oils and fruit extracts. I really like that Babytime color codes their healthy ingredients on their labels so you can know which ones are natural, organic, or plant based. That makes it really easy for me to spot ingredients that my son may be sensitive to. These products are also vegan and gluten free.

 My son was excited to try the Babytime products. I first applied a bit of the Snuggly Cherry scented lotion to his arm to check for sensitivities. My son said "it feels good!" and then I smelled his arm. His arm had a nice light cherry scent to it. I was so relieved that this lotion passed the sensitivity test as for now only shea butter has passed the test on his skin.

 My son was also excited to try the Playful Wash and Peaceful Bubbles as he thought they smelled awesome. I liked that both of these products could be used as a shampoo and had moisturizing oils in them. My son does not like to comb his hair so when it is soft it is easier for me to comb it.

 Bathtime was a success for my son also as he did not feel itchy afterward. I am glad these Babytime skin care products not only passed the skin test with my son but that they also passed the cool looking test. My son and I really like the colorful logos on these products.

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Parenting Patch said...

The line of Babytime skin care products sounds amazing! I will have to keep an eye out for some to try with my kiddos.

Sarah Bailey said...

What a great sounding range of products, I love the sound of the scents and to be honest baby products are so good for your skin it is no wonder that people of all ages use them.

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