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Friday, August 11, 2017

Red Vines Made Simple

Red Vines is now made with real cane sugar and no artificial colors or flavors!

 I love when a childhood favorite candy becomes a feel-good treat. When I have a sweet tooth to satisfy, I am glad that Red Vines Made Simple put an all-natural twist on their Red Vines. This delicious licorice is made with just five simple non-GMO ingredients. This mom can say yes to a treat when it is made with real sugar (yea to no high-fructose corn syrup!) I really love that this licorice gets its flavor from natural berries and its color from radish extract. I no longer have to worry about those questionable red dyes. They also no longer have that wax taste that I remember.

  My boys were excited when we received a couple of packages of Red Vines in the mail. They could not wait to have a taste of the yummy sweet. I just had to have a taste too and I was surprised at how the licorice reminded me of the original Red Vines. The vines had a nice chew and in my opinion a better berry flavor. I sure did enjoy this guilt-free treat as they were fat-free!

My boys decided to use the Red Vines as straws in their glasses of water. They told me that their water tasted like cherries.

  You can find this sweet simple treat on Amazon and in select retail stores. So make sure to grab a pack or two the next time you are out shopping. In my house, the two packages that receive were gone in a day as they were that good.


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Oh how much I loved these chewy delights in my childhood! Great that these ones are made entirely of natural ingredients. These look so yummy, I wish I could eat them right now.

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