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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Healthy Is Not A Number On The Scale

I do not weigh myself.

  I have not weighed myself for a long time. In fact, I can not remember the last time I weighed myself. I have a love/hate relationship with scales. I can look at myself in the mirror and love what I see but once I step on that scale is a different story. That number on the scale can make me feel ugly inside. So that is why I don't step on the scale. I instead, love myself by doing healthy things as when I am healthy, I feel good. I don't judge health by a number but rather by the way I feel and look. Healthy should make me happy. If I have to starve myself to be healthy than how can I be happy.

Why do I want to be healthy?

I want to be healthy so I can run.
I want to be healthy so I can chase after my boys at the park.
I want to be healthy so I don't have any sick days
I want to be healthy so clothes look good on me.
I want to be healthy so my cholesterol is at a good number.
I want to be healthy so I do not have a heart attack.

 These are just some of my reasons why I want to be healthy. Your reasons for being healthy may be different. Your body size for healthy may be different than mine as one size does not fit all. My clothing size may be different than yours as healthy bodies come in different sizes. I want to look good in clothes but I also want to be comfortable too.

Clothes can make the person!

 Whatever size your healthy is, having clothes that make you feel comfortable and happy is always good. If losing weight is a goal for you, stop telling yourself that you will buy that pretty dress or any other articles of clothing once you lose the weight. Love yourself now and buy something that makes you feel good. Stop wearing too tight clothes or too baggy clothes.  One example of too tight clothes that we ladies buy is our bra. There may be a reason we ladies can't wait to get out of our bras at the end of the day. Get a bra that not only is comfortable to wear but also looks amazing so you can be comfortable in your own skin. Check out the v-neck bra from Knix as it is a good choice for a comfortable wireless bra that feels good to wear.

How I do healthy.

 Some of the ways that I stay healthy are eating healthy foods(most of the time), exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and keeping a positive attitude. Healthy foods keep my body not only well but also at a healthy weight. Exercise not only keeps my body looking nice but it sure does great for my mood too. Sleep helps with a lot of things from my mood to how I function. I also find that a positive attitude like loving myself no matter what size I am, helps me to be healthy. I love me for me. I love that jiggly belly that helped me bring five children into the world. I love my body and want it to be healthy. I love the way my body looks.

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