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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Does Bike Riding Give Me A Good Workout? #giveaway

I love bike riding for exercise!

I started running because I thought I could get a better workout. I like running for my workout when it comes to time as I can get a good workout in less time. I used to just ride my bike when I needed to go places like the store as I thought I was not getting that good of work out. That all changed last year when I took a bike class at a fitness center and I learned how to maximize my bike ride to get a better work out. So now I am riding my bike more often and getting some great exercise. So how do I get a better workout on my bike rides?

Choose Hills
One thing that I like to do when I go for a bike ride is to choose a route with hills. Sometimes the hills are at the beginning of my ride and other times I will do the hills in the middle or at the end of the ride. The hills give my legs and heart a great workout. Hills also does a great job of building my leg muscles.

My energy source for biking is delicious Quick Vita

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Stand up more
   When my route does not have hills or I want to work the muscles in my arms, I find that standing while biking offers me some great benefits. I find that my muscles in my arms get some action when I stand up when biking. I also use different muscles in my legs. When you stand when biking it makes the workout harder. Now I just don't stand up straight but I lean into my handlebars to get some great arm toning.

Bike Faster
For the most part, I am biking fast as I like speed but I like to have intervals when I challenge myself and try to go faster. I will try to bike fast and count to sixty and then I take a break for a couple of minutes and repeat this for a while. I find that this speed training gives my heart and legs a great workout.

Switch Gears
 You can get a great workout when biking on the lowest gear. When I am on flat land I usually bike on the lowest gear as that really works the muscles in my legs. I really only switch gears when going up steep heals. Sometimes I even try to do the hills without switching gears.

Bring The Kids With
When my boys were little, I would attach a kid carrier onto my bike and that made my bike ride a better workout. When I had to go up hills that would make for one intense workout.

Bike Longer
When I go out for bike rides, I usually will go out for an hour or more. When I run, I go out for only 40 minutes. With running I only do 4-5 miles while biking I try to get 8-10 miles in.

All this biking requires energy and good nutrition. I like to drink a delicious chocolate smoothie before my bike ride. I make my smoothie with a nut milk and a scoop of Quick Vita. This scoop of delicious powder gives my body a powerhouse of great nutrition. I love that Quick Vita is made with lots of fruits and vegetables like spinach, wheat grass, pineapple and many others but still taste like a delicious chocolate smoothie. It is a great way to get my daily vitamins in along with protein and fiber.

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Masshole Mommy said...

I get an awesome workout on the bike - and even in spin class. Great way to burn some calories.

Erin S said...

These are such a great way to start your day especially an active day. Biking is such a fantastic workout http://www.parentinghealthy.com/

Carol Cassara said...

Cycling or bike riding is perfect if you're looking for a fun way to exercise. You get to workout and see awesome views while you're at it. These are great tips!

Melissa said...

I love riding my bike and I always forget that it is an option for working out. It really gets my heart pumping and I think I am going to head out today, thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I want to try cycling first...it's been years since I've been on a bike.

Sojourner Williams said...

Biking looks like such a fun and engaging work out. I'd love to get into it.

Unknown said...

This is awesome! I would love to experience a great bike ride you are a motivation.

Unknown said...

I love bike rides!! I used to be really into riding bikes when I was younger, but I don't have a bike anymore! I hope to get one soon!

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