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Friday, June 23, 2017

My OgoSport Party

  My boys and I just hosted a wonderful party at the park. It was a perfect hot day, we could have asked for better weather. Now I know what you are thinking, the hot weather is perfect? Well, it was a water balloon fight party. I was sent some cool items from OgoSport and Tryazon to feature at my party. I was sent several OgoDisk H2O, water balloons, and other fun items for my friends to take home.

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So what is an OgoDisk H2O?
The OgoDisk H2O is a lightweight disk that flies and floats. It has a stretchy material like makes objects like water balloons bounce off. These cool disks are awesome for water balloon fights as they make great shields. When a water balloon is coming towards you put the OgoDisk up and the water balloon bounces off of it, sometimes splashing on the person who threw the water balloon so they get wet. These disks made our water ballon fight so much fun. The OgoDisks are also great to use a flying disk. My boys can’t wait to try them in the pool.

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  My son was anxious to fill up all the many balloons that came with the OgoDisks. They could not wait to take all the water balloons up to the park. Thank goodness for a cooler with wheels. We also brought with sponges so once the water balloons were gone, they could have fun with wet sponges. Wet sponges are a great substitute for water balloons and they bounce off the OgoDisks just like water balloons.

The OgoDisks were a huge hit with my boy’s friends. I am glad that they sent plenty of extras for my boy’s friends to take

Want to know more about these cool OgoDisks H2O? Then head over to Amazon to have a look.

Check out some photos from the party

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