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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Label Daddy Is Awesome For Kids And Grownups

I discovered a great way to label items with peel and stick labels that not only look great but stay put even in the dishwasher and washing machine. As a parent you need a way to label items for your kids. Items like clothes for camp and bottles for day care. Label Daddy makes stickers to label almost anything. Their stickers look great and can be personalized with many different colors and pictures. The great part is the labels stay put on clothes and are made to be washed. Items with the labels on them can even go in the dishwasher.

Label Daddy makes labels for just about everything. They make many different sizes of labels. They are great to place on kids shoes and sports equipment. Kids will love placing the labels on their school supplies and moms will love them for inside their clothes. They even make labels for children with food allergies so you can place them where they will be noticed.The stickers are colorful and can be customized with pictures and logos from sports to Disney. You can decide what information you want on the label too. Grownups will also find uses for the labels.

I was able to make a package of labels and I chose some address labels thinking they would be great for my letters.

Once my labels arrived I found many other uses for the labels. I placed them on my dishes thinking these would be great for potlucks so my dishes get back to me.

They also went on my suitcase as I thought they would be great for travel. I will be ordering some more labels with my cell phone number on them as on our last trip a suitcase was left behind at the car rental place. Thankfully my son realized his suitcase was missing as I had not labeled it with my cell phone number, next time I will be prepared with Label Daddy

So tell me how Label Daddy can help you? What items do you need to label?

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mentioned products to share with my readers."


Kira said...

This is very cool. I'm a preschool teacher and this would be awesome for my class.

Erin S said...

What a great idea on plates-I loose them to potlucks all the time

Jamie said...

I got my labels the other day and was very pleased with the quality, etc. Great company to work with, wonderful customer service and perfect for families that need labels for kids or anything else!! Love it! Tweeted this!

Jenny From the Blog said...

I do soooo enjoy Label Daddy, which reminds me I have to put in an order!

Jessica said...

Yes, I agree, those would be great for potluck dishes or if you are bringing over a casserole to a new mom. Best for everyone to have stuff labeled!

Yona Williams said...

I really like how colorful these labels are, and what a cute company name!

Ellen said...

That is handy. I hate losing dishes when I go to potlucks because they don't have my name on them.

Danielle said...

I love labels. I even bought a label maker I like using labels to organize things.

Idmelabels said...

Kid will love their things more and take care of their items more to save labels.

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