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Thursday, August 17, 2017

My Summer Yard Cleaning Tips

          I dread weed pulling time and tend to procrastinate when it comes to yard clean up.

     I love having a backyard but I hate the maintenance of the yard. Since I live in a desert area, my yard does not have grass but it has plenty of weeds. I am amazed at how weeds can grow so fast without any water. If weeds were a source of food, no one would be going hungry. My weed supply could feed the whole world it seems. I hate weed pulling and I put it off as long as I can until I can no longer stand looking at my yard. From a distance, these weeds look harmless but they are not. These weeks are about a foot high and have lots of thorns on them. They also multiply quickly. These weeds have long roots that are hard to pull and they tend to grow back. I had my yard all free of weeds at the end of May and they are all back.

  Even my favorite sitting area that I created by in June was looking bad. My sitting area had weeds and the chairs were covered with cobwebs. I even found a spider that looked like a black widow on one of my chairs. Eek! It was time to clean up my yard! So I stopped procrastinating and gathered up my supplies.

I knew the one thing that would make yard clean up was my new Pocket Hose. I needed this compact hose to clean up all those cobwebs and to chase that spider away. I was not going to do any work until that spider was gone. Did you know that getting weeds wet makes them easier to pull?

 So since my son was outside with me, I put him to work and made him squirt the spider away. I like that my new Pocket hose had a brass nozzle with 3 spray settings. The strongest one was best for the spider.

      Sponsored Post: I received a Pocket Hose to facilitate this post.

  I was amazed that this compact hose expanded 50 feet once I turned on the water. It was so cool to watch the hose shrink back to a small size once I turned off the water. Tip: Make sure to keep the nozzle in the on position when turning off the water so the hose does not burst. I just love that this hose does not kink and is so easy to put away as it is not heavy.

After I cleaned up my patio area, it was time for me to tackle the weeds. I was about to get them all wet with the hose but it started to rain. I was happy for the rain as not only did it cool things down but it was going to make my weed pulling so much easier. Note to self: pull weeds on a rainy day as weeds come out of the ground easier. The rain felt so good. I decide to pull the weeds while it was raining. The cool rain actually made me work faster and kept my skin from itching, I am allergic to most weeds. I always wear gloves when pulling weeds to protect my hands from the weeds and the thorns. It rained for a good hour here, which is most unusual for our desert area. I was amazed that I was able to pull all the weeds in an hour and a half with no help. My son abandoned me once it started raining. My teenager thought that I was crazy staying outside in the rain. It felt good and I did not care that I was a wet muddy mess. My yard got cleaned up and I took a shower.

   I can now enjoy sitting in my yard once again. Yes, that is a bathtub full of weeds. We remodeled our bathroom earlier this year and my husband wanted to save the bathtub to make a pond for the yard. So since it is in my yard, I put it to good use to store all the weeds in until trash day.

 There are still some small weeds left in my yard but I think I will make my non-chemical weed spray to kill those since they are small and a pain to pull. My homemade weed spray only uses salt, vinegar, and dish soap but it does a great job of killing the weeds. I am also loving that my new Pocket Hose does not take up my room in my yard, no more tripping over the darn hose!.


  1. I really need to try and go a clean of our backgarden I keep forgetting to try and sort it all out, these are some great sounding tips.

  2. We have a guy who comes in to do our yard work. We have too many snakes in our yard for us to go out and do it LOL.

  3. I need this hose for my backyard. Right now I am pulling the front hose around because I haven't replaced the other one. The pocket hose looks and sounds cool.

  4. That looks like a great hose. I need to get out in the yard this weekend and do a big clean up.

  5. I have a big garden every year and cleaning it up and taking it down is sad and freaking hard work. But I love it.

  6. Nice job! I always dread those hidden spiders in all the nooks and crannies. Our spider season is coming up, so now would be a good time to start hosing off all the evident webs.

  7. nothing like a good ol' powerwash to clean things up!

  8. We are in serious need of really re-vamping out back garden. Its not as big as yours. But I would say yours is Way way better kept than ours. LOL.

    John M

  9. The Pocket Hose sounds awesome! Today, I found a black widow hiding under my 2-year-old's toy in our backyard, and thankfully found it and killed it before it got near him. I would love to have a Pocket Hose to spray off toys regularly so I don't have to deal with those scary moments!

  10. I love gardening and this seems like a great tool for yard cleaning. I would love to own a pocket hose, too :)

  11. Love your story & yes, we don't have much yard work in the dessert but we still have weeds to control. The hose looks nive & now that we're in Arizona, not sure if we even have a hose anymore.

  12. Yard work is the worst. Most times I try to avoid it but I do get spurts of energy to get it done.

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