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Monday, May 5, 2014

Papa Murphy's- Love At 425 Degrees

Disclosure: As a #PapaMurphysMom I have received free samples to try with my family and to share my honest opinion.

I have a new favorite place for pizza. My family loves pizza and we usually eat it at least once a week. I like making my own pizza as I can make it fresh with the ingredients that I love. When I am pressed for time or too tired to cook,I will order a pizza but I always complain that there is not enough toppings on my pizza. Papa Murphy's is a better solution for for me and I could not be happier.I love that Papa Murphy's allows me to get a fresh pizza with plenty of the toppings that I love.

I knew that last Sunday was going to be a busy day for my family so I decided to buy some Papa Murphy's pizza for our lunch. My family and I went to Papa Murphy's the night before to buy our pizzas. Papa Murphy's pizza is made fresh when you order it and you take it home to bake in your oven.  I love that I can custom order the pizza with fresh ingredients and take it home to cook the next day, you can also cook your pizza that day. Their prices are great too. I was able to get 2 pizzas and 2 containers of cookie dough for $25.00.

Our first pizza we ordered was a half cheese and half spinach pan pizza. Look at all the yummy spinach on my pizza.

My husband and teenager son ordered a stuffed pizza with pepperoni one one side and sausage on the other. They were pleased with all the meat on it.

We also ordered two containers of cookie dough for dessert.This was easy to just scoop and bake after our pizzas cooked since the oven was already hot. Their cookie dough is made fresh daily.

Since the pizzas were for lunch on Sunday, we put everything in the fridge for the next day. I did sneak a bite of the cookie dough, relax it is made with pasteurized eggs.

When we got home from church on Sunday, the pizzas went into the oven to bake at 425 degrees.

The pizzas did not take that long to cook and were done in 20 minutes. I love that they bake right on the pans that they were made on. 

My family enjoyed having pizza for lunch. I loved that the crust tasted like my homemade pizza dough. 

Papa Murphy's is my favorite place for pizza when I don't feel like cooking.

The cookies were also a terrific treat for after lunch. My teenager son baked them for me. Each container made eighteen  yummy cookies.

Papa Murphy's has a great deal for Thursday May 8th for us moms. To celebrate Mom's night out you can use the below coupon to get a large 2-topping pizza along with 2 sides for only $12.00. Buy pizza for the family and take the night off.

You can print this page and cut out the coupon, copy and paste it or pull it up on your electronic device and show it at your local Papa Murphy's but remember it is good May 8, 2014 only at participating locations.

Will you take advantage of this great coupon and take the night off? What toppings do you like on your pizza?


  1. I love pizza with spinach...your selections looks really tasty. Very cool about the chocolate chip cookies.

  2. Looks yummy!

    If my boys had their way, we would have pizza for dinner every night!

  3. So yummy! The crust looks amazing! I am going to have to check them out :)

  4. YUM - I sure wish we had one of these near us, but the closest is over 4 hours away. :( Great post though, looks really good for dinner!

  5. We love Papa Murphy's Pizza! Our favorite is just pepperoni or cheese with "pink" sauce.

  6. We do not have it in NYC love the idea too... I want to try

  7. That is such a great deal. I am surely going to find who near me is honoring this!

  8. We have tons of Papa Murphy's nearby and I have never tried them. I think I will try them out now, the spinach pizza looks delicious!

  9. That looks really good. I love that you can get cookie dough too.

    Michelle F.

  10. I absolutely love this concept, but sadly there are no Papa Murphy's near me. And it comes with cookie dough too?! Yea, that would never get baked! (I am obsessed with raw cookie dough - as long as it's store bought.)

  11. Pizza's look yummy! I will be trying them when I move back to the US. Just looked at their locations and there is one minutes away from my home in US.

  12. I love spinach on my pizza. It's one of my favorite toppings.

  13. Looks delicious! We love making our own pizza's, but I rarely have time to make the crusts, etc. So this is the next best thing. And sooo much better than frozen!

  14. We love their super thin crust pizzas. We get 5 or 6 at a time and freeze them. Great for a quick meal.

  15. I actually really love Papa Murphys! Haha. Great post. :)

  16. Checking to see if there is a location near me! This sounds like such an awesome pizza place!

  17. These look so yummy! I wish we had a Papa Murphy's closer than 2 hours. :(


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