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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mellanni Is The Most Comfortable Duvet Cover For Great Sleep

A duvet cover makes all the difference in good sleep

      I received a duvet cover set to facilitate this post.

  I am always looking for ways to improve my sleep as healthy sleep habits are always a good thing. Did you know that the average person does not get enough sleep? Lack of sleep is not good for your body and can cause health problems beyond feeling tired. I know when I do not get enough sleep, I can think and I feel like doing nothing. Lack of sleep can cause accidents and more accidents occur after spring daylight savings time.

Not getting enough sleep over a long period of time can lead to health problems like 

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

 So there are certain things like I try to do every night to make sure I sleep well. One of the most important of my sleep tips is having a comfortable bed to sleep in. If I feel comfortable, I can relax quicker and that leads to better sleep for me. So I like to use a comfortable pillow and a plush comforter. The comforter that I have is king-size and I do not share it with my husband. I find that having separate blankets helps me sleep better as my husband can be a blanket hog. I also like to wrap my self up in my soft comforter so that is why I have a king-sized blanket. I also get the best night sleep when my comforter smells good. It is hard to sleep with a dirty smelly blanket. So lately my sleep has been suffering as my king comforter is a pain to wash. It does not fit in my washer so I have to take it to the laundry mat which means it does not get clean as often as I like. So when I discovered a soft Double Brushed Microfiber Duvet Cover, I knew that this would be the answer to great sleep. The fact that this duvet cover was easy to care and would fit in my washing machine was awesome!

Keep your comforter clean with an easy to remove duvet cover

 My new duvet cover was easy to put over my large comforter. I liked that the duvet had easy to open buttons on the bottom as well as secure ties to keep my comforter in place. All I had to do was to stuff my comforter inside the duvet, kind of like stuffing paper into an envelope. I discovered that spreading the duvet cover on my bed with the buttons on the bottom of the bed was the trick. Then I opened up the buttons and started stuffing my comforter inside. Once I got the whole comforter inside the duvet, I then started spreading it out. The ties made it easy to keep the comforter from bunching up.

 The first night that I used my duvet cover was awesome. The cover felt like soft velvet and of course, it smelled nice and clean as I just washed. I love inhaling the smell of clean as I fall asleep. I used a natural lilac scented detergent and the scent is so wonderful. I had a good night of sleep and woke up refreshed. Since this duvet cover is simple to remove and dries so quickly in the dryer, I can wash it once a week so I can drift off to sleep with the smell of lilacs. This soft duvet is also stain resistant and hypoallergenic. It is more durable than those high thread count cotton covers so it made to be washed a lot. I really like that it is wrinkle resistant so I can take it straight from the dryer to the bed. If it does fade or shrink, I can get my money back as it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Comes with pillowcases and shams

 My down comforter was white and looking a bit worn, so I loved how my new soft duvet cover gave my bed a new look. The duvet cover even came with free pillowcases and shams. So my ultra comfortable pillow matches my duvet cover and makes my pillows so much softer.  Now my comforter matches my husband's comforter. He has a grey chevron pattern on his duvet cover so my grey duvet cover matches his perfectly. Sure we could have matching duvet covers but then he might use mine thinking it is his. That would not be good as then he would make my duvet cover smelly. Yes, I am ultra picky about others touching my blanket and pillows. The boys know not to touch mom's side of the bed so they lay on dad's side of the bed.

Click HERE to find out how 

The Right Pillow Makes All The Difference In Getting The Best Sleep

 Did you know that sleep can keep your heart healthy and can help with the winter blues? Check out some other things you can do to keep your heart healthy HERE. I read online from a sleep survey that most people don't feel like they are getting enough sleep to be at their best. While others said they would give up coffee for a better night's sleep. Hmmm, maybe the coffee is causing the sleep problem?

Do you like your comforter to smell clean and fresh?

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My boys just had to have some fun with my duvet cover

 The boys had seen a video of a person making a tent with a duvet cover and had to try it. They said if you use a fan, it will blow up the duvet so it will form a tent. The boys really wanted to borrow my new duvet but I said, "no way!" Maybe this nice mom will have to buy a duvet cover so they cab make a tent.


AiringMyLaundry said...

This looks so comfy and I agree! If you have comfy sheets, they help a lot. I like the color too.

Sarah Bailey said...

This sounds like a great duvet cover, I feel like having something comfortable to sleep under really can make a difference to how you feel.

FloArtStudio said...

It looks so comfy, perfect for a good night of sleep!

Passion Piece said...

This duvet cover looks really comfy! Is it possible to get it in Poland, too? :)

dustinnikki said...

I have never used a duvet cover before. This sounds great, sleep is so important (and I am severely lacking in that department) and sleeping under something comfy is a must!

MoJo said...

That looks so comfortable! We were just looking at these the other day for our guest room. Glad I found this article!

Karen Monica said...

This duvet cover looks very comfy. I would love to have one. I love the colour too.

Sundeep said...

Yup I am agree with everyone duvet cover looks comfy. I going to buy this for sure very soon.

S. Graham said...

I absolutely hate trying to sleep on something that's not very comfortable. I just bought a new pillow to help with this issue.

Hannah Marie said...

It looks like I am going to have an extended sleep with this. It is definitely comfortable. Makes me want to just buy it already.

Fatima D Torres said...

Making your child's bed more comfortable for them to enjoy is always a plus. I didn't know about the duvet option. Very nice.

Becca said...

I'd never heard of this brand of duvet before - but it sounds wonderful! I will definitely bear it in mind for future x

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