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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Electric Comedo Pore Suction Tool & Pimple Vacuum Extractor

So I was curious about how this beauty tool worked.

   I was online and I saw this beauty tool that was like a vacuum for your skin. I read that it was supposed to cleanse my pores by suction and that this suction tool could also renew and improve my skin. I immediately thought of my teen and his acne problem. I always wonder why teens have to experience a face filled with zits during a time in their life that they can be insecure. So I decided to try this Electric Comedo Pore Suction Tool & Pimple Vacuum Extractor for the sake of my teen's skin.

  When the mini vacuum arrived, my teen was excited to try it. I could hear him in the bathroom trying out the beauty tool. The tool made some noise but it was not that loud. My teen came out of the bathroom and told me that the pimple vacuum felt weird on his skin but did not hurt. He described it as a small suction cup on his face.The teen was hoping for this tool to suck out some gross stuff out of his pimples, like when he pops them and white gunk splatters out onto the bathroom mirror. He told me that the suction tool did not suck any gunk out of his zits and did not see the point of it.

 The teen can be impatient when it comes to zits as he wants them off his face and I don't blame him. While the Comedo Pore Suction tool is supposed to help with acne, I don't think it was to work the way my teen wanted it to work. This beauty tool is supposed to be good for those pimples but I think it takes several uses to help clear the skin. The instructions even say's: This device does not provide instant results.

 So I decided to try out the Electric Comedo Pore Suction Tool & Pimple Vacuum Extractor and see how it works. This beauty tool is a like a mini vacuum and it comes with several different tips that have different functions. The tool also has several different speeds.

Microcrystalline Probe: Using microscopic crystals together with strong suction make it possible to exfoliate the skin more thoroughly than other procedures.

Small Circular Probe: Effectively cleanses your skin and pores by vacuuming out dirt, acne, and blackheads. Helps to unclog pores. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Large Circular Probe: For lifting and stimulating to tighten the skin.

Oval Probe: Use it to prevent wrinkles by massaging fine lines areas such as corners of eyes, nose, and mouth.

  I like that the tool can be charged with a standard USB cord (included with the product) on my computer. I tried the Microcrystalline Probe first and it had a nice suction but it did not hurt. The tip of this probe had a texture thing on it and it exfoliated my skin as I used it. I could see some tan particles going into the suction probe and quickly realized that it was probably some dead skin with my foundation from yesterday. Ok, I was lazy last night and only cleaned my skin with a wet wash cloth so my face still had makeup on it.

  So I then tried the tool on my forehead on some fine lines. It felt like my skin was getting some stimulation and I could see that maybe being good for my skin. This beauty tool also came with some instructions to explain how to properly use the product which is good. I read online that one person had experienced some redness when they used it but I did not experience that as the suction was gentle and not powerful like a bigger house vacuum.

 So that is my first impression of the Electric Comedo Pore Suction Tool & Pimple Vacuum Extractor. I will have to use this beauty tool several more times to see if it works on my skin. Go to the below link to get more information on the product.


Here is information from the above website on what the beauty tool does for your skin:

Relieve coarse face pore, exfoliate dead skin, clean and remove blackheads, black heads, white head, comedo, comedone, pimples, acne scars, blemish, age spots, dirt, minimize large pores, wrinkle and brighten your complexion with this all-in-one pore vacuum cleaner. You can also use as acne extractor machine and skin tightening too. Better than the usual dermabrasion.


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