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Sunday, February 24, 2019

No-Knead Dairy Free Jalapeno Cheese Artisan Bread

This Easy No-Knead Artisan Bread is the perfect savory bread for sandwiches! It has the perfect amount of spicy heat. Best of all is that it is dairy-free! You will love the crispy crust and the chewy bread.

 If you are looking for delicious savory bread with a kick of heat, this no-knead artisan bread is perfect. This dairy-free bread requires no-kneading and vegans will rejoice in the cheese flavor. This bread is so moist and chewy with an incredibly crispy crust. The secret to this awesome-looking bread is baking it in a Dutch oven or a roasting pan. You could also use a covered slow cooker crock or a covered casserole dish. If you have no covered pans, you can also use an oven-safe pot and cover it with foil. These types of pans allow the steam to form while baking and this gives the bread its crispy rustic crust.

No-Knead Dairy-Free Jalapeno Cheese Artisan Bread is
~ Delicious
~ Dairy-Free
~ Chewy
~ Gooey with cheese
~ Perfect for sandwiches
~ Has a crispy crust
~ No-Knead
~ Loaded with flavor

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Dairy-free cheese makes all the difference
 Since I wanted the taste of cheese in this bread as it pairs so well with the jalapenos, I used a dairy-free cheddar style cheese so this bread is great for a plant-based or vegan diet. I also used sweet and mild jalapenos for just a small bit of heat. The sweet jalapenos add a wonderful spicy, sweet taste to the bread. If you want a spicier bread then make sure to use hot jalapenos. This bread is so full of flavor that it needs no dairy-free butter spread. I like to slice off a thick slice of the bread and warm it up. This bread would be the perfect base for any sandwich.

A roasting pan makes a perfect bread pan
 I decided to bake my bread in a roasting pan as I did not have a Dutch oven. I love using this unique roasting pan for my Chipotle Roasted Cauliflower as it caramelizes the cauliflower for a great taste. You have to try my cauliflower recipe as roasting the cauliflower gives it an amazing sweet taste that even my picky husband can not resist. This pan is an oval shape so it gave my bread a nice shape. I also love how easy this pan is to clean as it has a non-stick finish.

Tip: Line the Dutch oven with parchment paper for easy removal and cleanup. ~ I love the price of this 200-sheet pack of parchment paper.

The dough needs to rise for 12-18 hours
 Since this is a no-knead bread it needs to rise for at least 12 hours in a warm, draft-free spot. I like to make the dough at night and then place it in my oven. I turn on the oven light as this makes the oven the perfect warm spot for the dough to rise. Just make sure the oven is turned off and the oven door is closed.

A different way to make artisan bread
 This unique recipe is simply a different way to make artisan bread. The covered pan gives the bread a wonderful crispy crust and helps the bread to keep its shape. This bread has a delightfully chewy texture also. Since this is a no-knead bread that makes this bread so easy to make. If you are looking for an artisan bread that requires less time to rise, check out my recipe for Parmesan Olive Artisan Bread. If you have dairy problems you can omit the parmesan cheese in this bread. For an even simpler bread that requires no yeast, check out my Quick Caramelized Onion Bread. This flavorful bread can be made dairy-free without the cheese or you can use dairy-free mozzarella-style cheese.

Ingredients needed to make the bread
~ Flour
~ Vegan Cheese
~ Jalapenos
~ Yeast
~ Salt
~ Dutch Oven

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Yield: 16

No-Knead Dairy Free Jalapeno Cheeze Artisan Bread

This bread has the perfect amount of heat and sweetness to satisfy your cravings. Cooking it in a dutch oven or roasting pan makes the crust extra crispy and golden brown.


  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon yeast
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1 1/2 cups dairy-free cheese
  • 1/2 cup sliced pickled jalapenos (or more, if you wish!)
  • 1 1/2 cups water at room temperature


  1. Divide the flour into two bowls. In one bowl of flour stir in the yeast. In the bowl of flour, stir in the salt.
  2. Then pour both bowls of flour into a large bowl and stir a couple of times.
  3. Add the dairy-free cheese and sliced jalapenos to the dry ingredients in the large bowl and stir well until combined
  4. Pour in the water, making sure it is at room temperature. Too hot or too cold of water will cause the yeast to be killed or not work. Stir the dough up well. The dough will be rough and sticky, but that is normal.
  5. Once the dough is well combined, cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Since this is a no-knead dough, it will look very sticky.
  6. Place the bowl in a warm, draft-free spot and let it rise for 12-18 hours. Yes, the dough needs a long time to rise. I like to put my dough in the oven with the oven light on. Make sure the oven is turned off.
  7. After the dough has risen for 12-18 hours, place a piece of parchment paper on the counter and dust it with flour. Rub flour on your hands and pull all the dough out of the bowl. It will not feel like regular bread dough. Form your dough into a circle or the shape of your roasting pan/dutch oven. It is fine if the dough looks messy and this will give your bread a rustic look.
  8. Sprinkle your formed loaf with flour and loosely cover with plastic wrap. Let the dough rise for 45 minutes.
  9. While the dough is rising, place your dutch oven or roasting pan (without the lid) in the oven set at 450F to preheat.
  10. Once 45 minutes have passed remove the plastic wrap from the dough. If your dough does not look it rose much, don't worry as it will rise as it cooks.
  11. Remove your pan from the oven, it will be hot so use oven mitts and place on a heat-safe surface. Carefully pick up your formed dough by the parchment paper and gently place into the heated pan.
  12. Place the lid on the pan and return it to the oven for 30 minutes. Don't open the oven during this time, or take the lid off the pot, you need the steam to build up to form the crispy crust.
  13.  After 30 minutes, remove the lid from the pan and bake the bread for 15 more minutes.
  14. Remove the pan from the oven and place on a wire rack to cool.
  15.  Let the bread cool completely before removing from the pan. Also, do not slice it until cooled.
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Cristina Petrini said...

I just read cheddar to be convinced. I love everything that contains it.

Danielle said...

i have been all about the no-knead bread lately. i def will be trying this cause i love jalapeno bread!

Patricia said...

wow! i'm a big fan of jalapeno! now you really got me craving! im sure the house smelled so nice while this was baking! yum yum!

Chelle Dizon said...

That sounds a really great idea. I’m sure my partner will love this very much because of the cheese and the kick of jalapeño

Unknown said...

I love jalapenos! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love this. This looks so amazing!

Alvern said...

This looks like such an amazing idea for bread. I am just worried about the 12-18 hour rising time. I guess I can knead it at night and head off to bed and finish the process the next day. I am so glad that it is vegan as well.

Carla Necole said...

When you cut that slice open, my mouth immediately watered. I've never baked bread (or anything else) in my life. I would probably like sandwiches if I had bread like this though. I'm passing this right on to my baby sis who actually has this skill.

Mom Knows Best said...

Thats what I did. I made the bread in the evening and it rose over night. Then I baked it in the morning.

Janay said...

Dairy free cheese? I’ve never even heard of that before and now I must try it! I’m not lactose intolerant however I do prefer non dairy options. This is such a good idea for bread! I’ve never even heard of jalapeños bread. Thanks for sharing!

Kitty said...

I am definitely gonna try this one out this weekend... we love bread with jalapeños 😍❤️👍🏼

Brittany Vantrease said...

This looks amazing and has my mouth watering. I'm definitely going to have to try this.

Candace said...

Sounds so good. I like to keep my options open when it comes top healthy food. This sounds like a pretty good option to incorporate top my routine. Thanks for sharing!


Dalene Ekirapa said...

It definitely looks so easy to make because it is a no-knead bread. I've seen people hating the process of kneading dough...including me.

Nish said...

OMG! This bread looks so delicious! I'm on a low carb diet right now, and this is the absolute last thing I should be drooling over :(

Jamie said...

Yum - that sounds amazing!!! Do you think I would need to make any changes for high altitude baking? Pinning this to try!

Ben said...

That looks so good! I love making my own bread, especially when it's this easy. I love all those jalapenos!

Pam said...

We made a bread similar to this just a couple of days ago but it had dairy. I want to try your version too!

The Super Mom Life said...

There is nothing better than a fresh hot bread, unless there is cheddar involved! Yum!

Fatima D Torres said...

You had me at jalapeno! One of my favorite treats is cheese bread. Would be nice to try this combo

Richelle Escat said...

Sounds great. But I guess I'll eat this alone since my family is not fond of anything spicy.

Sol said...

Me too, you got me with those jalapenos! This is surely a great treat with that hot and yummy ingredient!

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Yum!! I have to try this, it's so pretty and looks so flavorful!

Anne Marie said...

Looks like it would be wonderful with a bowl of hot soup! I love spicy things and the combo of cheese and peppers.

Lynndee said...

Jalapeno cheese bread? Wow! I didn't know it is a thing. Looks good! -LYNNDEE

Ivan Jose said...

Delicious! I like that it's moist and chewy. I love that in bread.

Ivan Jose said...

I love that this bread still looks delicious. I will try to bake this soon.

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Now this is the kind of thing I love to eat but never make. I should branch out and give this a try myself.

Laura JL Books said...

It sounds so good. I don't know if I would put jalapeno in it. But the bread looks so yummy as well.

Beautiful Touches said...

I'd love to see how a no-knead bread turns out for me! This loaf looks so tasty!

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This sounds like a great flavor for a bread. I've never made bread - this looks so yummy!

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I have never tried this one, it looks absolutely delicious and tasty! I’d love to try this out

Christy G said...

Yum. This bread makes me miss the jalapeño cheese bread that subway used to have. I’ll have to make a batch and make some homemade sandwiches.

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