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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Best Natural Deodorant For Sweaty Tween Boys

Does my tween need deodorant?

        I received samples of Crystal deodorant to facilitate this post.

  My 12 year old just started sports at school and I brought up the question "do your armpits smell?" He replied, "I don't know." So I told him to have his younger brother smell his armpits. The younger 10-year-old son was willing to smell his brother's armpits but his brother would not let him as he thought that was weird. How is a mom supposed to know when to start having her middle schooler use natural deodorant? I know he had the health class, the one where they separated the boys from the girls and talk about puberty. So he knows about puberty and body odor, I think. The problem is this child is small for his age and will probably follow his older brothers and not hit puberty until high school. This child is also self-conscious about his body and does not talk about body things as he is too busy talking about sports. I am preparing myself for a meltdown when puberty hits this child and he has hair in his armpits. My older son who is 19 was excited about armpit hairs and had to show me his pits when the first hair appeared. I remember him looking into the mirror every night, checking to see if he had any armpit hairs. I guess he felt left out as his dark hair friends hit puberty in 6th grade and were already shaving. Now, this same boy is thankful for his blonde hair as he can go a long time without having to shave.

Oh, the joys of boys!

  Last night, my husband asked me to buy him a book about raising boys for his Trail Life group. I asked why as I could tell him all about raising boys, hello I do have four boys! So back to wondering if my son needs to start using antiperspirant. Since the other child was not able to smell his armpits, how am I to know. So I used this opportunity to talk to both boys about body odor. The younger one is so much bigger than his older brother and will probably hit puberty first. I approached the question differently and asked my son if he would like to start using deodorant for boys and he got excited and said "sure!" I am sure his friends are using deodorant in the locker room and he feels embarrassed that he is not. I then had my son smell some natural deodorant that was made for men. I was happy to discover scents that are manly and not girly scented. It would not be cool for my son to smell like a flower. My son liked the Mountain Fresh Mineral-Enriched Deodorant Invisible Solid as it smelled like his dad's body wash. I liked that it was naturally scented from essential oils so it would not aggravate my asthma.

 Prevents odor safely for up to 24 hours
- No waxy residue, no staining, no white marks
- No flaking, non-sticky, non-oily
- No Aluminum Chloride/Chlorohydrate/Zirconium
- No Parabens
- Dermatologist tested
- Vegan and Cruelty-Free

No Aluminum Chloride/Chlorohydrate/Zirconium

  My thoughts in starting the younger boys with natural deodorant are that they won't have to worry detoxing their armpits and they won't be exposing their body to aluminum or other toxic chemicals. My boys will not be clogging up their armpit pores either and will realize that sweating is healthy. The natural deodorant will keep them from stinking and instead, they will have a nice manly scent. My younger son liked the Freshly Mint Indivisible Solid Natural Deodorant. This one had a clean mint, crisp linen scent. I liked that it gives 24-hour stink protection so my boys could apply it after their shower and still smell good after gym class. I know that the older son will remember to use his deodorant stick but the younger one will need to be reminded. This boy forgets to comb his hair and does not care. So maybe I will have to apply the "stink stick" as I am saying goodbye to him in the morning. 

The answer to the stinky sweat is a natural armpit detox!

 Most people are hesitant to try a natural deodorant as they worry about the stinky sweat. I have tried to get my husband to switch to natural deodorant but he always says "no way, I don't want to smell!" He also thinks that all natural deodorant is scented for girls. Well, Crystal, wants men to know that they have the best natural deodorant for men. Their newest scents are made for men and have the scents that men prefer. The Mountain Fresh scent reminds me of my husband's body wash and the Freshly Mint has a nice clean mint scent. So men have no more excuses when it comes to natural deodorant and the scents. Why men want to expose their body to aluminum and other toxins is beyond me. Crystal is safe and effective against body odor. I use their Crystal Mineral Roll-ons and I don't have bad body odor. They have so many wonderful scents for ladies, my favorite is the Lavender & White Tea Invisible Solid. I am glad that this company finally thought about the guys. 


  1. You said it best: oh the joys of having boys!! Lol, look at his face on the bottom pictures, like "really, mom?". I can't even think of having those conversations. Time needs to slow WAY down!!!!

    1. A couple days later, my son warmed up to the idea of using deodorant.

  2. I have been very impressed with crsytal products. we make our own but in a pinch this is the brand I grab

  3. These sound awesome. Tweens do need deodorant, that's for sure. My daughter is 11, and sometimes she smells ripe. I need to try this for her.

  4. oh wow I love that it does not stain! so practical especially to the youngsters out there!

  5. I have two boys so I can imagine when they hit puberty I will definitely be having this talk with them.

  6. I have to admit I've never found a natural deodorant that is able to work well, so I may have to give this one a try for myself.

  7. As I am not parent, I could never realize parents have to think so much for their children.It's nice you are being so careful about his puberty age and finding the right deo for him. My friend has son. I will share this post with her.

  8. Such a small yet significant part of body hygiene is body odour. So good to see your concern even on that matter.

  9. I've read regular deodorants are filled with pretty nasty ingredients so It's great to use more natural alternatives.

  10. These seem to be really good. Otherwise, there are always so many chemicals and stuff in everything these days.

  11. I love his face. He's like "I can't believe I'm posing for this." haha I will definitely be getting that for my brother!

  12. Haha his expression is priceless! I will definitely get this for my nephew!

  13. i have three teenage boys and i believe they need deodorant now. They have their preferred brands but i guess they can also explore others until they found the most ok for them

  14. Each child is different. Some need it starting at 6 or 7 while some don't need it until their teens.


  15. I've read regular deodorants are filled with pretty nasty ingredients so It's great to use more natural options! Will check it out!

  16. This is so good and looks like natural deodorant. Now a days so many chemicals are added in most products. Thanks for sharing this post.


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