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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Calm Itchy Inflamed Skin With Black Seed Oil

I discovered a superfood for my dry winter skin!

I received a sample of organic black seed oil to facilitate this post.

 I am not a fan of winter. I dislike the cold weather and the dreary days when the sun barely shines. The cold weather just makes me want to stay inside and curl up on the couch. The winter weather also does a number on my skin. The air is already dry where I live as I live in the desert of New Mexico and running the heat just makes the air even drier. Then there is the constant hand washing that happens in the winter to keep the germs away. Add in a day of cooking and my hands are so dry that they are itchy and inflamed. It seems that my hands always have atopic dermatitis and/or eczema in the winter. Don't get me started on those dreadful cracks around my fingernails!

      These are my hands on a good day. Notice the bumps and cracks around my fingernails.

Here is a close-up of the fingers so you can see the sore, they are hard to see but they hurt.

Don't touch my hands! 

 On the days when the eczema on my hands flairs up, my hands hurt so I have to remind my husband to not touch my hands. When my hands are experiencing eczema, they are red and inflamed. I try not to use my hands much on those days as any kind of contact on the sores hurt. I once bumped my hand against something and it was very painful! I am glad that we have short winters here but they are still too long for me. Winter is the time that I use plenty of creams and oils. The products that I use have to be made from natural ingredients as things like chemicals and alcohol make my sensitive skin even worse. I have to even avoid touching citrus foods in the winter as that too stings my skin. So in the winter, I use an organic cold pressed oil on my itchy inflamed skin for amazing relief! Now if I could just get someone else to wash the dishes.

Organic oil is always best

 It makes sense that the oil that I put on my sensitive hands be organic as then I know it has no pesticides to aggravate my skin. I discovered Naked Nutrient Premium Black Seed Oil and I like how it makes my hands feel. I keep a bottle of this cold pressed oil in the kitchen so I remember to apply it to my hands first thing in the morning. I just love the nutty scent of the Organic Black Seed Oil. Yes, the Black Seed Oil is greasy but it does not take that long to absorb. I just rub the oil into my hands and then rub the excess on my face as it does wonders for my face. By the time I am done making my breakfast, my hands feel so soft. I don't have to worry about the oil touching my food as the black seed oil is safe to eat and can be ingested for a superfood supplement. This oil is a superfood for my skin that helps calm my itchy inflamed skin. I love that it is also vegan-friendly and alcohol-free.

Naked Nutrient Premium Black Seed Oil is made from Black Cumin Seed and is:

USDA Organic
1st Virgin, Cold pressed oil
Unrefined & unfiltered to be purely natural
Gluten free
Alcohol & Solvent free
Superfood for your skin

Discover organic Black Seed Oil & save 20%


 Black cumin oil is perfect to use on your skin to naturally soften, strengthen, and firm. Calms inflamed itchy skin and some studies even suggest it may be useful against scars and to prevent scar formation on wounds. For hair, It is shown to help increase hair growth and reduce dandruff. 

Black Seed Oil is a superfood for the body too

 The black seed oil is also loaded with omegas so I can also add a teaspoon to my morning smoothie. I know that some people take this supplement straight but the taste is a bit strong to me. If I forget to add it to my smoothie that morning, I may add a bit of honey to it. Another way I take my daily supplement of black seed oil in is my lemon ginger tea.

Great for boosting immunity

USA research has scientific proof that taking Organic Black Seed Oil regularly can support immune cells & raise production, protecting normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses & raise the number of antibody-producing cells. 

I also add my black seed oil to my honey turmeric paste for awesome immunity boosting

Benefits and Uses of Black Seed Oil

Natural skin care- moisturizes skin, hair, and nails
Reduces itchy skin caused by eczema & psoriasis
High in anti-oxidants
Source of Vegan Omega 3,6 & 9
Reduces inflammation of joints
Aids in digestion
Rich sources of essential fatty acids, trace minerals and vitamins
Immunity boosting
treatment of high cholesterol
Reduce blood pressure
Aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels
Promoted hair growth

Go HERE to discover more about organic Black Seed Oil and save 20% off your first purchase.


AiringMyLaundry said...

I am going to try this for sure. I do have itchy skin, especially in the winter. I need to find something that will help. I hate my skin being like this.

Candace said...

Definitely need this for my husband. He has sensitive itchy skin during winter, specially on his fingers like you.


Alexandra Cook said...

I love this!
What a great tip - I need to give this a try. Always happy to use natural products :)

Alvern said...

So sorry about your inflamed hands. Have you tried using gloves to do the washing up? I actually never heard of black seed oil before. It sounds so amazing as it seems to offer relief from some many ailments.

kumamonjeng said...

Wow, amazing and I dont believe it at all. My mom has similar problem with her fingers and I am going to show this to her.

jessi joachim said...

This blackseed oil seems great for dry itchy inflamed skin. I have an issue with dry skin as does my husband so this may be super helpful!

Supermompicks said...

I should get some for this winter season. I always struggle with dry and cracked fingers. I love that it’s organic!

berlin said...

Never thought a black seed oil may do wonders on itchiness and the like. I like that it is organic, not giving much aide effects.

Chad said...

Don't laugh at me but i've never heard of black seed oil before, will definitely read more about it now. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Swathi said...

I need to check this black seed oil, looks like great product. I get itchy hands and damaged nails. I like buy organic whenever possible.

Hannah Marie said...

This is definitely a must try. It has a lot of uses. I would love to get this.

Princess Quinn said...

I never thought of these benefits. I am looking forward of using this.

This Mum At Home said...

This looks like a great product and I have someone in mind that could use this thank you :)

Wanda Lopez said...

I had no idea black seed oil had this benefits. Great tips. I will start using more natural remedies. They are so much better for you.

Mommy Sigrid said...

Your hands look painful! But I'm glad that you found relief in black seed oil. I don't think we have that product here in our city.

latiesha said...

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