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Monday, May 12, 2014

Nature's Guru Vanilla Chai Is 100% Natural And Tastes Great

Are you looking for a new flavor of tea to brighten your day? I have found a great Vanilla Chai that not only tastes great but it 100% natural. The ingredients are simple- cane sugar,milk powder, black tea, vanilla and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger. Tea is an excellent way to get those antioxidants into your body. Nature's Guru makes a yummy drink that makes drinking tea something special. Their vanilla chai is easy to make and is balanced with the right amount of sweetness. I love their vanilla chai as a afternoon treat but it is also a great morning pick me up. This drink was creamy and the spices made it taste great. I tried this yummy drink warm but I am also thinking it will taste great on ice in the summer. My daughter is having bridal shower a tea party for her best friend and this vanilla chai from Nature's Guru will be a great drink for the occasion. I will also be bringing a box to church for our coffee table so our guests can taste this wonderful drink.

I love how easy it is to make. The Nature's Guru vanilla chai comes in a box of ten pouches. The pouches are great to also take on the go. These would be great to keep at your desk for a yummy vanilla chai drink so you don't have to spend money at those coffee houses. You just simply open the pouch and pour the powder into a cup. Add 8 ounces hot water and stir. In less time than it takes to drive to a coffee house, you have a wonderful warm vanilla chai drink. This vanilla chai also makes a great drink to relax with at night time or on a cold day.

Whether you're are at home or on the go, Nature's Guru vanilla chai provides a great instant drink to take a breather from life's everyday obstacles. Nature's Guru also makes other great chai flavors and other yummy drinks that are easy to make. You can buy this yummy drink at Whole foods, Amazon and other great stores. For more information click on the below links.

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mention product to sample and give my honest opinion on."


Buzz4Mommies said...

I love the simple ingredients and really vanilla is my favorite! Tea is so good for you and I adore that it's easy to make!!

Linda Carmical said...

I've never been a chai person, but my daughter tells me I'm crazy! I may just have to cave in and try it!

Melissa said...

I am obsessed with Chai & that looks so good! Plus I'm sure it's much better for me than the Chai's at the local coffeehouses. Definitely a must try for me!

Ellen said...

I love vanilla chai. It's one of my favorite flavors.

Jamie said...

It's about time they make something with things in it that we can pronounce!! ha/ha I'm not into the Chai flavor, but I know people who are - I'll share this with them! :)

Jessica said...

I think I would love this! I love chai tea. I am going to have to look if it is available near us.

Unknown said...

I love tea but have never tried chai before. It looks really good.

Michelle F.

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