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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How To Get More For Your Dollar: Thrifty Finds And Saving Tips

You might be a new homeowner, a parent, a college student or just someone who wants to make better financial decisions, either way, knowing how to manage your budget, can help you save and live on a limited income, without going without.

There are hundreds of small or more significant ways that you can save money and can get more for your dollar out and about, while shopping, and even within your home. Several money-saving tips are included below which you can make use of, and share with other people who are looking to save money and live better.

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Compare the market

Don’t just shop in one particular store for all of your groceries, but look around for the best offers in different places. While this may seem time-consuming, you can break it down by going to a particular supermarket one day, which you know has fresh produce on offer for example, and going to another store later in the week which sells cheaper canned goods. Shopping around will allow you to get the best possible price, stay healthy, and assess the quality of two similarly priced products.

Buy Own Brand products

There is often very little difference between a name brand product and a supermarkets own brand. Of course, in some cases you will get what you pay for, however with basic household staples such as flour, sugar, toilet paper and there is likely to be very little difference. Decide what products you are willing to switch and test it out on your family without telling them. It is very unlikely that anyone will notice that you used a budget range of sugar in a cake! In fact, it is often branding and marketing that encourages consumers to buy a popular name brand over another, and you shouldn't fall trap to purchasing a product simply because of its packaging.

Get Into Couponing

Couponing is one of the best ways you can get more for your money without compromising on quality. Being organized with your coupons means that you will know in advance what offers are available to you on a particular day, week, or month, and allows you to better organize your budget and plan your shopping list costs before you go to a store. You don’t have to limit your coupon usage to buy your groceries, however, as there are many coupon sites, such as https://www.couponsherpa.com/ that offer savings and deals on a wide range of products and services. Having friends who coupon can make this a fun and social activity, as well as allowing you to swap and share coupons.

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Buy In Bulk

Buying the items you regularly use at a bulk warehouse, such as Costco or other similar stores, is usually far cheaper than buying these items on an individual basis from supermarkets. As well as saving money, buying in bulk can also save you time, by cutting down on the number of trips you make to the store. Make a list of the most common things that your family uses or go through quickly and see how much money you save by buying these in bulk. Make sure that you purchase non-perishable items, as you will want to be able to store them for a period.

Go To Markets

While many people consider buying their groceries at a farmers market to be too expensive, if you are smart you can save money and get a better quality of produce than you would get in a supermarket. Farmers markets have fresher produce, a wider range and allow smaller independent vendors the chance to offer their local produce. If you become a regular at farmers markets, you are likely to get to know the suppliers and may be able to snap up bargains or offers before anyone else. The best time to go when you are hunting for a bargain is towards the end of the market when vendors are trying to get rid of their products and will offer it at a reduced price, and sometimes even for free.

Go To Flea Markets And Second Hand Stores

Whether you are moving home and looking for furniture,  need to find a special wedding gift, or looking to decorate your home, then consider buying second hand. Places such as flea markets and thrift stores are great for individuals who may not have the budget for antique stores but who still desire the look and feel of antique or vintage items. If you hunt carefully and know what you are looking for, you might be able to find a unique item at a fraction of its original price.

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Save On Energy With Solar Power

More people than ever before are turning to solar energy to meet their energy needs. This is a method of energy that usually takes the form of solar panels. The increasing costs of gas and other fuel sources mean that it is becoming more affordable to invest in solar energy. While the upfront costs of solar panels may put people off, it is an investment that will save money in the long run, as the panels will only require minimal upkeep and you will not have to pay for further costs of energy once they are in place. An additional benefit to solar panels is that many energy companies will buy the leftover energy that you do not use, making this an investment that will not only save you money but actively make you money.

Reduce Your Fuel Costs

Most people have at least one car, and it is the most popular form of transport in cities and towns around the world. Buying a car, and the costs associated with running it, leave many people out of pocket, and makes up a big part of people’s yearly costs, being almost as expensive as the price of accommodation. Choosing to leave your car at home will save you on the cost of fuel while being a great way to stay fit if you replace driving with walking, cycling or running. Carpooling is also an excellent way to reduce your fuel costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

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