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Friday, June 2, 2017

My Job Has Been Replaced By The Shiatsu Massager

My husband loves his new Shiatsu Massager!

Sponsored Post: I received a Shiatsu Massager to facilitate this post.

  My husband loves back rubs and whines for them all the time. I, on the other hand, do not like back rubs one bit. I don't like receiving a back rub or giving one either. Being the good wife, I try to give my husband a back rub but it hurts my hands. You see my husband has a big back and my small hands have a hard time rubbing his back without experiencing pain. So I was so happy when my husband fired me from my back rubbing job and replaced me with a Shiatsu Massager. My hands are happy too that they have been replaced by by a bunch of heated kneading balls that do a great job of taking away my husband's sore muscles.

 For many years I have been trying to buy my husband devices that would give him wonderful back rubs but none of them seemed to work like the hands of a masseuse person. When my husband tried the Wollin Shiatsu Massager, he gave it a thumbs up and said it does a great job. My husband likes that he can use this muscle massager on different parts of his body while watching TV or working on his computer. The massager has found a permanent spot on the couch so when my husband gets home from work he can turn this wonder back rubbing device on and relax after a long day at work. Right now my husband is inspecting pools for the city so they can open for the summer. That job means a lot of bending over to get samples of the water to make sure the chemicals are balanced for clean safe water. So his back and neck are sore by the end of the day. The Shiatsu Massager has these heated kinds of spiked balls inside the device that knead away my husband soreness just like a pair of masseuse's hands would do. With a push of a button, my husband can reverse the direction of the balls or turn off the heat. I am glad the massager plugs into the wall as it would my husband would use way too many batteries if it did not. This product also comes with a car charger so my husband can use it on long car trips.

Just look at these amazing features!

I am glad that I have been replaced by the Shiatsu Massager! My hands have never been happier. I love being able to use my hands for typing on my keyboard instead. So if you love back rubs or have a partner who does, then you need to check this product out.

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Jaycie said...

I bet it's amazing! going to have to look further into it

Aduke Schulist said...

Oh my! I LOVE back massages. I need to get me one of these so I can quit trying to bribe my kids into doing the job lol

Passions of a SAHM said...

I guess I need a back massager too. Going to the massage parlor, sauna or spa or availing home service is too pricey nowadays. Having a back massager at home is practical.

Unknown said...

Oh this looks very interesting. My husband is a professional athlete and we could always use a massager around the house.

Katy {AShadeOfTeal} said...

I need this massager now! It looks like the perfect massager when you have no one else around to help. My husband would love if we had one of these.

Unknown said...

My husband will surely love this shoulder massager! He could also bring it in his office. Glad you shared it.

alfonzowrods said...

WOW! my dad would never leave the lounge or that chair hahaha it would be the perfect fathersday gift

Alayna said...

I love how it has those arm holes so you can pull on it for more pressure. Very cool idea!

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