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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mom's Night Out Is The Ultimate Celebration Of MotherHood

I was selected to host a Mom's Night Out party to celebrate the release of the new movie- Mom's Night Out which hit the theaters Mother's day weekend. I was sent lots of goodies from MomSelect  to share with my mom friends. I made of these bags filled with the items that were sent to sent to me.  Below are the pictures of the items that I put into the goodie bags. I was able to make up ten bags for my friends.

This is one the bags that MomSelect sent me that had a poster, a key chain and a flyer about the movie.

I was sent some items from past promotions that MomSelect did and it was cool to reminisce about these past parties.Since I only got what was pictured above each bag will have a different item in it.

Every mom will get this cool Disney picture that would look great framed.

HP supplied some card stock that can be made into a card. These will be a great craft for our children to make us a card.

HP also supplied some information on their printers and their new program TwoSmiles, a great way to send  a gift card to someone without having to leave your home.

Monk Fruit In The Raw supplied some samples and recipes of their sweetener. Monk Fruit In The Raw® is a zero calorie sweetener made from monk fruit, a vine-ripened fruit native to Asia.

One lucky bag will have this $25 http://www.restaurant.com/ gift card in it.

MomSelect also sent me a $25.00 Fandango gift card so I was able to invite a friend to go see the new movie Mom's Night Out with me.

My friends and I all enjoyed the goodies sent from all these great companies. It was great to celebrate being a mom and having a night off. I have not had a chance yet to see the movie but will be soon. I have heard great things about this movie, especially how funny it is.

"I was sent the above mention products to share with friends. All opinions expresses are my own."

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