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Friday, June 23, 2017

Want To Sleep On Clouds? Try The Puffy Mattress

                      Have you ever wonder what a cloud feels like?

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Have you ever looked up at the clouds and wonder what they would feel like? I remember as a kid lying on the soft grass and staring up at the clouds with my friends. We would see shapes like animals in the clouds and wonder how the clouds felt. The inspiration for one of the most comfortable mattress was inspired from the clouds. The owners of Puffy created their mattress on an airplane as they were looking out the window staring at the clouds.

Our inspiration for Puffy™ stemmed from a plane flight back home. While staring out the window, a thought came to mind “What would it be like to lay on a cloud?" The thought became the catalyst for us to initiate our research and develop a cloud that one can sleep on - thus Puffy™ was born. At Puffy™, we are dedicated to cultivating the most comfortable mattress for anyone to sleep on.

The Puffy took 182 formulations,117 prototypes and 3,464 hours to bring you a Cloud-Like comfort and full bodied support with just the right amount of give and bounce -all while keeping you cool while you sleep. This mattress has a specialized 2 -layer system with a 3in. top layer and a 7in. base core layer. The 3in. top layer is cultivated from their unique Deep Sleep Cloud™ foam.

The Puffy mattress comes with an affordable price and is made in the USA from start to finish. The mattress also comes with a 15-year warranty. The folks at Puffy want you to be unsatisfied with their mattress so they offer a 101 night trial with free returns if you don't find their mattress to be like sleeping on soft clouds

Puffy also thought about safety when they created this comfortable mattress.

Their most comfortable mattress is manufactured without chemicals. The Puffy company uses CertiPURUS certified foam

What Does CertiPUR-US mean for the consumer?
                                                           ~ no ozone depleters 
                                                           ~ no PBDEs
                                                           ~ no TDCPP or TCEP (” Tris”) flame retardants
                                                           ~ no mercury, lead, and other heavy metals 
                                                           ~ no formaldehyde 
                                                           ~ no phthalates 
                                                           ~ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions 

With Puffy mattress you get a comfortable mattress that is shipped to your house. Go to https://puffy.com/ to discover more about this cloud soft mattress.


  1. I really love the name of the Puffy mattress. Puffy just sounds so comfortable and restful!

  2. Looks like a good brand. Too bad I surely can't get Puffy in my area

  3. Wow, looks like a wonderful mattress. I wonder if I would like it!!

  4. This sounds like it would be really comfortable. We need a new mattress. We will have to look into one of these.

  5. It is important to have a good mattress. This sounds like it would be perfect for me and my wife.

  6. Ohh this sounds like a really interesting mattress, I like the idea of sleeping on a something so comfy it is like a fluffy cloud.

  7. We bought a new mattress a few months ago and have wondered why in the world we didn't do it sooner. A comfy mattress can make all the difference. We'll definitely keep Puffy mattresses in mind if we know of anyone who needs a new one!

  8. My latest mattress is chemical free and created for comfort too. I have the best night sleep with it ever and Puffy sounds like a lovely company

  9. I desperately need a new mattress and this one sounds so cushy! I would love to try this mattress!

  10. I love our foam mattress! The puffy mattress looks amazing too!

  11. I am in the market for a new mattress. Definitely looking into this one.

  12. I MUST try this bed. You had me at cloud.

  13. I'm buying myself a new mattress this year and have been reading reviews on all of them. This is the first time I've heard of the Puffy Mattress so I need to check it out before making up my mind. It sounds heavenly.

  14. Oh now I definitely need to check out puffy...Absolutely love that its lead free. I've been needing a new mattress cause my current is just not cutting it anymore.

  15. You know it's already comfy because of the name of the mattress. It looks really nice and I'm sure anyone who sleeps there would sleep comfortably!

  16. Looks and sounds interesting for sure. I would love to try this mattress out for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  17. An organic mattress, for example, boasts plenty of benefits that will help you to rest easy each night. Best price mattress

  18. The mattress also comes with a 15-year warranty. The folks at Puffy want you to be unsatisfied with their mattress so they offer a 101 night trial with free returns if you don't find their mattress to be like sleeping on soft clouds.


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