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Friday, May 2, 2014

Serafino Double Wall Glasses Are Cool Looking Handcrafted Drinkware

I just love the way these glasses look. The Serafino Double Wall glasses will look great with any liquid in it. These 8 and 12 ounce heat and shatter resistant borosilicate glasses are strong and durable and are made for cold or hot liquids. The Patent-pending double wall design suspends drinks within an inner wall, creating an engaging optical effect. I love that each glass is easy to hold with a  contour shape that provides a natural aesthetic grip.

These glasses are designed to keep your hands cool with hot drinks and free of free of condensation with chilled beverages. That means so more water marks on the table as these glasses do not sweat. These cool glasses are so versatile in what you can use them for. I use them for hot coffee drinks, water, juice, ice tea, and even desserts like gelatin and pudding. My guests always talk about how cool they look when I serve these glasses on my table. My 14 year old son loves drinking from these glasses as he thinks his soda tastes better in them.

The Serafino glasses are sold in sets of four to a box and you can purchase them in 8 or 12 ounces. These modern looking glasses are completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. They ship in an elegant 4 color printed box with a 1 Year Warranty. If anything goes wrong with your glasses, the company will replace them. I have a couple of bridal showers to attend to this summer and I think these Serafino glasses will make the perfect gift.

To purchase these awesome glasses, click on the below links:

Serafino Double Wall 8 ounce Glasses   http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00BF15AVC

Serafino Double Wall 12 ounce Glasses http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00BF1AKNA

"These opinions are my own and I was sent the above mentioned product to review with my honest opinion."


Anonymous said...

Those look really cool and sturdy. I would love to use them when we have guests.

Michelle F.

Jamie said...

I would love to try these. You always see like Irish Creme coffee in cups like this in cookbooks, etc., but I've always been afraid to use my glasses. These would be perfect!

AJ said...

Double-pane glasses are my favorite thing.

Yona Williams said...

That is cool that these glasses can go in the microwave and freezer. I like drinking my orange juice out of these kinds of glasses.

Ellen said...

What unique looking glasses. They'd be great for lemonade this summer.

Candy Cook said...

They look heavy duty... I like that they are freezable and microwavable, too? Rad.

Jessica said...

These will be perfect for summer since you can freeze them! Cocktail time!

Gwendolyn M. said...

These are so unique looking, I can think of several projects I can use them for.

HealthTips said...

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