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Sunday, June 17, 2018

It Is A Tara Thing And My New Office

I love my new office!

I have had my new office for about a month and I am loving it. It was a great decision to convert our unused office into my new photo studio/blogger room. This room has made my house less cluttered and it has helped me be more efficient with my work. Having a clean space does wonders with my creativity. I just love sitting in this room and working. I originally bought the white table for a place to take pictures but I am also using the table as my desk. I just love having my morning coffee and looking out the window as I answer my emails.

 The kids know that my new space is off limits to them. They are not allowed to play in there or bring their toys/clutter into my new room. When they whine about it being no fair, I just show them my new mug. My new personalized mug says it all!

I love that my new coffee mug has my name on it. It just makes me feel so special. When I was younger, my name was not common. I remember going to stores on vacations that sold items with names on them and never find a single personalized item with my name on it. I would spin the rack around at every store hoping this would be the store that had the pin, cup, or another item with my name on it. I never gave up, I checked every store on every vacation.

So when I discovered this store that put my name on a personalized coffee mug, I was thrilled, over the moon thrilled!  The wait was over and my name was finally on something! I love that my name is on a cute coffee mug. You can even buy this mug with your name on it! You can even get your name on a t-shirt or other items. My next mug will have my website name on it.

Do you have a unique name that is impossible to find on personalized items?


kymom13 said...

I can promise you there are NO anything with my name on it. I am a female and my name is Barrie! My daughter's name is Kelli but it's hard to find things spelled with an "i".

annies home said...

how very pretty love that flare of pink on your desk, specializes it just for you

kumamonjeng said...

I really love the decoration in your "blogger room", everything seems so cosy and sweet. Like the typing keyboard which is pink! Your personalized mug just awesome and you get reminded everytime and motivated when you sees this beautiful mug!

Sheri said...

This space looks really nicely done, and the use of colour makes it pop.

Erin S said...

I love the colors and that mug us awesome! Love the feeling of a new space

Sab Reads Books said...

I feel like your office reflects your personality very well! Such beautiful colors mixed in together. Seems cozy as well!

Dena said...

Your office is so pretty! I like the design and all especially your mug. I like personalized things like this.

redheadmomblog said...

Your new office looks so pretty! I would love to have my own office someday. Definitely a lot of great ideas here!

Aduke Schulist said...

Growing up I could not find Courtney on anything. I had a love/hate relationship with my name. I dig your new office.

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