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Thursday, March 27, 2014

SUDAFED REPLAY™ Help for My Sinus Pressure And A Sweepstakes

"This is a sponsored post from SUDAFED® and the opinions are my own."

Sinus pressure can be awful and can prevent people from being their best or participating in activities. I remember a time when I had sinus pressure and congestion. It was nighttime and I was trying to get some sleep but sinus problems were getting in the way from me getting to sleep. I was congested and could not breath through my nose. I can not sleep when I am having to breath through my mouth. Mouth breathing makes my mouth all dry and then I have to drink water. Well you know what drinking water all night does to you, don't you? You have have to pee all night. It was a rough night for me. I did not sleep well that night due to sinus congestion. The next day I was tired and groggy since I did not get any sleep. My head hurt from the congestion and sinus pain. I did not feel like working and called in sick. I needed some relief! I went to the drugstore nearest my house and bought SUDAFED®. That red and white box was my friend for the day as it took away my sinus pain and congestion. I felt so much better and that night I had a good night sleep.

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I have a wonderful sweepstakes to tell you about with great prizes.
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Sinus sufferers can enter to win a SUDAFED REPLAY™ to help 
them relive their most regrettable, missed out moments. By 
simply describing the activity they missed or suffered through 
due to sinus pain and congestion on the SUDAFED REPLAY™ app 
on the SUDAFED® Facebook page, sinus sufferers will be entered 
to win a $250 gift card for such experiences as a Flight Replay, 
Sporting Event Replay, or Movie Replay. The makers of  SUDAFED® are giving 90 people each the chance to press rewind on life and replay the moments missed or suffered through. The sweepstakes is 
open through April 6, 2014

To enter this great SUDAFED® sweepstakes just click on the below link and win your chance to press rewind.

So what are you waiting for go enter to win a SUDAFED REPLAY™ on life.

Tell me about a time sinus pressure and congestion stopped you from participating in an activity. Did the pain stop you from going to a game, on daytrip or from even getting on a plane?

"These opinions are my own and being that this is a sponsored post, I was compensated to write this post."


Unknown said...

I started allergy medicine early this year hope it helps

JanetGoingCrazy said...

Sudafed makes me so sleepy so I have to be careful but I agree it is the BEST for sinus pressure.

Cali Julz said...

yeah, i am pretty good with allergies...but sometimes they flair up, i'll give it a try next time

ReviewsSheRote said...

great sweeps--LOVE me some Sudafed for a good nights sleep!!!

JenF said...

SUDAFED is a must-have in my medicine cabinet!

Jamie said...

With the prescription I take, I can't take Sudafed, so I wish I could get help with my sinuses from this - dumb allergies!! :p

Unknown said...

My sister has always had sinus issues and swears by sudafed.

Michelle F.

Ellen said...

It really is so hard to concentrate with sinus pain. It's not fun at all.

Unknown said...

Never tried this one or even seen it in stores... must look out for it..

Anonymous said...

sudafed is the best decongestant and i hope to win! ..

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