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Thursday, February 7, 2019

We Review the Special Guest App

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 I love my smartphone for many reasons. Having apps on my phone makes my life so much easier. I truly think there is an app for almost anything. If you love keeping up with the entertainment and talent, then this is an app that you will love to know more about.

 The market for mobile applications has been flooded in the past few years, and it has become difficult to discern what applications are high quality and what ones are subpar. It’s nearly impossible to try out every app on the market since there are thousands of options, so people typically focus on ones that pique their interest or fall under a particular industry. One app that we noticed was gaining steam in the entertainment industry was the Special Guest App. This app has a lot of hype around it as something that can drastically change the entertainment industry and how we view it. However, does it live up to the hype? We’re going to take an in-depth view of the Special Guest app and see if it really is the head-turner that it's been billed as.

What is It?
 Special Guest App is an application that was founded by comedian and star Damon Wayans Jr. in partnership with serial entrepreneur Kris Jones. The two were very familiar with the live entertainment industry and its various problems and wanted to develop something that can turn the industry on its head. Special Guest App’s main purpose is to bring entertainers and consumers together much more smoothly. Gone are the days of entertainers struggling to find gigs and consumers not knowing where to look for live entertainment. Special Guest App is designed for those entertainers that can’t afford a talent agent and instead allows them to find gigs much easier.

What Are Its Features?
 Special Guest App has many features that are designed at making the gig searching and talent acquisition processes much easier for both performers and consumers. Talent registers online through the Special Guest mobile application or website. Next, talent fills out their biography including their type of entertainment, rates, location, and general information. Consumers can then download the app or use the website to search for local talent to hire. Anybody can use the app, from a mom looking to hire a clown for her son’s birthday party to a bar looking to hire a musician to play during happy hour. Special Guest App also takes care of all payments, ensuring that the payment process is smooth and that there is no miscommunication. After the performance is completed, consumers can then leave reviews on the talent’s page that other consumers can see. This helps to ensure that the top talent on the platform rises to the top, and helps provide further incentive for the talent to always perform their best.

Our Final Verdict
 We believe that the Special Guest App has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment industry at the local level. Many of these small-time performers can’t afford to hire an agent, and finding gigs on their own can be extremely challenging. The special Guest app allows these talented individuals the opportunity to find venues to perform at, which in turn gives them a chance to be discovered and follow their dreams. However, Special Guest App doesn’t just help out the entertainers. With Special Guest App it has never been easier to hire live entertainment for a party at the venue. In the past, one would have to have an already pre-existing connection in order to find an entertainer, but Special Guest App has made the process so much simpler. Now a consumer can simply search for local talent that matches their criteria and rate and get in contact. We believe big things are coming for the Special Guest App, leaving our final rating as five stars out of five.

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